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Apartheid Israel: Possibilities for the Struggle Within.

APARTHEID ISRAEL POSSIBILITIES FOR THE STRUGGLE WITHIN By Uri Davis published by Zed Books ISBN 1 84277 338 0 price 49.95 [pounds sterling] hardback ISBN 1 84277 339 9 price 14.95 [pounds sterling] paperback

In this book, Uri Davis provides a critical insight into how it was possible for Jewish people, the victims of Nazi genocide in the Second World War, to subject the Palestinian people, beginning with the 1948-49 war, to such criminal policies as mass deportation, population transfers and ethnic cleansing, prolonged military government (with curfews, roadblocks and the like), and economic, social, cultural, civil and political strangulation, punctuated by Apache helicopters strafing civilians and their homes.

This study is a devastating critique of Israel's internal apartheid system and by extension the entire ideology of political Zionism. Since its establishment in 1948 Israel has acted in blatant violation of most UN Security Council and General Assembly resolutions, including amassing weapons of mass destruction in violation of international law. How is it then possible for this country, its apartheid legislation notwithstanding, to still maintain its reputation in the West as 'the only democracy in the Middle East' and effectively to veil the apartheid cruelty it has perpetrated against the Palestinian people?

In the course of outlining answers to these questions, Uri Davis traces the departure of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) from its declared political programme; its demise beginning with the Oslo 'peace process'; and the action within Israel against Israeli apartheid.

Based on the struggle to end apartheid in South Africa, and borrowing from his long years in the peace movement, Uri Davis presents a sensible way forward in the present deadlock--a Road Map based on civil rights, human dignity and international justice. It caters for Palestinians and Jews alike. The object of this book is to contribute to a moral understanding, political framework and climate of opinion in the West that will support international sanctions against the Government of the State of Israel, with the aim to dismantle the state's apartheid structures as a state for Jews only, and assist in the establishment of a democratic (confederal, federal or unitary) State of Palestine in conformity with the values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the standards of international law.

Uri Davis has been at the forefront of the defence of human rights in Israel since the mid-1960s.
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Author:Rhodes, Fred
Publication:The Middle East
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Date:Apr 1, 2004
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