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WHISKEY NOSE. Czyzniejewski, Michael Short story Sep 22, 2019 927
LEARNING TO LIVE IN AN APOCALYPSE: Can we cope when our world changes irreversibly? Scranton, Roy May 1, 2019 2967
Our "Go Kit" for the Zombie Apocalypse: How to remain spiritually hale in a crumbling world and useful to a society emerging from the ashes. Stair, Rebecca Puck Jan 1, 2019 1006
Apocalypse is promise: NOVEMBER 18, 2018, THIRTY-THIRD SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME: Dn 12:1-3; Ps 16; Heb 10:11-14, 18; Mk 13:24-32. McGlone, Mary M. Column Nov 2, 2018 773
A New Patheon: Artificial intelligence and "Her". Reed, Randall Critical essay Oct 1, 2018 12267
UNPACKING THE BUNKER: Sex, Abuse, and Apocalypticism in "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt". Goodwin, Megan Critical essay Jun 1, 2018 9365
PULLING DOWN THE SKY: Envisioning the Apocalypse with Keith Haring and William S. Burroughs. Huber, Lynn R. Jun 1, 2018 10625
The Semi-Anti-Apocalypse of Black Panther. Derry, Ken Critical essay Apr 1, 2018 2381
Apocalyptic Rhetoric in the Literature of Michael D. O'Brien. Wachs, Anthony M. Essay Mar 22, 2018 9076
Things fall apart: The Book of Job offers hope in the face of apocalypses big and small. Camille, Alice Essay Feb 1, 2018 1253
Outback, Outbreak: YOLANDA RAMKE AND BEN HOWLING ON CARGO AND THE ZOMBIE FILM. Kidd, Briony Jan 1, 2018 2224
Global catastrophe in motion pictures as meaning and message: The functions of apocalyptic cinema in American film. Hamonic, Wynn Gerald Essay Apr 1, 2017 9227
Book of Revelations. Powell, Alison Poem Dec 22, 2016 199
Verdens Undergang (1916) and the birth of apocalyptic film: Antecedents and causative forces. Hamonic, Wynn Gerald Critical essay Oct 1, 2016 11661
It's the end of the world and we love it: investigating the popularity of post-apocalyptic cinema. Crewe, David Critical essay Jul 1, 2016 3538
Confronting the Zombie-pocalypse: deconstructing conflict in The Walking Dead. Lavery, Louise Critical essay Jul 1, 2016 3339
"Be war in tyme, approchis neir the end": the sense of an ending in the testament of Cresseid. Ruszkiewicz, Dominika Critical essay Jun 1, 2016 6215
Water. Kendall, James S. Short story Jan 1, 2016 6546
Global nightmare: horror & apocalypse. Forsyth, Scott Dec 22, 2015 371
Michael Haneke's Time of the Wolf: after the end, only the inescapable present. Weaver, Jimmy Critical essay Dec 22, 2015 2862
The end of the world: a Heideggerian interpretation of apocalyptic cinema. McFadden, Dan Essay Dec 22, 2015 5941
The capitalist and cultural work of apocalypse and dystopia films. Christopher, David Essay Dec 22, 2015 7798
Post-apocalypse now: Australia as Cinema's Dystopia. Dunks, Glenn Sep 22, 2015 2239
Apocalypse when? Brief article May 1, 2015 159
A day in the life: no one knows what God has prepared for us. Webber, David Dec 1, 2013 1156
Editor's note. Bardi, Jennifer Editorial Jul 1, 2013 594
Appetite for destruction. Collum, Danny Duncan Jul 1, 2013 983
Constructions of Non-Diegetic hope in don mckeiiar's last night. Christopher, David Critical essay Jun 22, 2013 3374
Comfort Food. Day, Holly Poem Jan 1, 2013 177
The Mayan Appocolypse: if you are reading this, we made it. Taylor, Drew Hayden Jan 1, 2013 765
Apocalyptic "Christmas-Eve"/ extravagant criticism. Munich, Adrienne; Garret, Nicole Critical essay Dec 22, 2012 7648
Framing salvation: biblical apocalyptic, cinematic dystopia, and contextualizing the narrative of salvation. Montevecchio, Caesar A. Essay Oct 1, 2012 5836
The war against terror, neo-medievalism, and the Egyptian revolution. Diken, Bulent Report Sep 22, 2012 9324
"Then Out of the Rubble": the apocalypse in David Foster Wallace's early fiction. Fest, Bradley J. Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 9223
Reign of Christ (proper 29) November 25, 2012. Aug 1, 2012 1009
"Time to go": the post-apocalyptic and the post-traumatic in Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake. Snyder, Katherine V. Critical essay Dec 22, 2011 9741
Foreboding in an age of progress: John Martin's biblically-inspired depictions of disaster were a response to the horrors of Victorian London, yet even today have a very real resonance. Poe, Simon Oct 1, 2011 1040
Pulp Fictions. Critical essay Apr 21, 2011 981
The woman clothed in the sun: pacifism and apocalyptic discourse among Russian spiritual Christian Molokan-jumpers. Clay, J. Eugene Mar 1, 2011 14093
Revelation. de Valk, Alphonse Dec 1, 2010 768
Choosing fear or freedom: apocalyptic thinking as a danger and an invitation for Christians. Steinmetz, Mary Essay Sep 22, 2010 7167
By the numbers: how many people does it take to save the world? Camille, Alice Viewpoint essay Jul 1, 2010 1293
Heading for a world apocalypse? Collins, Donald A. Essay Jun 22, 2010 4879
Apocalypse predictions not so far-fetched. Apr 1, 2010 478
Thar it blows ... one sign of the apoclaypse includes all-you-can-eat buffets. Spivey, Ed, Jr. Feb 1, 2010 643
"There will never be enough done:" an essay on the problem of the worst in Deleuze and Guattari. Lawlor, Leonard Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 8154
Satan's seductress and the apocalyptic hero: the body in American apocalyptic films at the turn of the century. Low, Katherine Critical essay Oct 1, 2009 2981
Is it Futile To Get Politically Active Since the End is Near?. Sep 12, 2009 85
The apoca-list the best endings to humanity's worst fate. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 223
Temple Mount Show: What Exactly is the Day of Judgement?. Aug 26, 2009 86
Deconstructing our dark age future. Phillips, P. Michael Report Jun 22, 2009 7544
Twenty-five years ago in the pages of World Literature Today. Wiesel, Elie Brief article May 1, 2009 154
Repent! The End is Nigh! O'Rourke, Morgan Jul 1, 2008 639
Nihilism, fundamentalism, or activism: three responses to fears of the apocalypse. Eckersley, Richard Jan 1, 2008 2316
World War Z and the end of religion as we know it. Baldwin, Gayle R. Critical essay Sep 22, 2007 5967
Matthew Ryan on rehearsing the end of the world. Ryan, Matthew Jun 1, 2007 2299
Goats aren't all baaad; nothing in the Bible is black and white, least of all the recipe for salvation. Camille, Alice Nov 1, 2005 1506
The Apocalypse and discernment of the will of God. Anglin, Lise Oct 1, 2005 483
Apocalypse in New Orleans: a firsthand account of how a small band of Times-Picayune journalists covered devastation and misery in their shattered home. Thevenot, Brian Oct 1, 2005 6175
"Is this the promised end?" witness in King Lear and apocalyptic poetry of the twentieth century. Kolosov, Jacqueline Sep 22, 2004 4680
Proper 28: November 14, 2004. Moland-Kovash, Seth Aug 1, 2004 953
A comet's tale: on the science of Apocalypse. (Report). Bissell, Tom Feb 1, 2003 11557
Introduction. Work overview Jan 1, 2002 1210
Apocalypse and violence: the evidence from the reception history of the book of revelation. Rowland, Christopher Essay Jan 1, 2002 7294
Eschatology, violence, and suicide: an early rabbinic theme and its influence in the middle ages. Schremer, Adiel Jan 1, 2002 11290
The end is near: minor and major signs of the hour in Islamic texts and contexts. Stowasser, Barbara Freyer Jan 1, 2002 9309
The unholy uses of the apocalyptic imagination: twentieth century patterns. Appleby, R. Scott Jan 1, 2002 7458
Symmetric dualisms: bush and bin laden on Oct. 7, 2001. Lincoln, Bruce Jan 1, 2002 9563

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