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Applause falls on deaf ears.

Byline: Will Batchelor

ARE you one of the many people who have reportedly given The King's Speech a standing ovation at the cinema? Why? Would you also show your appreciation at the end of a Stevie Wonder gig by giving him a thumbs-up? It may be a very good film, but those who made it cannot hear your applause.

You do know, don't you, that Colin Firth is not living behind the screen, like The Beatles in Hamburg? He does not hang around the Edge Lane multiplex all day to soak up the love, leaving only to grab a Big Mac and have a quick mooch around Halfords between screenings.

We know this because he was in Los Angeles this weekend, winning a Golden Globe for his portrayal of King George VI.

He may not win the Oscar, however, because some shadowy Hollywood types have started a whispering campaign against the film, claiming it rewrites history by failing to mention the king's alleged sympathy for Hitler.

I'll say that again. Hollywood, home to such meticulously researched films as Braveheart and Rob Roy, is complaining about the re-writing of history. Who says Americans don't do irony? I might just give them a standing ovation for that.


Falling on deaf ears: Colin Firth can't hear your applause for The King's Speech
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 19, 2011
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