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Appearing in the October issue of JCT Research.

Metrology for Characterizing Scratch Resistance of Polymer Coatings -- L.-P. Sung, P.L. Drzal, M.R. VanLandingham, T.Y. Wu, and S.-H. Chang

Visco-Elastic Visco-Plastic Analysis of Scratch Resistance of Organic Coatings -- V. Jardret and R. Ryntz

Coloration of Polypropylene with Interference Pigment and the Effect of Wetting Agents on its Optical Properties -- R.N. Jagtap, C.K. Nere, and K.G. Patel

Investigation of the Impact of Latex Components on the Survival of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa -- A.M. Rhoades, D.A. Wicks, and M.O. Elasri

Novel, Water-Based Fluorinated Polymers with Excellent Antigraffiti Properties -- J. Scheerder, N. Visscher, T. Nabuurs, and A. Overbeek

Waterborne Latex Coatings of Color: I. Component Influences on Viscosity Decreases -- D.M. Mahli, J.M. Wegner, J.E. Glass, and D.G. Phillips

Waterborne Latex Coatings of Color: II. Surfactant Influences on Color Development and Viscosity -- D.M. Mahli, J.M. Wegner, J.E. Glass, and D.G. Phillips

Cerium Acetate-Modified Aminopropylsilane Triol: A Precursor of Corrosion Preventing Coating for Aluminum-Finned Condensers -- T. Sugama

Development of Low Temperature Curing, 120[degrees]C, Durable, Corrosion Protection Powder Coatings for Temperature Sensitive Substrates -- G. Merfeld, S. Mordhorst, R. Koeniger, A.E. Acar, C. Molaison, J. Suriano, P. Irwin, R.S. Warner, K. Gray, M. Smith, K. Kovaleski, G. Garrett, S. Finley, D. Meredith, M. Spicer, and T. Nagu

Reduction of Soil Resistance Through the Use of a Composite Coating -- X. Jia and X. Ling
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Title Annotation:Society News
Publication:JCT CoatingsTech
Date:Oct 1, 2005
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