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Apotex Fermentation Inc.

Apotex Fermentation Inc., a member of the Apotex group of health care companies since 1991, has the capability of producing genetically engineered fungal-based pharmaceutical drugs. The company currently employs 62 people and is currently renovating its existing building -- including a 19,000-square-foot addition which will enable the company to enlarge its present fermentation bio-pilot plan and laboratory facilities.

The existing 15,000-square-foot research and development facility is designed to produce pharmaceuticals under current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations. The technical application of recombinant DNA technology with genetic engineering will permit the development of unique master seed banks for use in fermentation processes, hence positioning Apotex for the introduction of innovative and highly productive manufacturing techniques. It relies on fermentation methods widely used in pharmaceutical production.

The generic pharmaceutical industry represents Canada's best hope for the future as the Canadian pharmaceutical industry is based in Canada, conducts its research and reinvests its profits here. The Canadian pharmaceutical industry's commitment to R & D promises to grow, but the industry requires improved access to the Canadian market to achieve this growth.

Apotex Inc., founded in 1974, is now the largest wholly Canadian-owned pharmaceutical company. Rigorous standards of quality control and customer service, as well as competitive pricing, have established Apotex as a leader in the field of generic pharmaceuticals. In addition to developing new products, Apotex research continuously refines quality control techniques and explores improved dosage forms for existing drugs. Apotex has also contributed to the education of health practitioners and scientists through the support of educational programs and scientific and professional conferences and symposia.

Apotex Fermentation Inc. is proud of its place in the pharmaceutical R&D community, and with its sister organization, Rh Pharmaceuticals Inc., is committed to the growth of this industry in Manitoba.
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Title Annotation:Celebrating Success; fungal-based pharmaceuticals
Publication:Manitoba Business
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Date:Oct 1, 1993
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