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Antigrams (with sources).

Antigrams are anagrams whose two parts have opposite or contrasting meanings. Here is a large gathering that Ove provided. Those without the published sources are from The Enigma (1920-) or The Eastern Enigma (1898-1920).

Abominable--Bon, amiable--Yercas, Feb. 1928

Antagonist--not against--Arcanus, cited in Dec. 1898

The agriculturalists--are ill-taught rustics--Viking, Denver, "In the Realm of the Riddle,"

B & O Magazine, Aug. 1931

Adversaries--are advisers--Gi Gantic, June 1926

Alencon--Non-lace--Hoho, Dec. 1967

Algebra--A garble--Senor, Dec. 1979

Anarchists--Arch-saints--Pearson, 1907? or Yercas, Jan. 1931

A bandit--ain't bad--P.A. Bee, July 1928

Boasting--It's no gab--Viking, April 1931

Butchers--cut herbs--Sol, Jan. 1926

Buckingham Palace--Ach! a bum place, King--Su San, June 1929

A bundle--unbaled--Larry, Nov. 1952

Commendation--Aim to condemn--Ralph, Oct. 1953

Company Store--Compensatory--quoted in The Enigma, June 1925

Conglutinate--Can't glue it on--Jack O' Lantern, July 1927

Conglutinate--Cannot glue it--Bebe, June 1932

Customers--Store scum--Neophyte, Feb. 1977

Defiant--Fainted--Pandora, "Complications," Jan. 27, 1895

Demoniacal--A docile man--Pygmalion (C. F. McCormick), Binghamton, NY, Golden

Days, Oct. 2, 1886

Denmark--Dark men--The 20th Century Standard Puzzle Book, Vol. III, 1907

Diplomacy--Mad policy--Sphinx, the Boston Sunday Herald, Oct. 1, 1893

Dormitories--Tidier rooms--Sally, Oct. 1989

Dynamited--A tidy mend--Castet, June 1952

Eglantine--Inelegant--St. Nicholas, Oct. 1875

Elections--No lies, etc.--The American Agriculturist, May 1860

Evangelists--Evil's agents--Hi Herr, June 1927

Female impersonator--Rip! See? Not a male form--Ulk, March 1991

Filled--Ill-fed--Enavlicm, May 1930

Handle with care--Hit hard, e'en claw!--Hart King, Aug. 1994

Henry Ward Beecher--We brand her cheery--Gemini

(This antigram was listed as a mutation in the April 10, 1887 issue of "Puzzle Calls." Adonis, the, editor of the column, wrote: "There is no apposite relation to the original, but rather an opposite one.")

Hibernians--Banish Erin--D.C. Ver, "The Newark Puzzler," Sept. 8, 1906

A homesteader--He roamed east--Fred Domino, Jan. 1961

Home run hitter--I'm not Ruth here--Ab Struse, Aug. 1986

Honorees--No heroes--an original, July 1992

Horatio Nelson--O, honors at Nile--Gen. E. Norre, Alameda, CA, "Sphinxdom," The Eurekan, Nov. 1893

Indomidable--I'm in bed a lot--Castet, March 1929

Inroads--No raids--Viking, Oct. 1964

Lemon--Melon--Chin-Chin, "Our Puzzle Column," The Wash. (Sunday) Post, Dec. 9, 1883

Misfortune--It's more fun--Emeline (Mrs. Edward D. Peck), previously known as Emma

Line, Fairbury, NE, B & O Magazine, July 1925

Nominate--I name not--Spud (Harland J. Murphy), Yazoo City, MS, B & O Magazine, March 1924

The parsonage--So pagan there--Hoho, Oct. 1960

Point(s)--No tip(s)--Jemand, May 1924

Prosperous--Poor purses--Osaple, March 1925

Roosevelt--vote loser--Author uncertain; it was originally, "Theo. Roosevelt--O the vote loser," quoted in The Enigma, July 1912

Somnolent--Not solemn--Gi Gantic, Dec. 1935

Sweltering heat--The winter gales--A. Chem, July 1967

Thomas A. Edison--Tom has no ideas--Wrong Font (Robert G. Evans), Holland, MI, E, Jan. 1930

Timberless--Trees, limbs--Larry, Nov. 1932

Tophet--The top--Castet, July 1934

Violent--Not evil--Spreggs, May 1951

The Volstead law--had all "wet" votes--Larry, Feb. 1927

United States--detests a unit---Primrose, "Mystic Argosy," June 21, 1902

Womanish--How man is--Hoho, April 1962

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