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Articles from Antiquity (September 1, 2008)

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'Whatever turns you on': a response to Anna Machin, 'why handaxes just aren't that sexy'. Mithen, Steven Report 1978
Alasdair Whittle & Vicki Cummings (ed.). Going over: the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in North-West Europe. Wickham-Jones, C.R. Book review 842
Alasdair Whittle (ed.). The Early Neolithic on the Great Hungarian Plain: investigations of the Koros culture site of Ecsegfalva 23, County Bekes. Gronenborn, Detlef Book review 960
Archaeological exploration of Oceanic worlds. Fitzpatrick, Scott M. Book review 2257
Brian S. Bauer (ed.). Kasapata and the Archaic period of the Cuzco valley. Herrera, Alexander Book review 945
Direct dating of pottery from its organic residues: new precision using compound-specific carbon isotopes. Berstan, R.; Stott, A.W.; Minnitt, S.; Ramsey, C. Bronk; Hedges, R.E.M.; Evershed, R.P. Report 5020
Directions in historical archaeology. Mytum, Harold Critical essay 1403
Editorial. Editorial 2073
Erika Gal. Fowling in Lowlands: Neolithic and Chalcolithic bird exploitation in South-East Romania and the Great Hungarian Plain. Nash, George Book review 763
Gerard Chouquer. Quels scenarios pour l'histoire du paysage? Orientations de recherche pour l'archeogeographie: essai. Olivier, Laurent Book review 464
Growth and decline in complex hunter-gatherer societies: a case study from the Jomon period Sannai Maruyama site, Japan. Habu, Junko 5189
Iron Age beehives at Tel Rehov in the Jordan valley. Mazar, Amihai; Namdar, Dvory; Panitz-Cohen, Nava; Neumann, Ronny; Weiner, Steve 4767
Isotope evidence for the diet of the Neanderthal type specimen. Richard, Michael P.; Schmitz, Ralf W. 3573
John Hunter with Julie M. Bond & Andrea N. Smith. Investigations in Sanday, Orkney. Volume 1: excavations at Pool, Sanday, a multi-period settlement from Neolithic to Late Norse times. Lowe, Christopher Book review 971
Jon C. Henderson. The Atlantic Iron Age: settlement and identity in the first millennium BC. Ralston, Ian Book review 1085
Late Holocene human occupation of the Patagonian forests: a case study in the Cisnes river basin. Mendez M., Cesar A.; Reyes B., Omar R. 4876
Legal and archaeological territories of the second millennium BC in northern Mesopotamia. Ristvet, Lauren 5280
Locating places for repatriated burial: a case study from Ngarrindjeri ruwe, South Australia. Wallis, Lynley A.; Moffat, Ian; Trevorrow, George; Massey, Toni Report 4780
Mark Nathan Cohen & Gillian M.M. Crane-Kramer (ed.). Ancient health: skeletal indicators of agricultural and economic intensification. Brothwell, Don Book review 782
New book chronicle. Hummler, Madeleine Recommended readings 8912
Oscar Moro Abadia. Arqueologia prehistorica e historia de la ciencia: bacia una historia critica de la arqueologia. Alonso, Francisco Gracia Book review 783
Paul Garwood (ed.). The undiscovered country: the earlier prehistory of the West Midlands. Saville, Alan Book review 995
Peter Hiscock. Archaeology of Ancient Australia. Brumm, Adam Book review 787
Philip Macdonald with Kilian Anheuser, Tony Daly, Mary Davis, Jim Wild & Tim Young. Llyn Cerrig Bach: a study of the copper alloy artefacts from the insular La Tene assemblage. Megaw, J.V.S. Book review 1504
Pottery, cultures, people? The European Baden material re-examined. Furholt, Martin 4211
Prehistoric metal from Italy. Lehoerff, Anne Book review 2075
Reconstructing the prehistoric burial tumulus of Lofkend in Albania. Papadopoulos, John K.; Bejko, Lorenc; Morris, Sarah P. 6376
Repatriation, display and interpretation. James, N. Essay 4409
Rocks, views, soils and plants at the temples of ancient Greece. Retallack, Gregory J. 6829
Seeing under the sediments: acculturation in the fifth and fourth millennia cal BC in the Netherlands. Healy, Frances Book review 1286
Social networks and the spread of Lapita. Torrence, Robin; Swadling, Pamela 5090
Stephen L. Dyson & Robert J. Rowland Jr.: Archaeology and history of Sardinia from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages: shepherds, sailors, & conquerors. Rendeli, Marco Book review 1028
Stereo analysis, DEM extraction and orthorectification of CORONA satellite imagery: archaeological applications from the Near East. Casana, Jesse; Cothren, Jackson Report 5537
Susan Pearce (ed.). Visions of Antiquity. The Society of Antiquaries of London 1707-2007. Giles, Melanie Book review 805
The application of declassified KH-7 GAMBIT satellite photographs to studies of Cold War material culture: a case study from the former Soviet Union. Fowler, Martin J.F. Report 5424
The good, the great and the ugly? Identity, palaces and more in the Americas. Lane, Kevin Book review 2435
The water management network of Angkor, Cambodia. Fletcher, Roland; Penny, Dan; Evans, Damian; Pottier, Christophe; Barbetti, Mike; Kummu, Matti; Lust 4917
Umberto Albarella, Keith Dobney, Anton Ervynck & Peter Rowley-Conwy (ed.). Pigs and Humans: 10,000 years of interaction. Piper, Philip J. Book review 789
What caused the Viking Age? Barrett, James H. 8533
Why handaxes just aren't that sexy: a response to Kohn & Mithen (1999). Machin, Anna Jane 2642

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