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Appendix C Destination-related feature films.


Feature Films

Sometimes the ambiance of a place is just around the corner,
at your neighborhood video store. Below is a list of films that
capture the essence of--or even spoof--their locations. Historical
films are, for the most part, excluded. Those rated "R" are
indicated accordingly.

Baltimore                          Diner (R)

Hawaii                           Blue Hawaii
Hawaii                                Hawaii
Hawaii                             Hawaiians

Hollywood                         The Player
Hollywood                   Sunset Boulevard
Hollywood              The Day of the Locust

Las Vegas                     Viva Las Vegas
Las Vegas                  Leaving Las Vegas
Las Vegas                 Honeymoon in Vegas
Los Angeles            L.A. Confidential (R)
Los Angeles                       L.A. Story
Los Angeles                    Chinatown (R)
Los Angeles and
  New York                        Annie Hall

Miami                     Miami Rhapsody (R)
Miami                        Miami Blues (R)

New Orleans                      A Streetcar
                                Named Desire
New Orleans                 The Big Easy (R)

New York City                      Manhattan
New York City                        The Age
                                of Innocence
New York City                    On the Town
New York City                    After Hours
New York City                       Cocktail
New York City                      The Clock
New York City             The Out of Towners

North Dakota                           Fargo

Pennsylvania Dutch
  Country                            Witness

San Francisco                        Bullitt
San Francisco                        Vertigo

St. Louis               Meet Me in St. Louis

Washington, D.C.                     All the
                             President's Men
Australia and New
  York City                 Crocodile Dundee
Austria                   The Sound of Music
Austria (Vienna)               The Third Man

Bermuda                             The Deep
Botswana The              Gods Must Be Crazy

Canada                        Canadian Bacon

China                 Shoes of the Fisherman
China                       The Last Emperor

Europe                    National Lampoon's
                           European Vacation

Florence (Italy)          A Room with a View

France (Paris)              A Little Romance
France (Paris)                  Forget Paris
France (Paris)         Love in the Afternoon
France (Paris)         Paris When It Sizzles
France (Paris)        How to Steal a Million
France (Paris)                   French Kiss
France (Paris)          An American in Paris
France (Paris)                       Charade
France (Paris)                          Gigi
France (Riviera)            To Catch a Thief

Greece (Crete)               Zorba the Greek

India                      Heat and Dust (R)

Italy (Assisi)        The Assisi Underground
Italy (Rome)                   La Dolce Vita
Italy (Rome)                    Two Weeks in
                                Another Town
Italy (Rome)                   Roman Holiday
Italy (Venice)            Don't Look Now (R)
Italy (Venice)                    Summertime

Scotland                          Braveheart

Wales                     The Englishman Who
                          Went Up a Hill but
                        Came Down a Mountain
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