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Appendix A: Commonly used abbreviations.

Commonly Used Abbreviations

ABA        American Bus Association

ACED-I     Association of Conference and Events

AHMA       American Hotel and Motel Association

AIMP       Association of Independent Meeting

AP         American plan

ARC        Airlines Reporting Corporation

ARTA       Association of Retail Travel Agents

ASAE       American Society of Association Executives

ASTA       American Society of Travel Agents

ATA        Air Transport Association

ATM        automated ticketing machine

ATPCO      Airline Tariff Publishing Company

CCTE       certified corporate travel executive

CHA        certified hotel administrator

CHRIE      Council on Hotel, Restaurant and
           Institutional Education

CHSE       certified hotel sales executive

CLIA       Cruise Lines International Association

CMP        certified meeting professional

CP         continental plan

CPI        cost per inquiry

CPR        cost per reservation

CPV        cost per visitor

CRS        computer reservations system

CTC        certified travel counselor

CTM        consolidated tour manual

CTP        certified tour professional

CVB        Convention and Visitors Bureau

DIT        domestic independent tour

DMC        destination management company

DRI        Data Resources/McGraw-Hill

EP         European plan

FAA        Federal Aviation Administration

FBO        fixed-base operator

FCU        fare construction unit

FIT        foreign independent tour

GDS        global distribution system

GRT        gross registered tonnage

HTI        Hotel Travel Index

IACVB      International Association of Convention
           and Visitors Bureaus

IAMAT      International Association for Medical
           Assistance to Travelers

IATA       International Air Transport Association

IATAN      International Airline Travel Agency

IATM       International Association of Tour

ICAO       International Civil Aviation Organization

ICC        Interstate Commerce Commission

ICTA       Institute of Certified Travel Agents

IEA        International Exhibitors Association

ISES       International Special Events Society

ISITE      International Society of Incentive Travel

ISTTE      International Society of Travel and
           Tourism Educators

MAP        modified American plan

MPI        Meeting Professionals International

NACOA      National Association of Cruise Only

NPTA       National Passenger Traffic Association

NRA        National Restaurant Association

NTA        National Tour Association

NTF        National Tourism Foundation

NTO        National Tourist Office

NTS        National Travel Survey

OAG        Official Airline Guide

OHG        Official Hotel Guide

OMCA       Ontario Motor Coach Association

PARS       programmed airline reservations system

PATA       Pacific Asia Travel Association

PC         personal computer

PNR        passenger name record

PR         public relations

RAA        Regional Airlines Association

RFP        request for proposal

ROI        return on investment

SABRE      Semi-Automated Business Research

SATO       Scheduled Airline Ticket Office

SITA       Societe Internationale de
           Telecommunications Aeronautique

STO        state tourist office

STP        satellite ticket printer

TACOS      Travel Agents Computer Society

TIA        Travel Industry Association of America

TIAC       Tourism Industry Association of Canada

TTRA       Travel and Tourism Research Association

UBOA       United Bus Owners of America

USTOA      United States Tour Operators Association

USTTA      United States Travel and Tourism

VALS       values and lifestyles

VFR        visiting friends and relatives

WATA       World Association of Travel Agents

WTO        World Tourism Organization

WTTC       World Travel and Tourism Council
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