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Articles from Antibiotics (September 1, 2020)

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A Localized Phage-Based Antimicrobial System: Effect of Alginate on Phage Desorption from [beta]-TCP Ceramic Bone Substitutes. Ismail, Rached; Carareto, Natalia D. Dorighello; Hornez, Jean-Christophe; Bouchart, Franck Report 5148
A New Water-Soluble Bactericidal Agent for the Treatment of Infections Caused by Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Bacterial Strains. Presentato, Alessandro; Piacenza, Elena; Scurria, Antonino; Albanese, Lorenzo; Zabini, Federica; Men Report 8221
A Significant Question in Cancer Risk and Therapy: Are Antibiotics Positive or Negative Effectors? Current Answers and Possible Alternatives. Amadei, Steffanie S.; Notario, Vicente Report 11429
Activity of Temporin A and Short Lipopeptides Combined with Gentamicin against Biofilm Formed by Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Paduszynska, Malgorzata Anna; Greber, Katarzyna Ewa; Paduszynski, Wojciech; Sawicki, Wieslaw; Kamysz Report 6709
Amidochelocardin Overcomes Resistance Mechanisms Exerted on Tetracyclines and Natural Chelocardin. Hennessen, Fabienne; Miethke, Marcus; Zaburannyi, Nestor; Loose, Maria Report 10560
Anti-Tubercular Properties of 4-Amino-5-(4-Fluoro-3-Phenoxyphenyl)-4H-1,2,4-Triazole-3-Thiol and Its Schiff Bases: Computational Input and Molecular Dynamics. Venugopala, Katharigatta N.; Kandeel, Mahmoud; Pillay, Melendhran; Deb, Pran Kishore; Abdallah, Hass Report 7670
Antibacterial Activity of Essential Oils and Trametes versicolor Extract against Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis and Ralstonia solanacearum for Seed Treatment and Development of a Rapid In Vivo Assay. Orzali, Laura; Valente, Maria Teresa; Scala, Valeria; Loreti, Stefania; Pucci, Nicoletta Report 8179
Antibiogram, Prevalence of OXA Carbapenemase Encoding Genes, and RAPD-Genotyping of Multidrug-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii Incriminated in Hidden Community-Acquired Infections. El-Kazzaz, Waleed; Metwally, Lobna; Yahia, Reham; Al-Harbi, Najwa; El-Taher, Ayat; Hetta, Helal F. Report 7388
Antibiotic Resistance Characteristics of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolated from Keratitis in Australia and India. Khan, Mahjabeen; Stapleton, Fiona; Summers, Stephen; Rice, Scott A.; Willcox, Mark D.P. Report 9388
Antibiotic Tolerance of Staphylococcus aureus Biofilm in Periprosthetic Joint Infections and Antibiofilm Strategies. Lamret, Fabien; Colin, Marius; Mongaret, Celine; Gangloff, Sophie C.; Reffuveille, Fany Report 10505
Antibiotics Differentially Modulate Lipoteichoic Acid-Mediated Host Immune Response. Algorri, Marquerita; Wong-Beringer, Annie Report 3571
Antifungal Packaging Film to Maintain Quality and Control Postharvest Diseases in Strawberries. Trinetta, Valentina; McDaniel, Austin; Batziakas, Konstantinos G.; Yucel, Umut; Nwadike, Londa; Plia Report 4905
Antifungal Resistance in Candida auris: Molecular Determinants. Frias-De-Leon, Maria Guadalupe; Hernandez-Castro, Rigoberto; Vite-Garin, Tania; Arenas, Roberto; Bon Report 9836
Antimicrobial and Antibiofilm Capacity of Chitosan Nanoparticles against Wild Type Strain of Pseudomonas sp. Isolated from Milk of Cows Diagnosed with Bovine Mastitis. Aguayo, Paula Rivera; Larenas, Tamara Bruna; Godoy, Carlos Alarcon; Rivas, Bernardita Cayupe; Gonzal Report 7529
Antimicrobial consumption and Resistance in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Jordan: Results of an Internet-Based Global Point Prevalence Survey. Hammour, Khawla Abu; AL-Heyari, Esraa; Allan, Aya; Versporten, Ann; Goossens, Herman; Hammour, Ghayd Report 6204
Antimicrobial Effect of Natural Berry Juices on Common Oral Pathogenic Bacteria. Kranz, Stefan; Guellmar, Andre; Olschowsky, Philipp; Tonndorf-Martini, Silke; Heyder, Markus; Pfiste Report 5734
Antimicrobial Resistance and Virulence of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus from human, Chicken and Environmental Samples within Live Bird Markets in Three Nigerian Cities. Ogundipe, Flora Olubunmi; Ojo, Olufemi Ernest; Fe[beta]ler, Andrea T.; Hanke, Dennis; Awoyomi, Olajo Report 8127
Antimicrobial Resistance Genes in Porcine Pasteurella multocida Are Not Associated with Its Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern. Petrocchi-Rilo, Maximo; Gutierrez-Martin, Cesar-B.; Perez-Fernandez, Esther; Vilaro, Anna; Fraile, L Report 6276
Antimicrobial Resistance, an Update from the Ward: Increased Incidence of New Potential Pathogens and Site of Infection-Specific Antibacterial Resistances. Stefanini, Irene; Boni, Martina; Silvaplana, Paola; Lovera, Paola; Pelassa, Stefania; Renzi, Giusepp Report 5273
Antimicrobial, Antioxidant, and Antiproliferative Effects of Coronilla minima: An Unexplored Botanical Species. Ferrante, Claudio; Angelini, Paola; Venanzoni, Roberto; Flores, Giancarlo Angeles; Tirillini, Bruno; Report 5461
Bacteriophage-Induced Lipopolysaccharide Mutations in Escherichia coli Lead to Hypersensitivity to Food Grade Surfactant Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate. Zhong, Zeyan; Emond-Rheault, JeanGuillaume; Bhandare, Sudhakar; Levesque, Roger; Goodridge, Lawrence Report 7464
Broad-Spectrum Antimicrobial Activity and Improved Stability of a D-Amino Acid Enantiomer of DMPC-10A, the Designed Derivative of Dermaseptin Truncates. Zai, Yu; Ying, Yuan; Ye, Zhuming; Zhou, Mei; Ma, Chengbang; Shi, Zhanzhong; Chen, Xiaoling; Xi, Xinp Report 8094
Can the One Health Approach Save Us from the Emergence and Reemergence of Infectious Pathogens in the Era of Climate Change: Implications for Antimicrobial Resistance? Gudipati, Smitha; Zervos, Marcus; Herc, Erica Report 4243
Candida auris Bloodstream Infections in Russia. Barantsevich, Natalia E.; Vetokhina, Antonina V.; Ayushinova, Natalia I.; Orlova, Olga E.; Barantsev Clinical report 5320
Changes in Clinical Characteristics of Community-Acquired Acute Pyelonephritis and Antimicrobial Resistance of Uropathogenic Escherichia coli in South Korea in the Past Decade. Kwon, Ki Tae; Kim, Bongyoung; Ryu, Seong-yeol; Wie, Seong-Heon; Kim, Jieun; Jo, Hyun-uk; Park, Se Yo Report 6817
Characteristics and Management of Candidaemia Episodes in an Established Candida auris Outbreak. Bayona, Juan V. Mulet; Palop, Nuria Tormo; Garcia, Carme Salvador; Rodriguez, Paz Herrero; Medrano, Report 5252
Characterization of Fosfomycin and Nitrofurantoin Resistance Mechanisms in Escherichia coli Isolated in Clinical Urine Samples. Sorlozano-Puerto, Antonio; Lopez-Machado, Isaac; Albertuz-Crespo, Maria; Martinez-Gonzalez, Luis Jav Report 7470
Characterization of the Bacteriophage-Derived Endolysins PlySs2 and PlySs9 with In Vitro Lytic Activity against Bovine Mastitis Streptococcus uberis. Elst, Niels Vander; Linden, Sara B.; Lavigne, Rob; Meyer, Evelyne; Briers, Yves; Nelson, Daniel C. Report 6073
Clinical Significance of Carbapenem-Tolerant Pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolated in the Respiratory Tract. Azuma, Momoyo; Murakami, Keiji; Murata, Rina; Kataoka, Keiko; Fujii, Hideki; Miyake, Yoichiro; Nishi Report 5581
Clinician and Patient Factors Influencing Treatment Decisions: Ethnographic Study of Antibiotic Prescribing and Operative Procedures in Out-Of-Hours and General Dental Practices. Thompson, Wendy; McEachan, Rosemary; Pavitt, Susan; Douglas, Gail; Bowman, Marion; Boards, Jenny; Sa Report 7269
Comparison of Three Endodontic Irrigant Regimens against Dual-Species Interkingdom Biofilms: Considerations for Maintaining the Status Quo. Alshanta, Om Alkhir; Alqahtani, Saeed; Shaban, Suror; Albashaireh, Khawlah; McLean, William; Ramage, Report 6085
Current Antibiotic Resistance Trends of Uropathogens in Central Europe: Survey from a Tertiary Hospital Urology Department 2011-2019. Hrbacek, Jan; Cermak, Pavel; Zachoval, Roman Clinical report 5887
Delayed Antibiotic Prescription by General Practitioners in the UK: A Stated-Choice Study. Morrell, Liz; Buchanan, James; Roope, Laurence S.J.; Pouwels, Koen B.; Butler, Christopher C.; Hayho Report 9447
Diagnosis and Management of UTI in Primary Care Settings--A Qualitative Study to Inform a Diagnostic Quick Reference Tool for Women Under 65 Years. Cooper, Emily; Jones, Leah; Joseph, Annie; Allison, Rosie; Gold, Natalie; Larcombe, James; Moore, Ph Report 7142
Evaluation of Disulfiram Drug Combinations and Identification of Other More Effective Combinations against Stationary Phase Borrelia burgdorferi. Alvarez-Manzo, Hector S.; Zhang, Yumin; Shi, Wanliang; Zhang, Ying Report 8222
Evaluation of Intravenous Fosfomycin Disodium Dosing Regimens in Critically Ill Patients for Treatment of Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacterales Infections Using Monte Carlo Simulation. Leelawattanachai, Pannee; Wattanavijitkul, Thitima; Paiboonvong, Taniya; Plongla, Rongpong; Chatsuwa Report 6101
Evaluation of Multiple Impacts of Furfural Acetone on Nematodes In Vitro and Control Efficiency against Root-Knot Nematodes in Pots and Fields. Cheng, Wanli; Yang, Xue; Zeng, Li; Huang, Dian; Cai, Minmin; Zheng, Longyu; Yu, Ziniu; Zhang, Jibin Report 7213
Evidence of the Practice of Self-Medication with Antibiotics among the Lay Public in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Scoping Review. Aslam, Adeel; Gajdacs, Mario; Zin, Che Suraya; Rahman, Norny Syafinaz Ab; Ahmed, Syed Imran; Zafar, Report 8904
Ex Vivo Murine Skin Model for B. burgdorferi Biofilm. Torres, Jason P.; Senejani, Alireza G.; Gaur, Gauri; Oldakowski, Michael; Murali, Krithika; Sapi, Ev Report 8723
Experimental Parameters Influence the Observed Antimicrobial Response of OakWood (Quercus petraea). Munir, Muhammad Tanveer; Pailhories, Helene; Eveillard, Matthieu; Irle, Mark; Aviat, Florence; Feder Report 4019
Exploration of Chemical Diversity and Antitrypanosomal Activity of Some Red Sea-Derived Actinomycetes Using the OSMAC Approach Supported by LC-MS-Based Metabolomics and Molecular Modelling. Gamaleldin, Noha M.; Bakeer, Walid; Sayed, Ahmed M.; Shamikh, Yara I.; El-Gendy, Ahmed O.; Hassan, H Report 7707
Extended-Spectrum [beta]-Lactamase-Producing Enterobacterales Shedding by Dogs and Cats Hospitalized in an Emergency and Critical Care Department of a Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Shnaiderman-Torban, Anat; Navon-Venezia, Shiri; Kelmer, Efrat; Cohen, Adar; Paitan, Yossi; Arielly, Report 8147
Feasibility Study of the World Health Organization Health Care Facility-Based Antimicrobial Stewardship Toolkit for Low- and Middle-Income Countries. Maki, Gina; Smith, Ingrid; Paulin, Sarah; Kaljee, Linda; Kasambara, Watipaso; Mlotha, Jessie; Chuki, Report 7483
Figainin 1, a Novel Amphibian Skin Peptide with Antimicrobial and Antiproliferative Properties. Santana, Carlos Jose Correia; Magalhaes, Ana Carolina Martins; Junior, Agenor C. M. dos Santos; Rica Report 6376
Flavonoids as Potential anti-MRSA Agents through Modulation of PBP2a: A Computational and Experimental Study. Alhadrami, Hani A.; Hamed, Ahmed A.; Hassan, Hossam M.; Belbahri, Lassaad; Rateb, Mostafa E.; Sayed, Report 6702
Genetic Identification and Drug-Resistance Characterization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Using a Portable Sequencing Device. A Pilot Study. Cervantes, Jorge; Yokobori, Noemi; Hong, Bo-Young Report 7976
Guideline Adherence in Antibiotic Prescribing to Patients with Respiratory Diseases in Primary Care: Prevalence and Practice Variation. Hek, Karin; Esch, Thamar E.M. van; Lambooij, Anke; Weesie, Yvette M.; Dijk, Liset van Report 5019
Haematology and serum Biochemical Indices of Lambs Supplemented with Moringa oleifera, Jatropha curcas and Aloe vera Leaf Extract as Anti-Methanogenic Additives. Akanmu, Abiodun Mayowa; Hassen, Abubeker; Adejoro, Festus Adeyemi Report 3978
Hospital Admission Patterns in Adult Patients with Community-Acquired Pneumonia Who Received Ceftriaxone and a Macrolide by Disease Severity across United States Hospitals. Lodise, Thomas P.; Le, Hoa Van; LaPensee, Kenneth Report 3674
Ibrexafungerp: A Novel Oral Triterpenoid Antifungal in Development for the Treatment of Candida auris Infections. Ghannoum, Mahmoud; Arendrup, Maiken Cavling; Chaturvedi, Vishnu P.; Lockhart, Shawn R.; McCormick, T Report 6911
Identification of the PA1113 Gene Product as an ABC Transporter Involved in the Uptake of Carbenicillin in Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1. Hulen, Christian; Racine, Pierre-jean; Chevalier, Sylvie; Feuilloley, Marc; Lomri, Nour-Eddine Report 7384
Impact of Albumin and Omeprazole on Steady-State Population Pharmacokinetics of Voriconazole and Development of a Voriconazole Dosing Optimization Model in Thai Patients with Hematologic Diseases. Khan-asa, Buddharat; Punyawudho, Baralee; Singkham, Noppaket; Chaivichacharn, Piyawat; Karoopongse, Report 7580
Improving Access to Antimicrobial Prescribing Guidelines in 4 African Countries: Development and Pilot Implementation of an App and Cross-Sectional Assessment of Attitudes and Behaviour Survey of Healthcare Workers and Patients. Olaoye, Omotayo; Tuck, Chloe; Khor, Wei Ping; McMenamin, Roisin; Hudson, Luke; Northall, Mike; Panfo Report 6631
Improving the Efficiency of Photodynamic Chemotherapy in Root Canals against Enterococcus faecalis In Vitro. Tennert, Christian; Zinovieva, Yoana; Shishkov, Kalin; Karygianni, Lamprini; Altenburger, Makus Jorg Report 6654
Indoline-6-Sulfonamide Inhibitors of the Bacterial Enzyme DapE. Reidl, Cory T.; Heath, Tahirah K.; Darwish, Iman; Torrez, Rachel M.; Moore, Maxwell; Gild, Elliot; N Report 8529
Involvement of hpap2 and dgkA Genes in Colistin Resistance Mediated by mcr Determinants. Gallardo, Alejandro; Ugarte-Ruiz, Maria; Hernandez, Marta; Miguela-Villoldo, Pedro; Rodriguez-Lazaro Report 5294
Is Only Clarithromycin Susceptibility Important for the Successful Eradication of Helicobacter pylori?. Kim, Young Min; Lee, Kyoung Hwa; Kim, Jie-Hyun; Park, Soon Young; Song, Young Goo; Jeon, Se Yeon; Pa Report 4895
Levers to Improve Antibiotic Treatment of Lambs via Drinking Water in Sheep Fattening Houses: The Example of the Sulfadimethoxine/Trimethoprim Combination. Ferran, Aude A.; Lacroix, Marlene Z.; Bousquet-Melou, Alain; Duhil, Ivain; Roques, Beatrice B. Report 10148
Measuring Antibiotic Stewardship Programmes and Initiatives: An Umbrella Review in Primary Care Medicine and a Systematic Review of Dentistry. Teoh, Leanne; Sloan, Alastair J.; McCullough, Michael J.; Thompson, Wendy Report 7473
Medical-Grade Honey Kills Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria and Prevents Amputation in Diabetics with Infected Ulcers: A Prospective Case Series. Nair, Harikrishna K. R.; Tatavilis, Nektarios; Pospisilova, Ivana; Kucerova, Jana; Cremers, Niels A. Report 5535
Methicillin-Resistant Macrococcus bohemicus Encoding a Divergent SCCmecB Elementc. Foster, Geoffrey; Paterson, Gavin K. Report 2722
Microbes in Our Food, an Ongoing Problem with New Solutions. Pru[beta], Birgit M. Report 3144
Microbial Composition of Oral Biofilms after Visible Light and Water-Filtered Infrared a Radiation (VIS+wIRA) in Combination with Indocyanine Green (ICG) as Photosensitizer. Burchard, Thomas; Karygianni, Lamprini; Hellwig, Elmar; Wittmer, Annette; Al-Ahmad, Ali Report 8197
Molecular and Phenotypic Characterization of Escherichia coli Associated with Granulomatous Colitis of Boxer Dogs. Dogan, Belgin; Zhang, Shiying; Kalla, Sarah E.; Dogan, Esra I.; Guo, Cindy; Ang, Chelston R.; Simpso Report 8419
Molecular Characterization and Comparative Genomics of IncQ-3 Plasmids Conferring Resistance to Various Antibiotics Isolated from a Wastewater Treatment Plant in Warsaw (Poland). Piotrowska, Marta; Dziewit, Lukasz; Ostrowski, Rafal; Chmielowska, Cora; Popowska, Magdalena Report 7395
Molecular Epidemiology of Carbapenem-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii Isolated from War-Injured Patients from the Eastern Ukraine. Higgins, Paul G.; Hagen, Ralf Matthias; Podbielski, Andreas; Frickmann, Hagen; Warnke, Philipp Report 4638
Mycobacterium vaccae Adaptation to Disinfectants and Hand Sanitisers, and Evaluation of Cross-Tolerance with Antimicrobials. Carvalho, Carla C.C.R. de; Teixeira, Raquel; Fernandes, Pedro Report 8366
Mycogenic Metal Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Mycobacterioses. Simoes, Marta Filipa; Ottoni, Cristiane Angelica; Antunes, Andre Report 12382
Novel Antimicrobial Peptide from Temporin L in The Treatment of Staphylococcus pseudintertnedius and Malassezia pachydertnatis in Polymicrobial Inter-Kingdom Infection. Bellavita, Rosa; Vollaro, Adriana; Catania, Maria Rosaria; Merlino, Francesco; Martino, Luisa De; No Report 6096
Novel Treatments against Mycobacterium tuberculosis Based on Drug Repurposing. Mourenza, Alvaro; Gil, Jose A.; Mateos, Luis M.; Letek, Michal Report 6516
NSAIDs as a Drug Repurposing Strategy for Biofilm Control. Leao, Claudia; Borges, Anabela; Simoes, Manuel Report 10520
Olive Leaf Extract Modulates Quorum Sensing Genes and Biofilm Formation in Multi-Drug Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa. El-sayed, Nazly R.; Samir, Reham; Abdel-Hafez, Lina Jamil M.; Ramadan, Mohammed A. Report 9449
Outpatient Antibiotic Dispensing for the Population with Government Health Insurance in Syria in 2018-2019. Aljadeeah, Saleh; Wirtz, Veronika J.; Nagel, Eckhard Report 6024
Overcoming Intrinsic and Acquired Resistance Mechanisms Associated with the Cell Wall of Gram-Negative Bacteria. Impey, Rachael E.; Hawkins, Daniel A.; Sutton, J. Mark; Costa, Tatiana P. Soares da Report 10814
Overview of Global Trends in Classification, Methods of Preparation and Application of Bacteriocins. Zimina, Maria; Babich, Olga; Prosekov, Alexander; Sukhikh, Stanislav; Ivanova, Svetlana; Shevchenko, Report 13022
Phage Therapy, Lysin Therapy, and Antibiotics: A Trio Due to Come. Villa, Tomas G.; Sieiro, Carmen Editorial 1808
Phages as a Cohesive Prophylactic and Therapeutic Approach in Aquaculture Systems. Zaczek, Maciej; Weber-Dabrowska, Beata; Gorski, Andrzej Report 11095
Phytochemical Composition and In Vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oils from the Lamiaceae Family against Streptococcus agalactiae and Candida albicans Biofilms. Iseppi, Ramona; Tardugno, Roberta; Brighenti, Virginia; Benvenuti, Stefania; Sabia, Carla; Pellati, Report 7112
Point-of-Care C-Reactive Protein Testing to Reduce Antibiotic Prescribing for Respiratory Tract Infections in Primary Care: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials. Martinez-Gonzalez, Nahara Anani; Keizer, Ellen; Plate, Andreas; Coenen, Samuel; Valeri, Fabio; Verba Report 14753
Prevalence and Antibiotic Resistance of ESKAPE Pathogens Isolated in the Emergency Department of a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in Hungary: A 5-Year Retrospective Survey. Benko, Ria; Gajdacs, Mario; Matuz, Maria; Bodo, Gabriella; Lazar, Andrea; Hajdu, Edit; Papfalvi, Eri Report 9713
Preventing and Managing Urinary Tract Infections: Enhancing the Role of Community Pharmacists--A Mixed Methods Study. Peiffer-Smadja, Nathan; Allison, Rosalie; Jones, Leah F.; Holmes, Alison; Patel, Parvesh; Lecky, Don Report 6298
Recycling Old Antibiotics with Ionic Liquids. Prudencio, Cristina; Vieira, Monica; Auweraer, Seppe Van der; Ferraz, Ricardo Report 7841
Repurposing Disulfiram (Tetraethylthiuram Disulfide) as a Potential Drug Candidate against Borrelia burgdorferi In Vitro and In Vivo. Potula, Hari-Hara S.K.; Shahryari, Jahanbanoo; Inayathullah, Mohammed; Malkovskiy, Andrey Victorovic Report 10564
S. aureus Colonization, Biofilm Production, and Phage Susceptibility in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients. Racenis, Karlis; Kroica, Juta; Rezevska, Dace; Avotins, Lauris; Skuditis, Edgars; Popova, Anna; Puid Report 7733
Secondary Antibiotic Resistance, Correlation between Genotypic and Phenotypic Methods and Treatment in Helicobacter pylori Infected Patients: A Retrospective Study. Mascellino, Maria Teresa; Oliva, Alessandra; Miele, Maria Claudia; Angelis, Massimiliano De; Bruno, Report 6899
Selective Eradication of Staphylococcus aureus by the Designer Genetically Programmed Yeast Biocontrol Agent. Pipiya, Sofiya O.; Mokrushina, Yuliana A.; Gabibov, Alexander G.; Smirnov, Ivan V.; Terekhov, Stanis Report 5711
Sonochemical Synthesis of 2'-Hydroxy-Chalcone Derivatives with Potential Anti-Oomycete Activity. Lopez, Genesis; Mellado, Marco; Werner, Enrique; Said, Bastian; Godoy, Patricio; Caro, Nelson; Besoa Report 7025
Stability, Homogeneity and Carry-Over of Amoxicillin, Doxycycline, Florfenicol and Flubendazole in Medicated Feed and Drinking Water on 24 Pig Farms. Vandael, Femke; Ferreira, Helena Cardoso de Carvalho; Devreese, Mathias; Dewulf, Jeroen; Daeseleire, Report 9747
Strategies for Optimizing the Production of Proteins and Peptides with multiple Disulfide Bonds. Ma, Yunqi; Lee, Chang-Joo; Park, Jang-Su Report 15813
Strategies to Reduce Biofilm Formation in PEEK Materials Applied to Implant Dentistry--A Comprehensive Review. Brum, Renata Scheeren; Labes, Luiza Gomes; Volpato, Claudia Angela Maziero; Benfatti, Cesar Augusto Report 8200
Surveillance of Antibiotic Resistance of Maltose-Negative Staphylococcus aureus in South African Dairy Herds. Karzis, Joanne; Petzer, Inge-Marie; Donkin, Edward F.; Naidoo, Vinny; Etter, Eric M.C. Report 7896
Synergies with and Resistance to Membrane-Active Peptides. Kmeck, Adam; Tancer, Robert J.; Ventura, Cristina R.; Wiedman, Gregory R. Report 9322
Synergistic Effects of Bacteriocin from Lactobacillus panis C-M2 Combined with Dielectric Barrier Discharged Non-Thermal Plasma (DBD-NTP) on Morganella sp. in Aquatic Foods. Shan, Chengjun; Wu, Han; Zhou, Jianzhong; Yan, Wenjing; Zhang, Jianhao; Liu, Xiaoli Report 6732
Synergy of the Bacteriocin AS-48 and Antibiotics against Uropathogenic Enterococci. Montalban-Lopez, Manuel; Cebrian, Ruben; Galera, Rosa; Mingorance, Lidia; Martin-Platero, Antonio M. Report 7383
Synthesis of Electrospun [TiO.sub.2] Nanofibers and Characterization of Their Antibacterial and Antibiofilm Potential against Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Bacteria. Ansari, Mohammad Azam; Albetran, Hani Manssor; Alheshibri, Muidh Hamed; Timoumi, Abdelmajid; Algarou Report 5884
Synthesis of Novel Stilbene-Coumarin Derivatives and Antifungal Screening of Monotes kerstingii-Specialized Metabolites Against Fusarium oxysporum. Fotso, Ghislain Wabo; Ngameni, Bathelemy; Storr, Thomas E.; Ngadjui, Bonaventure Tchaleu; Mafu, Sibo Report 8180
Synthesis, ADMET Properties, and In Vitro Antimicrobial and Antibiofilm Activity of 5-Nitro-2-thiophenecarbaldehyde N-((E)-(5-Nitrothienyl)methylidene)hydrazone (KTU-286) against Staphylococcus aureus with Defined Resistance Mechanisms. Kavaliauskas, Povilas; Grybaite, Birute; Mickevicius, Vytautas; Petraitiene, Ruta; Grigaleviciute, R Report 7907
Systematic Review on the Impact of Guidelines Adherence on Antibiotic Prescription in Respiratory Infections. Oliveira, Ines; Rego, Catarina; Semedo, Guilherme; Gomes, Daniel; Figueiras, Adolfo; Roque, Fatima; Report 11251
The Anti-Microbial Peptide [(Lin-SB056-1).sub.2]-K Reduces Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine Release through Interaction with Pseudotnonas aeruginosa Lipopolysaccharide. Grassi, Lucia; Pompilio, Arianna; Kaya, Esingiil; Rinaldi, Andrea C.; Sanjust, Enrico; Maisetta, Giu Report 6927
The Current Status of the Alternative Use to Antibiotics in Poultry Production: An African Perspective. Selaledi, Letlhogonolo Andrew; Hassan, Zahra Mohammed; Manyelo, Tlou Grace; Mabelebele, Monnye Report 10138
The Impacts of Animal Health Service Providers on Antimicrobial Use Attitudes and Practices: An Examination of Poultry Layer Farmers in Ghana and Kenya. Afakye, Kofi; Kiambi, Stella; Koka, Eric; Kabali, Emmanuel; Dorado-Garcia, Alejandro; Amoah, Ann; Ki Report 8802
The Primary Care Perspective on the Norwegian National Strategy against Antimicrobial Resistance. Rortveit, Guri; Simonsen, Gunnar Skov Report 3327
Treatment of Bloodstream Infections Due to Gram-Negative Bacteria with Difficult-to-Treat Resistance. Bassetti, Matteo; Vena, Antonio; Sepulcri, Chiara; Giacobbe, Daniele Roberto; Peghin, Maddalena Report 9749
UHPLC-ESI-QTOF-MS/MS-Based Molecular Networking Guided Isolation and Dereplication of Antibacterial and Antifungal Constituents of Ventilago denticulata. Azizah, Muhaiminatul; Pripdeevech, Patcharee; Thongkongkaew, Tawatchai; Mahidol, Chulabhorn; Ruchira Report 18763
Unconventional Yeasts Are Tolerant to Common Antifungals, and Aureobasidium pullulans Has Low Baseline Sensitivity to Captan, Cyprodinil, and Difenoconazole. Magoye, Electine; Hilber-Bodmer, Maja; Pfister, Melanie; Freimoser, Florian M. Report 9789
Validating Use of Electronic Health Data to Identify Patients with Urinary Tract Infections in Outpatient Settings. Germanos, George; Light, Patrick; Zoorob, Roger; Salemi, Jason; Khan, Fareed; Hansen, Michael; Gupta Report 4499
Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci (VRE) in Nigeria: The First Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Wada, Yusuf; Harun, Azian Binti; Yean, Chan Yean; Zaidah, Abdul Rahman Report 8073
Verification of a Novel Approach to Predicting Effects of Antibiotic Combinations: In Vitro Dynamic Model Study with Daptomycin and Gentamicin against Staphylococcus aureus. Golikova, Maria V.; Strukova, Elena N.; Portnoy, Yury A.; Zinner, Stephen H.; Firsov, Alexander A. Report 6346
Virulence Characteristics and Antibiotic Resistance Profiles of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli Isolates from Diverse Sources. Rubab, Momna; Oh, Deog-Hwan Report 7999

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