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Any wordly book dealers?

I am the editor of a monthly medical journal, and I love your magazine. I particularly enjoyed your article in the Mar/Apr 2009 issue, "Books in Translation." Yesterday I came across a list of the "Top 40 European Fiction Authors 2008-2009." My eyes lit up like Dylan Thomas's on seeing a glass of whiskey. I was not familiar with many of the international writers: Henning Mankell, Paolo Giordano, and Charlotte Roche. I added them all to my to-read list, but I expect crushed hopes, lots of pining, and many stifled chuckles from my local library and independent book dealers.

Thanks for giving Bookmarks to the world!

Jenn Verlangieri

Via e-mail

The list that Jenn discovered was put together by Rudiger Wischenbart, a european journalist and consultant, along with Miha Kovac. If you're interested in the list and the methodology behind it, you can find both at We can't reprint the entire list, but here are the top ten, a mix of the familiar and the less so:

1. Stieg Larsson -- Larsson's top spot on the list covers the three books in his Millennium Trilogy, including The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (**** Nov/Dec 2008) and The Girl Who Played with Fire, which is coming out in the U.S. in late July.

2. Stephanie Meyer -- The Twilight series: the vampire phenomenon is worldwide.

3. Khaled Hosseini -- Hosseini's spot on the list is due to sales of both The Kite Runner (*** Sept/Oct 2003) and A Thousand Splendid Suns (**** SELECTION July/Aug 2007).

4. Roberto saviano -- Gomorrah: A Personal Journey into the Violent International Empire of Naples' Organized Crime System is available in the U.S. in both hardcover and paperback.

5. Carolos Ruiz Zafon -- Zafon's latest, The Angel's Game (El juego del angel), just became available in the U.S. in mid-June. Zafon is also the author of The Shadow of the Wind (*** July/Aug 2004).

6. Ken Follett -- World Without End (**** Jan/Feb 2008) is set in 14th-century England and takes place 200 years after his Pillars of the Earth (1989).

7. Muriel Barbery --The Elegance of the Hedgehog (L'elegance du herisson) (**** SELECTION Nov/Dec 2008) has been a best seller in France since its 2006 publication and is being adapted for film.

8. Charlotte Roche -- Wetlands (Feuchtgebiete), an autobiographical and highly erotic debut novel, is currently available in hardcover in the U.S.

9. John Boyne -- The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by the Irish novelist was published in the U.S. in 2006. It was the best-selling book of the year in Spain for both 2007 and 2008.

10. Cecelia Ahern -- The Gift is the latest romantic comedy by the Irish novelist; it will be published in the U.S. in October 2009.

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Author:Verlangieri, Jenn
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Date:Jul 1, 2009
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