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Apology my rudeness.

Subj: Apology my rudeness (a letter I received from a Japanese student)

Date: Wednesday, February 23, 2000 4:38:41 PM From: XXX


Hello, Dr. Hatfield! I'm sorry I was often late to the class. I understand you were angry & upset a student who is such a bad behavior. I apology that I was often late although not all the time. I am ashame of my behavior at the same time, feel embarrass and bad. But let me explain my healthy condition this semester. I went Japan in this Winter & my stomach became very bad condition just before I left. Since that time, always I didn't feel well so that I couldn't eat well. As a result, I caught a cold because I couldn't get good nutrition. Also another reason is that I was freezing in the video room at Sinclair Library when I watched President Clinton's "State of the Union." Because I have no t.v. thats why I went a library but the room was terribly cold. As you know, I skipped one class on Feb. 3rd and actually I skipped all classes Feb. 2nd & 3rd. It took almost 2 weeks & I felt better at the end of 2nd weeks. However, I have an attack of diarrhoea on Mon. Feb 14 & it came very suddenly which was terrible. Although I didn't skip my classes this time because I didn't want too many absences, I had a hard time. It continued almost 4 days. I lost all my energy & I was very weak. I couldn't walk in regular speed & I felt very heavy my carry bag although only 1 or 2 books in the bag as if I carried 6 or 7 books. In addition, I had to stop to a bathroom on the way to a class. That's the reason I was late last week.

The reason I was late yesterday is that I burn my breast & right arm in the evening when I was going to heat a cup of Japanese tea by microwave. I mistakingly set 2 min. instead of 30 seconds. Because I was going to make hot water & changed mind to heat a cup of tea, but I still set 2 min. I noticed soon & stopped but I spilled a tea when I touched a cup because it was too hot. I took a cold shower & put a ice pack but still it got red color with smart. I worried if it never remove & getting worse, so I decided to go to a Kaiser Moanalua because Honolulu clinic was closed on holiday. I never been there, so I asked my landowner how to get there. The emergency dept. was crowded & took 30 min. even only for registration. They said it was good choice I put an ice pack & gave me a new one. But I waited for a long hrs until I saw a doctor. Fortunately, it getting better while I was waiting, probably an ice pack was big help. But it took almost 4 hrs totally, I was too tired when I came back home. It was almost o.k. but still above part was little red with smart, so I put an ice pack which they gave again. I slept couple hrs because I was tired but I woke up abt 2:30 a.m. & couldn't sleep again. I tried & tried to sleep again but I couldn't until early morning & probably I fell in sleep in the early morning. When my landowner called me to ask I was o.k., I was still sleeping. It was 5 to 9:00 a.m. I was surprised & rushed to class but I was already late. If she didn't call me, I was probably sleeping until a class was over, I regret why so many things happen & I couldn't make on time often. I know it's very bad not on time but I still rather go to a class; especially I don't want miss a film because I have no more chance to look. I'm not sure whether you know Japanese thinking but we think lateness is better more than absence although both are no good. But if you hate not on time, I probably should skip a class although I don't want it will be happen again.

I am also enjoying a class learning an American history what was going on in America & how famous people were involving their life through American history. Everything is very interesting for me who has not enough knowledge compared to other native students. Although I am little behind writing journals & reading several books, I wish I can catch up step by step. I'm wondering whether usually no non-native students in this class. Anyway, I would like to apology & to explain little about my condition although you may feel these are all excuse. I again woke up 4:00 a.m. & couldn't sleep again. I decided to wake up because I don't want the same thing happen again this morning. I hope I can have more healthier life & can have regular sleeping hours for studying well. I'm sorry again & also sending too long mail. I hope you understand all. Thank you very much.

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Author:Hatfield, Elaine
Article Type:Correction notice
Date:Jan 1, 2004
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