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Apple Synergic.

Val de Vire Bioactives has introduced Apple Synergic, which is a co-dried mix of the fibers and the polyphenols of apple. The Apple Synergic extract is made up of more than 85% soluble apple fibers, mixed with 5% apple polyphenols. Apple Synergic allows the formulation of products "rich in" fiber, and at the same time the formulation of a product integrating the whole benefits of apple for a "5-a-day" claim. Apple Synergic mixes the benefits of the prebiotic effects of fibers and the antioxidant potential of polyphenols. These synergistic effects reduce the energy contribution of the product (fibers), and the assimilation of cholesterol and sugars (polyphenols and fibers) for slimming applications.

For further information: 02-33-06-66-61.

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Publication:Nutraceuticals World
Date:Nov 1, 2006
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