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Appalling comparison.

Appalling comparison

I am both shocked and appalled at some readers who have the audacity to compare a woman exercising her legal right to free choice to Holocaust victims. Holocaust victims of all ages were ripped away from their families, subjected to unimaginable horrors, torture and suffering before being murdered.

Comparing that with a woman exercising her legal choice when science indicates a fetus can't feel until 20 weeks speaks to a disturbing fanaticism.

I believe it to also be generally true that these anti-choice fanatics are the first to complain about social welfare spending (which is where many of these unwanted children would end up), complain about social welfare agencies, where again, many of these children would end up, all the while doing nothing but complaining.

It is also my experience these misguided souls are the first in line to support sending our young boy and girl heroes to war, which really makes them pro-death (unless you're a fetus) or flaming hypocrites.

Bruce Parker

Arlington Heights

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Publication:Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)
Date:Jun 29, 2019
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