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Aonix Announces New Graphics Support in PERC[R] Ultra Virtual Machine.

AWT/Swing graphics now supported by industry-leading real-time solution for Java deployment

SAN DIEGO -- Aonix[R], the provider of the PERC product line for embedded and real-time Java developers, announced a new release of its PERC Ultra product with support for AWT/Swing graphics libraries. This release is the first support of AWT/Swing graphics libraries in PERC Ultra for embedded and real-time systems.

"We have seen steadily increasing demand for graphics support from our embedded and real-time customers," said Gary Cato, Director of Marketing at Aonix. "Some of that demand comes from projects that had previously been implemented with Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) libraries, but are now required to move to embedded targets where Java Standard Edition (J2SE) is more appropriate. This new graphics support allows them to move and reuse more of their code, saving time and reengineering costs. "

PERC ULTRA 5.3 implements AWT/Swing libraries for embedded platforms giving 2D/3D graphics developers the immediate availability of hundreds of downloadable community projects. AWT ( Abstract Window ToolKit ) is a portable GUI library for stand-alone applications and/or applets and provides the connection between a Java application and the native GUI. Swing implements a set of GUI components that build on AWT technology and provide a pluggable look and feel. Swing is implemented entirely in the Java programming language, and is based on Lightweight UI Framework. Support of these graphics libraries enables faster development and provides the foundation for more extensive use of graphics in embedded and real-time Java systems.

This release of PERC also provides new support for Java Agent and java.lang.instrument for Windows and Linux targets, using classes imported from OpenJDK and modified to work with the PERC Ultra Virtual Machine. Java profiler tools such as Profiler4j ( use Java Agent support in conjunction with the java.lang.instrument package to add byte code instrumentation to classes as they are loaded and defined, providing invaluable access to information on the status of running code.

About the PERC Family

PERC Ultra is a virtual machine and toolset expressly created for demanding embedded and real-time systems requiring J2SE[TM] support. PERC Ultra delivers the ease and efficiency of Java[TM] Standard Edition support without sacrificing integrity, performance, or real-time behavior. The currently available version, PERC Ultra 5.3 offers Ahead-of-Time (AOT) and Just-in-Time (JIT) compilation, remote debug support, deterministic garbage collection, standard graphics and extended commercial RTOS support. PERC Ultra is the most deployed embedded and real-time virtual machine technology with over 1 million fielded systems.

PERC Pico, the first development environment geared toward the creation of resource constrained and deeply embedded hard real-time applications and components, is based on the emerging Java Specification Request (JSR-302) for development of hard real-time safety-critical code. PERC Pico allows Java developers to write low-level Java code such as device drivers and interrupt handlers, telecommunications control plane, and signal processing for multimedia. It offers a memory footprint measured in hundreds of kilobytes in comparison to the tens of megabytes required for other Java solutions as well as boasting performance, latency, and determinism comparable to C.

Shipping and Availability

PERC Ultra 5.3 supports most commercial real-time operating systems and Linux distributions targeting ARM, Power Architectures, PowerPC and other processors. AWT/Swing libraries are supported on Linux/x86, Linux/ppc with hardware floating point, and Linux/arm-eabi with hardware floating point. PERC development tools are available at no charge in combination with a maintenance contract. Target execution and deployment license pricing starts at $25K based on projected volume.

About Aonix[R]

Aonix offers mission- and safety-critical solutions primarily to the military and aerospace, telecommunications and transportation industries. Aonix delivers the leading highly reliable, real-time embedded virtual machine solution for running Java[TM] programs deployed today and has the largest number of certified Ada applications at the highest level of criticality. Headquartered in San Diego, CA and Paris, France, Aonix operates sales offices throughout North America and Europe in addition to offering a network of international distributors. For more information, visit

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Sep 29, 2009
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