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Anum Fayyaz - Pink, peach and the rest.

Byline: Faizan Usmani

She is beautiful, passionate and talented. No wonder, she caught the acting bug at an early age. After graduation, she came full time into showbiz. People appreciated her acting skills and her charming looks. She claims to be sensitive and frank.

Anum is a doe-eyed young woman and a sparkling beauty who has a silver-voiced. She, is an emerging talent in showbiz, making inroads with her captivating looks and natural elegance as well as through her breathtaking performances.

From a coltish Zareen in 'Mar Jain Bhi To Kya' to a peevishly erratic Jojo in 'Zard Mausam,' Anum's talent speaks of her ability as a versatile performer. Her benchmark appearance in 'Ahmed Habib Ki Betian', as well as her roles in 'Zara Si Bhool' and 'Ishk Ibadat' has put her head and shoulders above the others.

Anum started as a contestant in an acting and dance show 'Hero Ban-nay Ki Tarang (Season 2)' on ARY Digital, where she ended up as the first runner-up. Her skills opened new doors for her.

In 2011, in 'Ahmed Habib Ki Betian,' She played the daughter of an old-fashioned father - Shabbir Jan. A year later, she appeared in 'Zard Mousam' on Hum TV. In 2013, Anum made consecutive appearances in Hum TV's 'Mar Jain Bhi To Kya' and 'Main Hari Piya.'

Not looking back, she appeared in 'Ishq Ibadat' in 2015, against Farhan Saeed. Her later serials include Parwarish, Mera Yahan Koi Nahin, Jallay Gulab, Intezaar, Meri Maa and many others.

She says: "It's been quite difficult to get this far. I was rejected or replaced many times, even after being shortlisted. After having appeared in a reality show, a production house took me on board. For the next one and a half years, I was given second lead roles. But it was my conviction and passion that kept me going."

Having done many hit drama serials, Anum Fayyaz has another side to her career - as a fashion and advertising model. So far, she has done commercials for such leading brands as Warid and Homage Inverters.

When it comes to performing on the ramp, she seems to be a bit fussier as she does not feel at home wearing revealing outfits and is totally opposed to clothing outside her native culture.

She has transitioned from a young middle-class girl to front covers of glossy fashion magazines and showbiz tabloids. However, this does not make any difference to her meek and mild nature. The sudden outburst of popularity couldn't bring about the attitudinal shift many artistes cannot resist experiencing at quite a young age.

"My attitude is still perfectly the same as when I entered show business. I always treat my fans with humility and love," she says.

A true learner, she regards acting as a skill one cannot master in a day; it tends to be a nonstop journey for her on with no definite destination in sight. She believes a good actor is one who knows how to mould himself/herself according to the demands of the character.

"I've learnt a lot from observing my seniors though there is a dire need for acting institutions. In fact, actors have to work in all seasons. If you have a passion that you can easily give up, then showbiz can be your cup of tea," she says.

Anum is an ardent fan of Reema, Abid Ali, Sania Saeed, Faisal Qureshi, Munawar Saeed, Sanam Baloch and Manzoor Qureshi. She believes in natural beauty most of the time and even in TV plays, she avoids wearing heavy make-up. Besides pink and peach, she likes such contrasting hues as black and white.

Yet to make a bang on the big screen, Anum Fayyaz is definitely a performer in the making.
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Date:Apr 30, 2017
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