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Anue Systems Extends Market-Leading Advanced Ethernet Network Impairment By Introducing MULTI-FLOW: Delivers Up to 16 Network Flows.

AUSTIN, Texas -- Anue Systems, a leading provider of next generation network delay and impairment emulators, today announced the extension of its market-leading MAUI Network Emulator with the addition of MULTI-FLOW. The MAUI emulates actual production networks in a lab environment. Supported networks include IP, Ethernet, SONET/SDH and Fibre Channel.

With its hardware-based architecture, Anue's MAUI provides full-line-rate support and precision. MULTI-FLOW enables the MAUI Network Emulator to simulate up to 16 IP/Ethernet networks or streams of data -- each with unique delays and impairments.

"Today's converged Ethernet networks support multiple streams of data," explained Charles Webb, CTO of Anue Systems. "Our new MULTI-FLOW Ethernet Impairment Emulator is designed to meet the needs of customers who depend on these converged IP and Ethernet networks, particularly those testing and deploying IP multimedia services and networked business applications."

Anue's MAUI Ethernet Emulators allow advanced filtering based on data within each Ethernet frame, such as MAC and IP addresses and VLAN tags. Filtered packets then can be selectively impaired. Impairments include: corruption, jitter, duplication, reorder, frame drop, bit error injection, modification and bandwidth throttling. MAUI Emulators support any size Ethernet frame and always operate at full line rate. They can also combine Ethernet with other protocols, such as SONET/SDH and Fibre Channel on the same platform.

About Anue Systems Inc.

Anue is the recognized leader in network emulation for Ethernet, SONET/SDH and Fibre Channel. Anue emulators are precise, versatile and feature rich, yet easy to use. Its line of network emulators offer the unique combination of hardware-based architecture for true full-line-rate processing, multi-protocol support up to 11 Gbps, and dynamically changing impairment profiles. They are used by quality-conscious companies to preemptively and proactively verify network equipment, applications and performance. Anue customers include major network equipment manufacturers, telecom providers, government contractors, research institutions and Fortune 500 companies. Based in Austin, TX, Anue Systems has built a world-class team with expertise in network testing and performance. For more information, visit Anue's website at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 8, 2006
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