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Applause for brave soles up high.

THE one thing that still amazes me is the ability to walk in a straight line whilst wearing high heels.

You see it on the red carpet, famous faces alighting from limousines and strolling casually into the theatre, confidently and serenely, raised up on five inch, stick thin heels, feet bent double and not flinching for a second. How is this possible? I mention this phenomenon because during the last snowfall I had taken a stroll along the towpath of the canal that runs past our house, a mile or so into the village of very snowy frozen water, and a near picture perfect example of a Christmas card, for real.

My heavy duty boots with their deep moulded chunky heels and soles are perfect for inclement weather, but with one major drawback - every step packed more snow under the heel and after only a few steps, you guessed it, I was tottering on high heels.

A compacted mass of snow several inches thick, my feet bent up, and one slip and I am in the water. So now what started off as a walk of sheer pleasure has now morphed into a tottering unsteady wobble, and a realisation of what that the ladies who wear high heels have to endure, out of sheer vanity and conforming to stereotypes, the ludicrous fashion must have, high heels.

I will view the high heel in a totally different light from now on, something that enhances the overall public image of a well dressed lady, and applaud Jimmy Choo and Louboutin, shoe makers to the rich and famous, for their efforts in fleecing the daft and vain out of their hard earned money, and in doing so presenting their menfolk with a vision of loveliness, mounted on shoes that would cripple the men who pay for them, financially, and physically. Tony Levy, Wednesfield

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jan 3, 2018
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