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Appendix A Commonly used acronyms.

Commonly Used Acronyms

AAA          American Automobile Association
AARP         American Association of Retired
ABA          American Bus Association
ABBA         American Bed and Breakfast
ACF          American Culinary Federation
ACFEI        American Culinary Federation
             Educational Institute
ACTE         Association of Corporate Travel
ADA          Americans with Disabilities Act
ADEA         Age Discrimination in Employment Act
AFA          American Franchise Association
AGTE         Association of Group Travel Executives
AH&MA        American Hotel & Motel Association
APEC         Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
ARTA         Association of Retail Travel Agents
ASAE         American Society of Association
ASBE         American Society of Bakery Engineers
ASEAN        Association of South-East Asian
ASFSA        American School Food Service
ASH          Action on Smoking and Health
ASHFSA       American Society for Hospital Food
             Service Administrators
ASHRAE       American Society of Heating,
             Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning
ASSE         American Society of Sanitary
ASTA         American Society of Travel Agents
ATI          American Travel Inns
ATM          Automatic Teller Machine
BBL          Bed and Breakfast League/Sweet
             Dreams and Toast
CARA         Chinese American Restaurant
CATS         Customer Attendance Tracking System

CEO          Chief Executive Officer
CHA          Certified Hotel Administrator
CHART        Council of Hotel and Restaurant
CHRIE        Council on Hotel, Restaurant and
             Institutional Education
CHRS         Center for Hospitality Research and
CINET        Convention Information Network
CLIA         Cruise Lines International Association
CMAA         Club Managers Association of
CPA          Certified Public Accountant
CRS          Computerized Reservation System
CTP          Certified Tour Professional
CVB          Convention and Visitors Bureau
DMO          Destination Marketing Organization
EAP          Employee Assistance Program
EC           European Community
ECU          European Currency Unit
EDS          Electronic Data System
EEOC         Equal Employment Opportunity
EFNRA        Educational Foundation of the
             National Restaurant Association
ELD          Electronic Liquid Dispenser
EPCOT        Experimental Prototype Community of
FABULOUS     Food and Beverage Undergraduate
             Learning on a Unix System
FCIA         Franchise Consultants International
FCSI         Foodservice Consultants Society
FISA         Food Industry Suppliers Association
FORCE        Family of Responsible and Caring
GAO          General Accounting Office
GATT         General Agreement on Tariffs and
GITHE        General Indicator to Hotel Efficiency

GDP          Gross Domestic Product
HII          Heritage Interpretation International
HLTRF        Hospitality Lodging and Travel
             Research Foundation
HMGI         Hotel-Motel Greeters International
HSMAI        Hospitality Sales and Marketing
IACB         International Association of
             Convention Bureaus
IACVB        International Association of
             Convention and Visitor Bureaus
IAHA         International Association of Hospitality
ICTA         Institute of Certified Travel Agents
IFA          International Franchise Association
IIA          Independent Innkeepers Association
IMO          International Maritime Office
ISHAE        International Society of Hotel
             Association Executives
MFBB         Mexican Food and Beverage Board
MICA         Mobile Industrial Caterers' Association
MPI          Meeting Planners International
NABHP        National Association of Black
             Hospitality Professionals
NAC          National Association of
NACE         National Association of Catering
NAFTA        North American Free Trade Agreement
NAILM        National Association of Institutional
             Linen Management
NAPO         National Association of Pizza
NARM         National Association of Restaurant
NB&BA        National Bed-and-Breakfast
NBMOA        National Black McDonald's Operators
NCCR         National Council of Chain Restaurants
NEPA         National Environment Policy Act
NFSA         National Food Service Association
NRA          National Restaurant Association
NSMH         National Society of Minority Hoteliers

NSSFFA       National Soft Serve and Fast Food
NTA          National Tour Association
NTO          National Tourism Organization
OECD         Organization for Economic
             Cooperation and Development
PATA         Pacific Asia Travel Association
PCMA         Professional Convention Managers
PHA          Preferred Hotels Association
PMS          Property Management System
POS          Point of Sale
QSR          Quality, Service, and Cleanliness
RPA          Regional Publishers Association
RWFBH        Roundtable for Women Food-Beverage-
SABRE[R]     Semi-Automated Business Research
SAFSR        Society for the Advancement of Food
             Service Research
SCANS        Secretary's Commission on Achieving
             Necessary Skills
SFM          Society for Food Service Management
SLHOTW       Small Luxury Hotels of the World
SMERF        Social, Military, Educational,
             Religious, and Fraternal
STTE         Society of Travel and Tourism
THAA         Tourist House Association of America
TIA          Travel Industry Association of America
TIPS         Training for Intervention Procedures
             by Servers
TO           Tourism Office
TTRA         Travel and Tourism Research
USTC         United States Tourist Council
USTTA        United States Travel and Tourism
VDQS         Vins Delimites de Qualite Superieure
VFW          Veterans of Foreign Wars
WES          Washington Ethical Society
WTO          World Tourism Organization

[R] A Registered Trademark of American Airlines, Inc.
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