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Appendix 2: non-discriminatory initiatives undertaken by government.

Appendix 2

Non-Discriminatory Initiatives Undertaken by Government

                                               FOR CAUCASIAN &

1. Development and

In 2000: 4-year       In 2008: Government      In 1995: Inter-
plan for industrial   decision on the          ministerial committee
development in        initiation of a 5-year   decided to define
the Arab sector.      absorption plan,         Caucasian immigrants and
                      including an             their offspring as a
Implementation:       employment plan.         special group and
partial, 30% of                                give it special
budget used.          Implementation:          privileges, like
                      Nil to date.             increasing the period
                                               during which they would
                                               be entitled to immigrant
                                               rights (to ten years)
                                               and providing special
                                               assistance for students.

In 2006: 4-year                                In 1998: Ministry of
plan for the                                   Absorption set up
development of                                 department for the
Arab, Druze and                                absorption of
Circassian Israelis                            Bukharan immigrants.
in the North.
                                               In 1999: Bukharan
Implementation:                                immigrants were
ongoing.                                       made a priority

Employer incentives                            Cabinet committee
partially                                      chaired by Minister
implemented but                                Nathan Sharansky
halted in 2008. One                            decided on special
Arab locality                                  help for Bukharan
joined 3 Jewish                                immigrants making
localities in                                  aliyah in 1990 or
the Bar-Lev                                    afterwards: broadened
industrial area.                               financial assistance,
                                               affirmative action
Guest house project                            programs in the areas
for Druze and                                  of education and
Circassians was                                employment; bestowed
implemented by                                 priority status in
Ministry                                       admittance to
of Tourism and                                 vocational training
still continues.                               courses in academic
                                               and well as non-
                                               academic professions;
                                               included special
                                               course in workplace

2. Initiatives
Centered on Public
Sector Employment

Legislation:          Legislation: 2005
Amendment 11 (2000)   amendment to Article
of the                15A of the Public
Public Service        Service Law
Law (Appointments)
mandated fair         (Appointments)
representation of     required affirmative
Arabs in              action for Ethiopian
all ministries,       Israelis applying for
government            public service jobs.
agencies and
boards of directors
of government

Public Service        In May 2007:
Commission issued     Government decision
detailed annual       was made to hire 15
reports on the        Ethiopian Israelis in
progress              senior positions in
of absorption of      public service, and
Arab employees into   include incentives
the public service.   for units hiring them.

                      Implementation: Full.

In 2006: Arabs        In 2006: 504 Ethiopian
constituted 5.9%      immigrants held
of public             public service jobs,
sector employees,     constituting about
compared with the     1 % of public service
government goal       employees.
of 8.1 %.

In 2003: Arabs
constituted 5.9%
of Boards
of Directors of
In 2008, they
constitute 10%
of the same.

Within government
corporations, rank
and file Arab
workers estimated
to constitute
0.6% of

In 2006: Inter-
commission was
established to
examine options
for increasing

a tender to
head-hunt Arab
workers for
the public sector.

In 2006: Israel
Electric Company, a   Police force: In
government            September 2008: 560
corporation,          Ethiopian Israelis
embarked              were employed in the
upon an affirmative   police force, out of
action initiative     a total of 28,000
to hire more          employees. Recently,
Arab workers.         cooperation
                      between the police
Implementation:       and the Ministry of
Program increased     Absorption was
new hiring of         initiated to increase
Arab workers          recruitment of
to 7-8% a             Ethiopian Israelis.

Judicial System:      In 2006: Government
In 2006:              decision made on
Government            affirmative action
decision on           for Ethiopian Israeli
affirmative           attorneys to be
action for Arab       employed by the
Israeli               Ministry of Justice
attorneys to be       in 2009-2010.
employed by the
Ministry of
Justice in

Implementation:       Implementation:
Database of           Database of
candidates is         candidates is
being set up.         being created.

Higher Education
In 2002: Ma-of
program for
Arab Ph.D.
graduates in the

3. Initiatives
Centered on
Training and

In 2000: Resources    Government               Government
allocated to          ministries               ministries
training ining        (Employment,             (Employment, Education,
for Arab Israelis     Education,               Social Affairs)
as part of 4          Social Affairs)          partner with the JDC
year-plan.            partnerwith the JDC      and local
                      and local                authorities in the
Implementation:       authorities in the       implementation of the
Partial, 65% of       implementation of the    Tevet programs:"
budget                Tevet programs:          Independence and
spent.                Independence," "Idit",   "Idit".
                      and Kedma.

In 2006:              Basic employability      Since 2002: Ministry of
Additional            training provided in     Absorption, in
resources             absorption centers       conjunction with the
allocated             for unskilled            JDC, has been
to vocational         immigrants, operated     conducting community
training for Arab     by the Ministry of       leadership
Israelis as           Absorption and until     program for Bukharan
part of 4-year        2007 by the Be-          and Caucasian
plan.                 Atzmi non profit         immigrants, whose
                      organization.            purpose is to develop
Implementation:                                a stratum of young
In 2006: 2,890                                 activists in localities
Arabs                                          with high
participated in                                concentrations of new
government                                     immigrants.
training courses,
constituting 30%
of all

                      Several dozen            Mati centers developed
                      Ethiopian Israelis       special programs for
                      participate in           new immigrants, among
                      special program          them new immigrants
                      conducted by Ministry    from Bukhara and
                      of Industry,             the Caucasus. Since
                      Commerce and             the end of the
                      Employment for           1990s, Mati Hadera
                      unemployed persons       has been operating
                      who are not              national projects for
                      entitled to regular      Caucasian immigrants
                      vocational training.     whose manager is a
                                               Caucasian immigrant.

                      Ministry of Absorption
                      operates 6 vocational
                      guidance centers
                      throughout the
                      No data available on
                      implementation vis-a-
                      vis Ethiopian

                      Ministry of Industry,
                      Commerce and
                      Employment and the
                      Ministry of
                      Absorption operate a
                      voucher program
                      for new immigrants
                      to be used in
                      vocational training
                      courses conducted
                      by the private sector.

                      Implementation: To
                      date, program has
                      not been relevant for
                      Ethiopian Israelis. It
                      is currently being
                      amended to
                      of Ethiopian
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