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Antibiotic potency automatic assay plate reading system instantly reads Petri plates.

The AutoAssay System utilizes a high-resolution color-digital-camera and easy-to-use Windows software to instantly read 90-100 mm agar Petri plates. This software follows the CFR/US-FDA/USP/AQAC method exactly for antibiotic concentration assays and allows flexibility to use metal cylinders, agar wells, or paper disks to contain antibiotic. AutoAssay precisely and accurately measures growth-inhibition zones, eliminates transcription and calculation errors, plots standard curve with statistics, and identifies outlying points. AutoAssay is CFR Part II compliant for electronic signatures and electronic records, and also meets FDA-GMP/GLP/QSR. It provides password-entry, a permanent electronic record of raw data, printouts, and a notepad. Test parameters are flexible and common formats are saved for re-use.

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Title Annotation:Drug Development & Scale-Up
Publication:Pharmaceutical Processing
Date:Oct 1, 2004
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