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Anybody Could Play Batman, Except Ben Affleck, Says Social Media Memes (VIDEOS & PHOTOS).

The public reaction toward Warner Brothers' selection of Ben Affleck to play Batman in a new movie with Superman, still to be portrayed by Henry Cavill, has become funnier with more memes Warner's choice of Ben.

To sum up the reactions and memes that came out, social media users are saying they would accept anyone to be the next Batman even if it is a cat, a dog, a boxer, or other real actors, so long's it's not Matt Damon's best friend.

Mashable, in a follow-up to its first article titled 12 Ben Affleck Batman Memes the Internet Deserves, came up with 15 Suggestions for a Better Batman Than Ben Affleck.

Read also: (Batman%20Memes%20Hit%20Facebook%20Twitter%20After%20Warner%20Names%20Ben%20Affleck%20as%20Next%20Caped%20Crusader.docx) Batman Memes Hit Facebook, Twitter After Warner Names Ben Affleck as Next Caped Crusader

The suggestions range from insane to hilarious.

In an obvious pitch for their own kind, @SubTweetCat pushed for this black-and-white feline.

However, for Ginger Gilbert, the drunken hobo who lives under the overpass is a better choice than Ben, while a fan thinks Andy Bierksak is a better fit.

Since one Oscar multiple Best Actress winner could do so many accents, Stuart Smith believes that Meryl Streep would do justice to the role of the Caped Crusader, and she even forecast, "I'm pretty sure she'll win the Oscar."

Would a 76-year-old pontiff willing give up his position as shepherd of 1.2 billion Roman Catholic to act as Batman? That's probably what Kim Zawacki wants to know when she suggested that Pope Francis could fit the bill. If he does, would be still ride the Pope Mobil or opt for the Batmobil?

Trent Marsh points to another actress, Jennifer Aniston. Other celebrities named by Facebook or Twitter members include Jim Carrey, Rowan Atkinson, Harry Potter, Charlie Sheen, Eddie Murphy, Adam West and Manny Pacquiao, who had actually once appeared as a Filipino superhero named Wapakman.

At least 2 said Ben Affleck is OK, according to Isidro Roque Patacsil Jr and Jayjay Agustin.

J-Roc believes this unknown guy makes a better Batman.

Two other non-human suggestions are Pug Man

And this green creature.

So, do you agree? Who is your choice? Do you see the choice of Ben Affleck by Warner as a money-making strategy as explained by Business Insider summarised into 3 main reasons, as follows:

1. It needs a new money-maker star after it lost Legendary Pictures to Universal.

2. It needs a strong response since the split with Legendary also divided up future films.

3. Ben Affleck has proven his talent and loyalty to Warner.

Meanwhile, similar thoughts about the suitability of Ben for the role, are also aired on YouTube.
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Date:Aug 24, 2013
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