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Appendix A: acronyms.


CONPLAN   Concept of Operations Plan
DEST      Domestic Emergency Support Team
DOD       Department of Defense
DOE       Department of Energy
DOJ       Department of Justice
EM        Emergency Management
EMS       Emergency Medical Services
EOC       Emergency Operations Center
EPA       Environmental Protection Agency
ERT       Evidence Response Team (FBI)
FBI       Federal Bureau of Investigation
FCO       Federal Coordinating Officer
FEMA      Federal Emergency Management Agency
FRP       Federal Response Plan
HAZMAT    Hazardous Materials
HHS       Department of Health and Human Services
HMRU      Hazardous Materials Response Unit
JIC       Joint Information Center
JIISE     Joint Interagency Intelligence Support Element
JOC       Joint Operations Center
JTTF      Joint Terrorism Task Force
ICS       Incident Command System
LFA       Lead Federal Agency
NCP       National Oil and Hazardous Substances
            Pollution Contingency Plan
NOC       Negotiations Operations Center
OSC       On-Scene Commander (FBI)
          On-Scene Coordinator (EPA)
PIO       Public Information Officer
PDD-39    Presidential Decision Directive 39
ROC       Regional Operations Center
SAC       Special Agent-in-Charge
SFO       Senior FEMA Official
SIOC      Strategic Information and Operations Center
STOC      Sniper Tactical Operations Center
TOC       Tactical Operations Center
UC        Unified Command
USCG      United States Coast Guard
WMD       Weapon of Mass Destruction
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