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Apple's 6th-Gen iPod Nano Is Now Obsolete.

Apple has made its sixth-generation iPod nano officially obsolete. The Cupertino giant announced last week that it will no longer service or repair the device moving forward. The announcement comes less than two weeks prior the Sept. 12 press event of the company. 

According to ( MacRumors , Apple distributed a memo to its Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers, informing everyone about the products that have officially become obsolete. Part of the list was the sixth-generation iPod nano, which was released in September 2010. 

Apple's decision should not come as a surprise though, knowing that the digital media player was already discontinued back in September 2012. Besides, Apple only provides services and repairs to its discontinued products up to five years after they are no longer manufactured. 

For loyal users of the sixth-generation iPod nano in California, there is still a chance for them to avail repairs and services for their digital media player. As required by statute, owners can still contact Apple Stores or AppleCare by dialing 1-800-APL-CARE and ask for the service they need for their device. This extended coverage period is only going to last until September 2019.

What's interesting about the sixth-generation iPod nano is it could be viewed as the early version of the tech giant's very successful Apple Watch smartwatch series. For one thing, third-party straps and accessories were released for the square-shaped device, and they basically turned the iPod nano into something akin to current smartwatch models. 

Also worth noting is the fact that Apple moved on to a different design approach for its seventh-generation iPod nano, which debuted with a rectangular design and a Home button. Unfortunately, Tim Cook's company is already done with the entire iPod nano family. In July,  Apple announced the discontinuation of the iPod nano and iPod shuffle lineups, which very likely marked the ( death of portable music players . 

The only remaining Apple products under the iPod brand are the two variants of the iPod touch. When Apple was asked why it discontinued the iPod shuffle and iPod nano, a spokesperson responded to ( Business Insider via email, saying they have chosen to simplify their iPod lineup. While the spokesperson did not give the specific reason, sources previously indicated that it was really about time for the shuffle and nano lineups to retire because the popularity of portable music players have died down with the rise of smartphones and devices that can do more. 

Apple's decision to terminate service and repair for the sixth-generation iPod nano comes at a time when the company is very busy preparing for its upcoming Sept. 12 press event. Samsung's biggest rival has already sent out invites for the big media presentation that will showcase not only the three new iPhones - iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus, but also the all-new ( Apple Watch Series 3 and the fifth-generation Apple TV. The next smartwatch from Apple is reportedly arriving with LTE support, while the ( new Apple TV is believed to have 4K and HDR technologies.
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Date:Sep 5, 2017
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