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Anxious squirrel.


It went click ... off off off off

Did I close the door well ?...

...if I am asking this question It might be because I didn't close it well.

It was closed indeed I should open it and close it again to make sure.

It went clack and click, all good I can go to sleep

It wouldn't hurt to check the gas.

ok ok ok ok

Do I need to pee?...

Shoot! I'll never go to sleep.

C'mon Just one drop

One last time

now it's off

ANTONY HUCHETTE makes drawings and films. He is the author of La maree haute, published in 2008 by 6 pieds sous terre And Brooklyn Quesadillas published in 2013 by Cornelius Editions and Conundrum Press. Alongside of his comics and short films he works on collages and paintings.

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Author:Huchette, Antony
Publication:The Brooklyn Rail
Article Type:Cartoon
Date:Sep 1, 2013
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