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Appendix B--State Uniform Crime Reporting Programs.

APPENDIX B--State Uniform Crime Reporting Programs

Alabama                Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center
                       Suite 350
                       770 Washington Avenue
                       Montgomery, Alabama 36104
                       (334) 242-4900

Alaska                 Alaska Department of Public Safety
                       Criminal Records and Identification Bureau
                       5700 East Tudor Road
                       Anchorage, Alaska 99507
                       (907) 269-5765

American Samoa         Department of Public Safety
                       Post Office Box 1086
                       Pago Pago
                       American Samoa 96799
                       (684) 633-1111

Arizona                Access Integrity Unit
                       Uniform Crime Reporting Program
                       Arizona Department of Public Safety
                       Mail Drop 1190
                       Post Office Box 6638
                       Phoenix, Arizona 85005-6638
                       (602) 223-2239

Arkansas               Arkansas Crime Information Center
                       One Capitol Mall, 4D-200
                       Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
                       (501) 682-2222

California             Criminal Justice Statistics Center
                       Department of Justice
                       Post Office Box 903427
                       Sacramento, California 94203-4270
                       (916) 227-3515

Colorado               Uniform Crime Reporting
                       Colorado Bureau of Investigation
                       Suite 3000
                       690 Kipling Street
                       Denver, Colorado 80215
                       (303) 239-4222

Connecticut            Uniform Crime Reporting Program
                       1111 Country Club Road
                       Middletown, Connecticut 06457-9294
                       (860) 685-8030

Delaware               Delaware State Bureau of Identification
                       Post Office Box 430
                       Dover, Delaware 19903-0430
                       (302) 739-5901

District of Columbia   Research and Resource Development
                       Metropolitan Police Department
                       300 Indiana Avenue, N.W.
                       Washington, D.C. 20001
                       (202) 727-4174

Florida                Criminal Justice Information Services
                       Uniform Crime Reports
                       Florida Department of Law Enforcement
                       Post Office Box 1489
                       Tallahassee, Florida 32302-1489
                       (850) 410-7121

Georgia                Georgia Crime Information Center
                       Georgia Bureau of Investigation
                       Post Office Box 370748
                       Decatur, Georgia 30037-0748
                       (404) 270-8467

Guam                   Guam Police Department
                       Planning, Research and Development
                       Building #233
                       Central Avenue
                       Tiyan, Guam 96913
                       (671) 475-8422

Hawaii                 Crime Prevention and Justice Assistance Division
                       Department of the Attorney General
                       Suite 401
                       235 South Beretania Street
                       Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
                       (808) 586-1150

Idaho                  Bureau of Criminal Identification
                       Idaho State Police
                       Post Office Box 700
                       Meridian, Idaho 83680-0700
                       (208) 884-7156

Illinois               Uniform Crime Reporting Program
                       Illinois State Police
                       100 Iles Park Place
                       Springfield, Illinois 62703
                       (217) 782-5794

Iowa                   Iowa Department of Public Safety
                       Wallace State Office Building
                       East Ninth and Grand
                       Des Moines, Iowa 50319
                       (515) 281-8494

Kansas                 Kansas Bureau of Investigation
                       Information Services Division
                       Incident-Based Reporting Section
                       1620 Southwest Tyler Street
                       Topeka, Kansas 66612
                       (785) 296-8279

Kentucky               Criminal Identification and Records Branch
                       Kentucky State Police
                       1250 Louisville Road
                       Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
                       (502) 227-8790

Louisiana              Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement
                       Uniform Crime Reporting
                       121 Floor
                       1885 Wooddale Boulevard
                       Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806
                       (225) 925-4440

Maine                  Records Management Services
                       Uniform Crime Reporting Division
                       Maine Department of Public Safety
                       Maine State Police
                       Suite 1
                       45 Commerce Drive
                       Augusta, Maine 04333-0042
                       (207) 624-7276

Maryland               Central Records Division
                       Incident Reporting Section
                       Maryland State Police
                       1711 Belmont Avenue
                       Baltimore, Maryland 21244
                       (410) 298-3883

Massachusetts          Crime Reporting Unit
                       Uniform Crime Reports
                       Massachusetts State Police
                       470 Worcester Road
                       Framingham, Massachusetts 01702
                       (508) 820-2111

Michigan               Uniform Crime Reporting Unit
                       Criminal Justice Information Center
                       Michigan State Police
                       7150 Harris Drive
                       Lansing, Michigan 48913
                       (517) 322-1424

Minnesota              Criminal Justice Information Systems
                       Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
                       Minnesota Department of Public Safety
                       1430 Maryland Avenue East
                       St. Paul, Minnesota 55106
                       (651) 793-2400

Missouri               Missouri State Highway Patrol
                       Criminal Records & Identification Division
                       CJIS Section--UCR Program Office
                       1510 East Elm Street
                       Post Office Box 9500
                       Jefferson City, Missouri 65102-9500
                       (573) 526-6278

Montana                Montana Board of Crime Control
                       Post Office Box 201408
                       Helena, Montana 59620-1408
                       (406) 444-4298

Nebraska               Uniform Crime Reporting Section
                       The Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and
                         Criminal Justice
                       Post Office Box 94946
                       Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-4946
                       (402) 471-3982

Nevada                 Uniform Crime Reporting Program
                       Records and Identification Bureau
                       808 West Nye Lane
                       Carson City, Nevada 89703
                       (775) 687-1600 x235

New Hampshire          Uniform Crime Reporting Unit
                       New Hampshire State Police
                       New Hampshire Department of Public Safety
                       33 Hazen Drive
                       Concord, New Hampshire 03305
                       (603) 271-2509

New Jersey             Uniform Crime Reporting Unit
                       New Jersey State Police
                       Post Office Box 7068
                       West Trenton, New Jersey 08628-0068
                       (609) 882-2000 x2392

New York               Statistical Services
                       New York State Division of Criminal Justice
                       8th Floor, Mail Room
                       4 Tower Place
                       Albany, New York 12203
                       (518) 457-8381

North Carolina         Crime Reporting and Criminal Statistics
                       State Bureau of Investigation
                       Post Office Box 29500
                       Raleigh, North Carolina 27626-0500
                       (919) 662-4509

North Dakota           Information Services Section
                       Bureau of Criminal Investigation
                       Attorney General's Office
                       Post Office Box 1054
                       Bismarck, North Dakota 58502
                       (701) 328-5500

Ohio                   Office of Criminal Justice Services
                       14th Floor
                       140 East Town Street
                       Columbus, Ohio 43215
                       (614) 466-7782

Oklahoma               Uniform Crime Reporting Section
                       Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
                       6600 North Harvey
                       Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73116
                       (405) 879-2533

Oregon                 Law Enforcement Data System Division
                       Oregon State Police
                       Post Office Box 14360
                       Salem, Oregon 97309
                       (503) 378-3055 x55002

Pennsylvania           Bureau of Research and Development
                       Pennsylvania State Police
                       1800 Elmerton Avenue
                       Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17110
                       (717) 783-5536

Puerto Rico            Statistics Division
                       Puerto Rico Police
                       Post Office Box 70166
                       San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936-8166
                       (787) 793-1234 x3113

Rhode Island           Rhode Island State Police
                       311 Danielson Pike
                       North Scituate, Rhode Island 02857
                       (401) 444-1156

South Carolina         South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
                       Post Office Box 21398
                       Columbia, South Carolina 29221-1398
                       (803) 896-7016

South Dakota           South Dakota Statistical Analysis Center
                       3444 East Highway 34
                       Pierre, South Dakota 57501-5070
                       (605) 773-6312

Tennessee              Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
                       901 R.S. Gass Boulevard
                       Nashville, Tennessee 37216
                       (615) 744-4000

Texas                  Uniform Crime Reporting
                       Crime Information Bureau
                       Texas Department of Public Safety
                       Post Office Box 4143
                       Austin, Texas 78765-9968
                       (512) 424-2091

Utah                   Data Collection and Analysis
                       Uniform Crime Reporting
                       Bureau of Criminal Identification
                       Utah Department of Public Safety
                       Post Office Box 148280
                       Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-8280
                       (801) 965-4812

Vermont                Vermont Crime Information Center
                       103 South Main Street
                       Waterbury, Vermont 05671
                       (802) 244-8727

Virginia               Criminal Justice Information Services Division
                       Virginia State Police
                       Post Office Box 27472
                       Richmond, Virginia 23261-7472
                       (804) 674-2143

Virgin Islands         Virgin Islands Police Department
                       Alexander Farrelly Justice Complex
                       Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands 00802
                       (340) 774-2211

Washington             Uniform Crime Reporting Program
                       Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police
                       Suite 200
                       3060 Willamette Drive, Northeast
                       Lacey, Washington 98516
                       (360) 486-2380

West Virginia          Uniform Crime Reporting Program
                       West Virginia State Police
                       725 Jefferson Road
                       South Charleston, West Virginia 25309
                       (304) 746-2237

Wisconsin              Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance
                       Suite 610
                       131 West Wilson Street
                       Madison, Wisconsin 53702-0001
                       (608) 266-3323

Wyoming                Uniform Crime Reporting
                       Criminal Records Section
                       Division of Criminal Investigation
                       316 West 22nd Street
                       Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002
                       (307) 777-7625
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