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Antigen Users Remain Protected Against the Latest Variant of QAZ.trojan; No Reported Outbreaks Amongst Antigen Users.

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While many organizations were scrambling Friday trying to find out the latest news on the virus scare at Microsoft, Sybari Software, Inc., the premier antivirus and security specialist for groupware solutions was proud to report that their customers remained uninfected by the virus tagged QAZ.A.Worm, Troj/QAZ, Backdoor/QAZ.A, W32/QAZWorm.gen.

"This latest virus, which has been in the wild since July, has not been a threat to Antigen users," said Tom Buoniello, vice president of product management of Sybari Software. "Our unique scanning architecture in Antigen stops such attacks at the root, not allowing them to enter our customers critical messaging platform."

Although this attack has caused alarm amongst all Microsoft users, it further validates the urgent need for antivirus protection on the Enterprise. With email being the most commonly used method of communication and leading form of exchanging and sharing documents within organizations, hackers see this as a logical point of entry into corporate networks.

"It is alarming how many calls we have received from companies with competing solutions installed that have been hit by this virus," said Rocco Donnino, director of sales for Sybari Software. "We are stressing the importance of a proven solutions such as Antigen and have been able to save many from further infection."

QAZ.A.Worm is a trojan that when executed gives access to hosts systems, enabling hackers the ability to remotely attach and propagate malicious programs into an environment. This Trojan is delivered as an internet worm that when executed will allow unauthorized remote access.

Currently Sybari has not reported any outbreaks. To protect your environment form this new variant visit the Sybari website at:


Antigen for Exchange and Notes is currently shipping. Antigen is available as a two-year renewable license based on the number of users protected within an organization. Pricing is discounted by volume with a per user range of $25-$10 per user. Sybari offers additional pricing and support options as "trade-up" pricing for products from vendors such as Network Associates (NASDAQ:NETA), Symantec (NASDAQ:SYMC) and Trend Micro (NASDAQ:TMIC). For more information on Antigen and its more complex features, please visit the Sybari website at or send an email to


Since 1995, Sybari has been investigating and providing solutions for groupware-based viruses and security threats. Today, over four million groupware seats are virus-free as a result of Sybari's Antigen technology. Sybari produces Antigen for Notes and Antigen for Exchange, which is distributed in more than 50 countries through their worldwide offices and distribution network. Sybari is headquartered in E.Northport, New York with its International headquarters in Madrid, Spain. Sybari's clients include IBM, Dell, Compaq, Merrill Lynch, JD Power, Amazon, Nortel, Visa, Tosco, Lufthansa, US Federal Government, Union Pacific, Wang Global/Getronics and Texaco. Evaluation copies of Antigen for Notes or Exchange are available for download from the Sybari Web site-- Sybari's many strategic partners include Lotus Development (NYSE:IBM), Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT), Computer Associates (NYSE:CA), Compaq (NYSE:CPQ) and Sun Microsystems (Nasdaq:SUNW).

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 30, 2000
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