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u k e Bel l yest er day and, l ef t h t ,wi t Friday, May 15, 2015 he coupl e' s baby boy. Pi cs: Cal l um Mof f at newspaper oF the year 6 0p Tell me how my baby's dad died HEARTBROKEN f ami l y members yest erday demanded to know how a young f at her died whi l e handcuf f ed and in pol i ce cust ody.

And part ner Col l et t e Bel l react ed angri l y when she heard t cers i he of f i nvol ved in the deat h of 31 -year-ol d Sheku Bayoh, l ef t ,were st i l l on act i ve dut y. SEE PAGES 6&7 OMAGH-STYLE MassaCre Bid You couldn't make it up.. Cameron appoints Thatcher poll tax guru as peer, then gives him a job enforcing Tory rule in Scotland L TORCUIL CRICHTON DAVID Cameron has made an unel ected archi tect of the poll tax a Scotland Offi ce mi ni ster.

t a r Get Pr i nce Charles The SNP called the decision to appoint backroom adviser Andrew Dunlop a scandal.

Cops foil The day after his general election vi ctory, Cameron promi sed to govern "with respect" in Scotland. Yesterday, he had Dunlop made a lord and parachuted him into the TURN TO PAGE NINE IRAp lot peeraGe Dunl op ON MOBILE DAILYRECORD.CO.UK VIDEOS, GALLERIES AND MORE ORD HELP US.

to bomb Charles COUNTER-t error pol i ce yest erday di scovered two deadl y bombs, part of an Omagh-st yl e IRA plot to ki l l Pri nce Charles and Camilla during the royals' vi si t to I rel and in a few days' t i me.

and the Conservatives wonder why Scots loathe them see p a Ges 1 2 & 1 3 FREE app

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:May 15, 2015
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