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Articles from Antiquity (September 1, 2009)

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A 4000 year-old introduction of domestic pigs into the Philippine Archipelago: implications for understanding routes of human migration through Island Southeast Asia and Wallacea. Piper, Philip J.; Hung, Hsiao-chun; Campos, Fredeliza Z.; Bellwood, Peter; Santiago, Rey Report 3893
A Bayesian approach to dating agricultural terraces: a case from the Philippines. Acabado, Stephen Report 4778
A dugong bone mound: the Neolithic ritual site on Akab in Umm al-Quwain, United Arab Emirates. Mery, Sophie; Charpentier, V.; Auxiette, G.; Pelle, E. Report 5444
Academic freedom, political correctness, and early civilisation in Chinese archaeology: the debate on Xia-Erlitou relations. Liu, Li Report 6675
Alberto J. Lorrio. Qurenima: el Bronce Final del rureste de la Peninsula Iberica. Brandherm, Dirk Book review 800
Andrew Jones (ed.). Prehistoric Europe: theory and practice. Ralston, Ian Book review 984
Are Catalans ignoring archaeology? James, N. 2435
Beyond teleology: ancient mathematics and social history. Chrisomalis, Stephen Book review 1641
Boris Valentin. Jalons pour une paleohistoire des derniers chasseurs (XIVe-VIe millenaire avant J.-C). Conneller, Chantal Book review 733
British rock art: from discovery to interpretation. Barnett, Tertia Book review 1623
Challenging text in early Italy. Stoddart, Simon Book review 2167
Counting microliths: a reliable method to assess Mesolithic land use? In this debate the authors tackle a problem fundamental to researchers and resource managers in the Mesolithic period: what sort of prehistory do flint scatters represent? Crombe, Philippe; Sergant, Joris; Robinson, Erick Report 1956
Dying to serve: the mass burials at Kerma. Judd, Margaret; Irish, Joel 5331
Editorial. Carver, Martin Editorial 2031
Engraved art and acoustic resonance: exploring ritual and sound in north-western South Africa. Rifkin, Riaan F. Report 7114
H.P. Blankholm. Malsnes 1: an early post-glacial coastal site in northern Norway. Rankama, Tuija Book review 1187
Holyrood Archaeology Project Team. Scotland's Parliament site and the Canongate: archaeology and history. Dalglish, Chris Book review 961
Horticultural experimentation in northern Australia reconsidered. Denham, Tim; Donohue, Mark; Booth, Sara Report 3069
James Graham-Campbell with Magdalena Valor (ed.). The archaeology of medieval Europe, volume 1: eighth to twelfth centuries AD. Burnouf, Joelle Book review 838
Jean Guilaine (ed.). Le Chalcolithique et la construction des inegalites. Tome I: le continent europeen. Schoop, Ulf-Dietrich Book review 1097
Lena Grandin, Eva Hjarthner-Holdar, Peter Kresten, Jan Peder Lamm, Kristina Lamm, Bente Magnus, Ole Stilborg, Anders Strinnholm, Anders Soderberg & Laila Kitzler-Ahfeldt. Excavations at Helgo XVII--Workshop Part III. Sindbaek, Soren M. Book review 794
Making a point: wood--versus stone-tipped projectiles. Waguespack, Nicole M.; Surovell, Todd A.; Denoyer, Allen; Dallow, Alice; Savage, Adam; Hyneman, Jami Report 5748
Margarita Gleba. Textile production in pre-Roman Italy. Izzet, Vedia Book review 776
New Book Chronicle. Hummler, Madeleine Bibliography 7547
Offspring of the marriage of archaeology and ethnography in the Andes. Beresford-Jones, David Book review 2368
Pre-Inca mining in the Southern Nasca Region, Peru. Eerkens, Jelmer W.; Vaughn, Kevin J.; Grados, Moises Linares Report 5565
Prehistoric small scale monument types in Hadramawt (southern Arabia): convergences in ethnography, linguistics and archaeology. Bin 'Aqil, Abdalaziz Ja'afar; McCorriston, Joy Report 5889
Presenting archaeology: views from and on the platform. Carver, Emma Book review 2140
Private pantries and celebrated surplus: storing and sharing food at Neolithic Catalhoyuk, Central Anatolia. Bogaard, Amy; Charles, Michael; Twiss, Katheryn C.; Fairbairn, Andrew; Yalman, Nurcan; Filipovic, Dr Report 6191
Roberta Tomber. Indo-Roman trade: from pots to pepper. Coningham, Robin Book review 971
Roger Mercer & Frances Healy. Hambledon Hill, Dorset, England: excavation and survey of a Neolithic monument complex and its surrounding landscape. Sheridan, Alison Book review 1662
Sculptors' signatures on Iberian stone statues from Ipolca-Obulco (Porcuna, Jaen, Spain). Chapa, Teresa; Belen, Maria; Martinez-Navarrete, M. Isabel; Rodero, Alicia; Ceprian, Bautista; Perei Report 4720
Social interaction and rock art styles in the Atacama Desert (northern Chile). Gallardo, Francisco Report 5803
Stone tool experiments and reduction methods at the Acheulean site of Isampur Quarry, India. Shipton, C.B.K.; Petraglia, M.D.; Paddayya, K. Report 4980
Taking microliths into account. Vanmontfort, Bart 1691
The demonstration of human antiquity: three rediscovered illustrations from the 1825 and 1846 excavations in Kent's Cavern (Torquay, England). White, M.J.; Pettitt, P.B. Report 3765
The Domitian II coin from Chalgrove: a Gallic emperor returns to history. Abdy, Richard Report 2776
The early management of cattle (Bos taurus) in Neolithic central Anatolia. Arbuckle, Benjamin S.; Makarewicz, Cheryl A. Report 7316
The reburial issue in Britain. Moshenska, Gabriel Report 2787

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