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Apple's core values are costing us all a fortune.


IF proof were needed this country is away with the fairies, it came when Darby O'Gill Noonan confirmed taxpayers will have to pay an extra [euro]280million to the EU.

That around taken ma an Ir works out at [euro]59 extra from every man, woman and child in Ireland.

Because of the dodgy leprechaun conomic figures which claimed we are growing at 26% when the real figure is closer to 5%, Brussels wants us to pay an amount which could build and equip a new hospital... on top of what we already cough up.

What this amounts to is the public subsidising the tax scams of American multinationals who are using this country to avoid tax in the US and it is their cash, not ours, which has resulted in falsifying the growth figures.

On top of this the State has spent [euro]670,000 trying to stop Apple having to pay us up to [euro]19billion it might owe, having paid just 2% tax here for years.

Actually Noonan is no Darby O'Gill, as he wouldn't know a crock of gold from a crock of shit.

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Title Annotation:Editorial; Opinion; Leading articles
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Jul 22, 2016
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