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Anyone can be an artist.

Makan Studios provides art education for students as well as professionals in Muscat

Young Omani artist Rawan al Mahrouqi is doing what real artists do -- sharing her skills. The talented young lady has taken her skill with the brush beyond her canvas and is imparting art education to students of different ages to make more people create and love art in Oman.

A few years after graduating in art education from Sultan Qaboos University and working as an art teacher for local institutions, Rawan set up Makan Studios. In this art school she and her team teach sketching, painting, sculpting, fluid art and many other forms that have gained acceptance in the current age of mixed media usage.

Rawan believes every individual carries an artistic streak in varying degrees, and with the right mentoring, anyone can sharpen that skill and shape up as an artist.

"Anyone can train to be an artist," she says. She accepts children as young as three years old, school/college students to adults and offers a mixed bag of courses tailored as per age and aptitude.

Rawan has lauded the efforts of Late HM, Sultan Qaboos bin Said in promoting art and artists in Oman, saying that because of these measures, artists in Oman have received training, support and opportunities to participate exhibitions across the world and gain global recognition.

Rawan's short-term goals are to add more courses to her class in order to attract more students, while her long-term goals include moving to a bigger premises where she can accommodate a larger number of students and have a broader faculty to teach various disciplines in art.

Herself being skilled in mixed media installations, Rawan says viewers need to be given a multi-dimensional experience. "Art is no more two-dimensional as a painting on canvas. It is multi-dimensional and the younger generation prefers to receive art as an experience rather than just walking through a series of frames in a gallery."

She further explains that mixed media installations give an artist more freedom to create artworks that appeal to various senses -- the viewer can touch, feel, view, hear and experience what the artist wishes to convey. Besides, viewers also have the liberty of varied interpretations.

Rawan also offers courses for professionals who want to use art as a stressbuster after a hectic day of tasks and deadlines She hopes to soon create a new breed of young artists who will take art to a new level in Oman.

"Omani artists have unique styles of expressions and I admire many of them for taking our culture to people around the world. I hope that many more youths take to art in a big way in the coming years and exhibit their own unique expressions all over the world some day," she says, adding that Oman is the ideal place for art.

As of now, Rawan is assisted by an Indian artist who teaches sculpting, besides her two sisters -- her partners in this venture.

You can contact Makan Studios on social media channels: @makanstudios

Website: Whatsapp: 98103449


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Publication:The Week (Muscat, Oman)
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Date:Feb 6, 2020
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