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Articles from Antibiotics (August 1, 2020)

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A Hundred Years of Bacteriophages: Can Phages Replace Antibiotics in Agriculture and Aquaculture? Sieiro, Carmen; Areal-Hermida, Lara; Pichardo-Gallardo, Angeles; Almuina-Gonzalez, Raquel; de Miguel 13962
A Quantitative Survey of Bacterial Persistence in the Presence of Antibiotics: Towards Antipersister Antimicrobial Discovery. Salcedo-Sora, Jesus Enrique; Kell, Douglas B. 19333
A Trypsin Inhibitor from Moringa oleifera Flowers Modulates the Immune Response In Vitro of Trypanosoma cruzi-Infected Human Cells. Nova, Isabella Coimbra Vila; Moreira, Leyllane Rafael; Torres, Diego Jose Lira; Oliveira, Kamila Kas 5735
Active Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Elderly Patients: A 2016-2019 Retrospective Analysis from an Italian Referral Hospital. Gennaro, Francesco Di; Vittozzi, Pietro; Gualano, Gina; Musso, Maria; Mosti, Silvia; Mencarini, Paol 5623
Aminoglycosides: From Antibiotics to Building Blocks for the Synthesis and Development of Gene Delivery Vehicles. Bellucci, Maria Cristina; Volonterio, Alessandro 12754
Amoxicillin-Clavulanic Acid Empirical Oral Therapy for the Management of Children with Acute Haematogenous Osteomyelitis. Serrano, Elena; Ferri, Irene; Galli, Luisa; Chiappini, Elena 4509
An Update on Molecular Tools for Genetic Engineering of Actinomycetes--The Source of Important Antibiotics and Other Valuable Compounds. Mitousis, Lena; Thoma, Yvonne; Musiol-Kroll, Ewa M. 19019
Analysing the Relationship between Nutrition and the Microbial Composition of the Oral Biofilm--Insights from the Analysis of Individual Variability. Vach, Kirstin; Ahmad, Ali Al-; Anderson, Annette; Woelber, Johan Peter; Karygianni, Lamprini; Wittme 10778
Analysis of Gastrointestinal Responses Revealed Both Shared and Specific Targets of Zinc Oxide and Carbadox in Weaned Pigs. Hung, Yuan-Tai; Hu, Qiong; Faris, Richard J.; Guo, Juanjuan; Urriola, Pedro E.; Shurson, Gerald C.; 10433
Antibiotic Prescribing to Patients with Infectious and Non-Infectious Indications Admitted to Obstetrics and Gynaecology Departments in Two Tertiary Care Hospitals in Central India. Machowska, Anna; Landsted, Kristoffer; Lundborg, Cecilia Stalsby; Sharma, Megha 8966
Antibiotic Use in Low and Middle-Income Countries and the Challenges of Antimicrobial Resistance in Surgery. Sartelli, Massimo; Hardcastle, Timothy C.; Catena, Fausto; Chichom-Mefire, Alain; Coccolini, Federic 6255
Antifungal Activity against Fusarium culmorum of Stevioside, Silybum marianum Seed Extracts, and Their Conjugate Complexes. Buzon-Duran, Laura; Martin-Gil, Jesus; Ramos-Sanchez, Maria del Carmen; Perez-Lebena, Eduardo; Marco 7056
Antifungal Effect of A Chimeric Peptide Hn-Mc against Pathogenic Fungal Strains. Kim, Jin-Young; Park, Seong-Cheol; Noh, Gwangbok; Kim, Heabin; Yoo, Su-Hyang; Kim, Il Ryong; Lee, Ju 4016
Antimicrobial Activity against Paenibacillus larvae and Functional Properties of Lactiplantibacillus plantarum Strains: Potential Benefits for Honeybee Health. Iorizzo, Massimo; Testa, Bruno; Lombardi, Silvia Jane; Ganassi, Sonia; Ianiro, Mario; Letizia, Franc 10609
Antimicrobial Activity of Extracts of Two Native Fruits of Chile: Arrayan (Luma apiculata) and Peumo (Cryptocarya alba). Viktorova, Jitka; Kumar, Rohitesh; Rehorova, Katerina; Hoang, Lan; Ruml, Tomas; Figueroa, Carlos R.; 6677
Antimicrobial Property and Mode of Action of the Skin Peptides of the Sado Wrinkled Frog, Glandirana susurra, against Animal and Plant Pathogens. Ogawa, Daisuke; Suzuki, Manami; Inamura, Yuriko; Saito, Kaito; Hasunuma, Itaru; Kobayashi, Tetsuya; 9079
Antimicrobial Resistance Patterns in Clostridioides difficile Strains Isolated from Neonates in Germany. Tilkorn, Friederike K.M.T.; Frickmann, Hagen; Simon, Isabel S.; Schwanbeck, Julian; Horn, Sebastian; 3760
Antimicrobial Stewardship in General Practice: A Scoping Review of the Component Parts. Hawes, Lesley; Buising, Kirsty; Mazza, Danielle 7588
Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus agalactiae, and Escherichia coli Isolated from Mastitic Dairy Cattle in Ukraine. Elias, Leta; Balasubramanyam, Ajay S.; Ayshpur, Olena Y.; Mushtuk, Iryna U.; Sheremet, Nataliya O.; 3366
Antimicrobials as Single and Combination Therapy for Colistin-Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa at a University Hospital in Thailand. Pungcharoenkijkul, Supanun; Traipattanakul, Jantima; Thunyaharn, Sudaluck; Santimaleeworagun, Wichai 5711
Bacteriophages and Lysins as Possible Alternatives to Treat Antibiotic-Resistant Urinary Tract Infections. de Miguel, Trinidad; Rama, Jose Luis R.; Sieiro, Carmen; Sanchez, Sandra; Villa, Tomas G. 6881
Bacteriostatic and Bactericidal Effect of Tigecycline on Leptospira spp. Bertelloni, Fabrizio; Cilia, Giovanni; Fratini, Filippo 3539
Best Helicobacter pylori Eradication Strategy in the Era of Antibiotic Resistance. Kim, Su Young; Chung, Jun-Won 9637
Biofilm Control Strategies: Engaging with the Public. Verran, Joanna; Jackson, Sarah; Scimone, Antony; Kelly, Peter; Redfern, James 4213
Bioinformatic Analysis of 1000 Amphibian Antimicrobial Peptides Uncovers Multiple Length-Dependent Correlations for Peptide Design and Prediction. Wang, Guangshun 15014
Bismuth Nanoantibiotics Display Anticandidal Activity and Disrupt the Biofilm and Cell Morphology of the Emergent Pathogenic Yeast Candida auris. Vazquez-Munoz, Roberto; Lopez, Fernando D.; Lopez-Ribot, Jose L. 6914
Brazilian Red Propolis Is as Effective as Amoxicillin in Controlling Red-Complex of Multispecies Subgingival Mature Biofilm In Vitro. de Figueiredo, Kadmo Azevedo; da Silva, Helio Doyle Pereira; Miranda, Stela Lima Farias; Goncalves, 5322
Carbon Nanotube/Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Composite Materials to Reduce Bacterial Adhesion. Vagos, Marcia R.; Gomes, Marisa; Moreira, Joana M.R.; Soares, Olivia S.G.P.; Pereira, Manuel F.R.; M 8787
Characterization of Clinical MRSA Isolates from Northern Spain and Assessment of Their Susceptibility to Phage-Derived Antimicrobials. Salas, Marina; Wernecki, Maciej; Fernandez, Lucia; Iglesias, Beatriz; Gutierrez, Diana; Alvarez, And 10492
Characterization of Five Novel Anti-MRSA Compounds Identified Using a Whole-Animal Caenorhabditis elegans/Galleria mellonella Sequential- Screening Approach. Khader, Rajamohammed; Tharmalingam, Nagendran; Mishra, Biswajit; Felix, LewisOscar; Ausubel, Frederi 5243
Characterizing Antimicrobial Resistance in Chicken Pathogens: A Step towards Improved Antimicrobial Stewardship in Poultry Production in Vietnam. Yen, Nguyen Thi Phuong; Nhung, Nguyen Thi; Van, Nguyen Thi Bich; Van Cuong, Nguyen; Kiet, Bach Tuan; 3921
Chemical Profiling and Discrimination of Essential Oils from Six Ferula Species Using GC Analyses Coupled with Chemometrics and Evaluation of Their Antioxidant and Enzyme Inhibitory Potential. Youssef, Fadia S.; Mamatkhanova, Munira A.; Mamadalieva, Nilufar Z.; Zengin, Gokhan; Aripova, Salima 6691
Clinical and Economic Burden of Carbapenem-Resistant Infection or Colonization Caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Acinetobacter baumannii: A Multicenter Study in China. Zhen, Xuemei; Lundborg, Cecilia Stalsby; Sun, Xueshan; Gu, Shuyan; Dong, Hengjin Report 7222
Clinical Experience with High-Dose Polymyxin B against Carbapenem-Resistant Gram-Negative Bacterial Infections--A Cohort Study. Cai, Yiying; Leck, Hui; Tan, Ray W.; Teo, Jocelyn Q.; Lim, Tze-Peng; Lee, Winnie; Chlebicki, Maciej 5601
Contact Effect of a Methylobacterium sp. Extract on Biofilm of a Mycobacterium chimaera Strain Isolated from a 3T Heater-Cooler System. Pradal, Ines; Mediero, Jaime Esteban Arancha; Garria-Coca, Marta; Aguilera- Correa, John Jairo 8563
Content and Mechanism of Action of National Antimicrobial Stewardship Interventions on Management of Respiratory Tract Infections in Primary and Community Care. Atkins, Lou; Chadborn, Tim; Bondaronek, Paulina; Ashiru-Oredope, Diane; Beech, Elizabeth; Herd, Nata 15898
Copper Kills Escherichia coli Persister Cells. Martins, Paula Maria Moreira; de Souza, Ting Gong Alessandra A.; Wood, Thomas K. 6572
Country Income Is Only One of the Tiles: The Global Journey of Antimicrobial Resistance among Humans, Animals, and Environment. Pieri, Angela; Aschbacher, Richard; Fasani, Giada; Mariella, Jole; Brusetti, Lorenzo; Pagani, Elisab 7412
Current Antimycotics, New Prospects, and Future Approaches to Antifungal Therapy. Wall, Gina; Lopez-Ribot, Jose L. 5429
Day 10 Post-Prescription Audit Optimizes Antibiotic Therapy in Patients with Bloodstream Infections. Murri, Rita; Palazzolo, Claudia; Giovannenze, Francesca; Taccari, Francesco; Camici, Marta; Spanu, T 6593
Design and Characterization of Bioactive Bilayer Films: Release Kinetics of Isopropyl Palmitate. Luis, Angelo; Gallardo, Eugenia; Ramos, Ana; Domingues, Fernanda 8824
Development of an NGS-Based Workflow for Improved Monitoring of Circulating Plasmids in Support of Risk Assessment of Antimicrobial Resistance Gene Dissemination. Berbers, Bas; Ceyssens, Pieter-Jan; Bogaerts, Pierre; Vanneste, Kevin; Roosens, Nancy H.C.; Marchal, 17247
Discrepancy in Therapeutic and Prophylactic Antibiotic Prescribing in General Dentists and Maxillofacial Specialists in Australia. Chen, Cheryl; Gilpin, Nicole; Walsh, Laurence 7808
E-Health Tools to Improve Antibiotic Use and Resistances: A Systematic Review. Carvalho, Erico; Estrela, Marta; Zapata-Cachafeiro, Maruxa; Figueiras, Adolfo; Roque, Fatima; Herdei 8550
Effective Treatment for Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infections with Oral Fosfomycin, Single Center Four Year Retrospective Study. Fajfr, Miroslav; Balik, Michal; Cermakova, Eva; Bostik, Pavel 5423
Effectiveness of Electronic Guidelines (GERH[R]) to Improve the Clinical Use of Antibiotics in an Intensive Care Unit. Navarro-Gomez, Paola; Gutierrez-Fernandez, Jose; Rodriguez-Maresca, Manuel Angel; Olvera-Porcel, Mar 10080
Efficacy and Gut Dysbiosis of Gentamicin-Intercalated Smectite as a New Therapeutic Agent against Helicobacter pylori in a Mouse Model. Jeong, Su Jin; Lee, Kyoung Hwa; Kim, Jie-Hyun; Park, Soon Young; Song, Young Goo 6273
Efficacy and Mechanisms of Flavonoids against the Emerging Opportunistic Nontuberculous Mycobacteria. Mickymaray, Suresh; Alfaiz, Faiz Abdulaziz; Paramasivam, Anand 14924
Enzybiotics LYSSTAPH-S and LYSDERM-S as Potential Therapeutic Agents for Chronic MRSA Wound Infections. Vacek, Lukas; Kobzova, Sarka; Cmelik, Richard; Pantucek, Roman; Janda, Lubomir 7622
Evaluation of Antibacterial and Cytotoxic Properties of a Fluorinated Diamond-Like Carbon Coating for the Development of Antibacterial Medical Implants. Yonezawa, Katsutaka; Kawaguchi, Masahito; Kaneuji, Ayumi; Ichiseki, Toru; Iinuma, Yoshitsugu; Kawamu 5970
Evaluation of Antioxidant, Antimicrobial and Tyrosinase Inhibitory Activities of Extracts from Tricholosporum goniospermum, an Edible Wild Mushroom. Angelini, Paola; Venanzoni, Roberto; Flores, Giancarlo Angeles; Tirillini, Bruno; Orlando, Giustino; 7511
Frog Skin-Derived Peptides Against Corynebacterium jeikeium: Correlation between Antibacterial and Cytotoxic Activities. Casciaro, Bruno; Loffredo, Maria Rosa; Cappiello, Floriana; Verrusio, Walter; Corleto, Vito Domenico 6437
From Ocean to Medicine: Pharmaceutical Applications of Metabolites from Marine Bacteria. Santos, Jose Diogo; Vitorino, Ines; Reyes, Fernando; Vicente, Francisca; Lage, Olga Maria 15801
Genetic Determinants for Metal Tolerance and Antimicrobial Resistance Detected in Bacteria Isolated from Soils of Olive Tree Farms. Glibota, Nicolas; Grande, Ma Jose; Galvez, Antonio; Ortega, Elena 6140
Gram-negative Organisms from Patients with Community-Acquired Urinary Tract Infections and Associated Risk Factors for Antimicrobial Resistance: A Single-Center Retrospective Observational Study in Japan. Kanda, Naoki; Hashimoto, Hideki; Sonoo, Tomohiro; Naraba, Hiromu; Takahashi, Yuji; Nakamura, Kensuke 4119
High Prevalence and Diversity of Cephalosporin-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae Including Extraintestinal Pathogenic E. coli CC648 Lineage in Rural and Urban Dogs in Northwest Spain. Abreu-Salinas, Fatima; Diaz-Jimenez, Dafne; Garda-Menino, Isidro; Lumbreras, Pilar; Lopez-Beceiro, A 6657
HPLC-DAD and UHPLC/QTOF-MS Analysis of Polyphenols in Extracts of the African Species Combretum padoides, C. zeyheri and C. psidioides Related to Their Antimycobacterial Activity. Fyhrquist, Pia; Salih, Enass Y.A.; Helenius, Satu; Laakso, Into; Julkunen-Tiitto, Riitta 16725
Identification and Characterization of Quorum-Quenching Activity of N-Acylhomoserine Lactonase from Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci. Morohoshi, Tomohiro; Kamimura, Yaoki; Someya, Nobutaka Report 4952
Impact of Colistin Dosing on the Incidence of Nephrotoxicity in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Saudi Arabia. Almutairy, Reem; Aljrarri, Waad; Noor, Afnan; Elsamadisi, Pansy; Shamas, Nour; Qureshi, Mohammad; Is 6834
Implementation of the WHO Approved "Tailoring Antimicrobial Resistance Programs (TAP)" Reduces Patients' Request for Antibiotics. Kaplan, Nasser M.; Khader, Yousef S.; Alfaqih, Mahmoud A.; Saadeh, Rami; Sawalha, Lora Al 6094
In the Age of Synthetic Biology, Will Antimicrobial Peptides be the Next Generation of Antibiotics? Jaumaux, Felix; de Cadinanos, Luz P. Gomez; Gabant, Philippe 7129
In Vitro Activities of Colistin and Sitafloxacin Combinations against Multidrug-, Carbapenem-, and Colistin-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii Using the Broth Microdilution Checkerboard and Time-Kill Methods. Rodjun, Vipavee; Houngsaitong, Jantana; Montakantikul, Preecha; Paiboonvong, Taniya; Khuntayaporn, P 5193
Influence of Sulfonamide Contamination Derived from Veterinary Antibiotics on Plant Growth and Development. Cheong, Mi Sun; Seo, Kyung Hye; Chohra, Hadjer; Yoon, Young Eun; Choe, Hyeonji; Kantharaj, Vimalraj; 8365
Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Veterinarians Towards Antimicrobial Resistance and Stewardship in Nigeria. Adekanye, Usman O.; Ekiri, Abel B.; Galipo, Erika; Muhammad, Abubakar Bala; Mateus, Ana; La Ragione, Survey 9095
Lactobacillus Plantarum 108 Inhibits Streptococcus mutans and Candida albicans Mixed-Species Biofilm Formation. Srivastava, Neha; Venkiteswaran, Kassapa Ellepola Nityasri; Chai, Louis Yi Ann; Ohshima, Tomoko; Sen 7438
Lactoferrin Functionalized Biomaterials: Tools for Prevention of Implant-Associated Infections. Pall, Emoke; Roman, Alexandra 7679
Longitudinal Point Prevalence Survey of Antimicrobial Consumption in Russian Hospitals: Results of the Global-PPS Project. Rachina, Svetlana; Belkova, Yuliya; Kozlov, Roman; Versporten, Ann; Pauwels, Ines; Goossens, Herman; 5792
Melittin from Apis florea Venom as a Promising Therapeutic Agent for Skin Cancer Treatment. Sangboonruang, Sirikwan; Kitidee, Kuntida; Chantawannakul, Panuwan; Tragoolpua, Khajornsak; Tragoolp 9124
Microbial Association with Genus Actinomyces in Primary and Secondary Endodontic Lesions, Review. Dioguardi, Mario; Quarta, Cristian; Alovisi, Mario; Crincoli, Vito; Aiuto, Riccardo; Crippa, Rolando 13063
Mycobacterium szulgai Lung Disease or Breast Cancer Relapse--Case Report. Kempisty, Anna; Augustynowicz-Kopec, Ewa; Opoka, Lucyna; Szturmowicz, Monika 2493
New Insights into Antibacterial Compounds: From Synthesis and Discovery to Molecular Mechanisms of Action. Leitao, Jorge H. Drug overview 2197
Plant-Based Phytochemicals as Possible Alternative to Antibiotics in Combating Bacterial Drug Resistance. AlSheikh, Hana Mohammed Al; Sultan, Insha; Kumar, Vijay; Rather, Irfan A.; Sheikh, Hashem Al-; Jan, 13229
Post-Antibiotic Effect of Ampicillin and Levofloxacin to Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus Based on Microscopic Imaging Analysis. Proma, Farjana Hanif; Shourav, Mohiuddin Khan; Choi, Jungil 4828
Potent Antibacterial Prenylated Acetophenones from the Australian Endemic Plant Acronychia crassipetala. Tran, Trong D.; Olsson, Malin A.; McMillan, David J.; Cullen, Jason K.; Parsons, Peter G.; Reddell, 5286
Practice-Level Association between Antibiotic Prescribing and Resistance: An Observational Study in Primary Care. Batenburg, Dylan; Verheij, Theo; Veen, Annemarie vant; van der Velden, Alike Report 4310
Prescriber Commitment Posters to Increase Prudent Antibiotic Prescribing in English General Practice: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial. Sallis, Anna; Bondaronek, Paulina; Sanders, Jet G.; Yu, Ly-Mee; Harris, Victoria; Vlaev, Ivo; Sander 6913
Prescription of Levofloxacin and Moxifloxacin in Select Hospitals in Uganda: A Pilot Study to Assess Guideline Concordance. Nambasa, Victoria; Ndagije, Helen B.; Serwanga, Allan; Manirakiza, Leonard; Atuhaire, Joanitah; Naki Report 4844
Prophage in Phage Manufacturing: Is the Risk Overrated Compared to Other Therapies or Food? Jerome, Gabard 4468
Rapid Antibacterial Activity of Cannabichromenic Acid against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Galletta, Maria; Reekie, Tristan A.; Bottomley, Gayathri Nagalingam Amy L.; Harry, Elizabeth J.; Kas 4996
Risk of Antimicrobial Resistant Non-Typhoidal Salmonella during Asymptomatic Infection Passage between Pet Dogs and Their Human Caregivers in Khon Kaen, Thailand. Wu, Xin; Angkititrakul, Sunpetch; Richards, Allen L.; Pulsrikarn, Chaiwat; Khaengair, Seri; Keosengt 5780
Short Chain Fatty Acids Modulate the Growth and Virulence of Pathosymbiont Escherichia coli and Host Response. Zhang, Shiying; Dogan, Belgin; Guo, Cindy; Herlekar, Deepali; Stewart, Katrina; Scherl, Ellen J.; Si 10464
Spectrum and Antibiotic Resistance of Uropathogens in Romanian Females. Petca, Razvan-Cosmin; Mares, Cristian; Petca, Aida; Negoita, Silvius; Popescu, Razvan-Ionut; Bot, Mi 8768
Strain-Specific Adaptations of Streptococcus mitis-oralis to Serial In Vitro Passage in Daptomycin (DAP): Genotypic and Phenotypic Characteristics. Mishra, Nagendra N.; Tran, Truc T.; Arias, Cesar A.; Seepersaud, Ravin; Sullam, Paul M.; Bayer, Arno 5640
Synergy of Linezolid with Several Antimicrobial Agents against Linezolid- Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcal Strains. Valderrama, Maria-Jose; Alfaro, Maria; Rodriguez-Avial, Idar; Baos, Elvira; Rodriguez-Avial, Carmen; 7122
Synthesis of Degraded Limonoid Analogs as New Antibacterial Scaffolds against Staphylococcus aureus. Ferrera-Suanzes, Marta; Prieto, Victoria; Medina-Olivera, Antonio J.; Botubol- Ares, Jose Manuel; Ga 9781
The Ascidian-Derived Metabolites with Antimicrobial Properties. Casertano, Marcello; Menna, Marialuisa; Imperatore, Concetta 15458
The Bristol Sponge Microbiome Collection: A Unique Repository of Deep-Sea Microorganisms and Associated Natural Products. Williams, Sam E.; Stennett, Henry L.; Back, Catherine R.; Tiwari, Kavita; Gomez, Jorge Ojeda; Hendry 8098
The Desotamide Family of Antibiotics. Fazal, Asif; Webb, Michael E.; Seipke, Ryan F. 7152
The pathogen Mycoplasma dispar Shows High Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations for Antimicrobials Commonly Used for Bovine Respiratory Disease. Bottinelli, Marco; Merenda, Marianna; Gastaldelli, Michele; Picchi, Micaela; Stefani, Elisabetta; Ni 5860
The Pathogenic Role of Actinomyces spp. and Related Organisms in Genitourinary Infections: Discoveries in the New, Modern Diagnostic Era. Gajdacs, Mario; Urban, Edit 11612
Trends in Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Escherichia coli Isolates in a Taiwanese Child Cohort with Urinary Tract Infections between 2004 and 2018. Chen, Hung-En; Tain, You-Lin; Ku, Hsiao-Ching; Hsu, Chien-Ning 7069
Update on Acute Bone and Joint Infections in Paediatrics: A Narrative Review on the Most Recent Evidence-Based Recommendations and Appropriate Antinfective Therapy. Autore, Giovanni; Bernardi, Luca; Esposito, Susanna Report 7941

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