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BetterLife Pharma files patent protection for its newest compound TD-010 to treat anxiolytic-use disorder. Feb 3, 2021 380
Agency orders stronger warnings on benzodiazepines: FDA also wants patient medication guides revised. Brooks, Megan Oct 1, 2020 450
Revisiting Xanax amid the coronavirus crisis. Islam, Faisal A.; Choudhry, Zaid Ulhaq; Choudhry, Zia Aug 1, 2020 1616
Grieving dad sets up charity to honour son's legacy; A grieving father who's 23-year-old son died from an accidental overdose of a counterfeit anti-anxiety drug has set up a charity to help people with mental health and addiction problems. Kevan Christie Jul 12, 2020 670
Anxiolytic Effect of Alcohol-Water Extracted Suanzaoren-Wuweizi Herb-Pair by Regulating ECS-BDNF-ERK Signaling Pathway Expression in Acute Restraint Stress Male Rats. Zhao, Cheng-Bo-Wen; Liu, Jie; Shi, Jin-Li; Wang, Shao-Nan; Ding, Yong-Sheng; He, Shuai; Lin, Ming-Xu Jun 30, 2020 8368
Drug driver is jailed for gran crash death; SPEEDER WAS ON DIAZEPAM, STREET VALIUM & MORPHINE; 9 yrs for con who killed Carol, 62, in road horror. DAVE FINLAY Jun 5, 2020 358
Coping in quarantine: Lockdown as a literal anti-anxiety pill to swallow. May 29, 2020 1090
Dealers push anti-anxiety medications. EXCLUSIVE BY EMMA MCMENAMY May 24, 2020 326
Anti-panic commodities trading floor founded amid pandemic. Apr 19, 2020 255
Short Communication - Evaluation of Anxiolytic Activity of Pulsatilla nigricans L. in Wistar Rats by using Elevated Plus Maze and Hole Board Paradigms. Sadaf, Rafia; Younus, Ishrat; Maqbool, Sidra; Fayyaz, Talha Bin; Khan, Sarah Jameel; Siddique, Sidra Report Apr 10, 2020 2608
Nonfatal Drug Overdoses Treated in Emergency Departments--United States, 2016-2017. Vivolo-Kantor, Alana M.; Hoots, Brooke E.; Scholl, Lawrence; Pickens, Cassandra; Roehler, Douglas R. Apr 3, 2020 7694
LOOK: Supermarkets in Pasig, Valenzuela comply with anti-panic buying, anti-hoarding ordinances. Mar 20, 2020 527
Faisal Nawaz, 35, of Bloomfield [...]. Feb 23, 2020 356
CDC: Benzodiazepines Prescribed at 27 Office Visits Per 100 Adults; Overlapping opioid Rx involved in about one-third of visits at which benzodiazepines were prescribed. Jan 17, 2020 241
Prescribing Practices Can Mitigate Opioid Overdose Risk for Teens; Lowest amount of opioids, short-acting opioids, avoiding concurrent use of opioids and benzodiazepines cut risk. Dec 27, 2019 237
More U.S. Teens Are Overdosing on Valium, Xanax. Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Reporter Dec 24, 2019 774
Anxiety medication abuse on rise among American adolescents: Study. ANI Dec 17, 2019 357
Xanax Recall 2019: Possible Contamination Puts Patients At Risk. Seema Prasad Nov 10, 2019 475
Tread carefully when prescribing benzodiazepines for anxiety. Dotinga, Randy Nov 1, 2019 544
Utility of Botulinum Injections in Stiff-Person Syndrome. Conners, L.M.; Betcher, A.; Shahinian, A.; Janda, P. Oct 31, 2019 2201
Mizner Bioscience awarded FDA approval for generic anti-anxiety medicine for dogs. Oct 31, 2019 132
Mizner Bioscience awarded FDA approval for generic anti-anxiety medicine for dogs. Oct 31, 2019 128
Xanax Recalled For Foreign Material Contamination. Dawn Geske Oct 28, 2019 249
Analytical Methods Used for the Detection and Quantification of Benzodiazepines. Qriouet, Zidane; Qmichou, Zineb; Bouchoutrouch, Nadia; Mahi, Hassan; Cherrah, Yahia; Sefrioui, Hassa Sep 30, 2019 9747
Lindsay Lohan releases music video of first single 'Xanax'. ANI Sep 26, 2019 277
Lindsay Lohan's new music is a dose of 'Xanax'. ANI Sep 26, 2019 262
Anxiolytic Effects of Floatation-REST Therapy. Clinical report Sep 22, 2019 196
Benzodiazepines, hypnotics don't increase Alzheimer's pathology. Sullivan, Michele G. Sep 1, 2019 757
Anxiolytic-Like Effects of Bergamot Essential Oil Are Insensitive to Flumazenil in Rats. Rombola, Laura; Scuteri, Damiana; Adornetto, Annagrazia; Straface, Marilisa; Sakurada, Tsukasa; Saku Aug 31, 2019 4231
Changes in Opioid-Involved Overdose Deaths by Opioid Type and Presence of Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, and Methamphetamine--25 States, July-December 2017 to January-June 2018. Gladden, R. Matt; Mattson, Christine L. Aug 30, 2019 6181
Lindsay Lohan premieres teaser of latest single 'Xanax' after 11 year break. Aug 30, 2019 249
New data shows pharmaceutical quality lavender oil significantly improves anxiety induced insomnia when taken as a daily capsule. Aug 29, 2019 914
TSH Elevated in 6 Percent of Psychiatrically Hospitalized Youth; Elevated thyroid-stimulating hormone linked to recent weight gain, treatment with benzodiazepines. Aug 14, 2019 263
Female sexual dysfunction. Levy, Barbara S.; Kingsberg, Sheryl A. Aug 1, 2019 3485
Medicinal plants with reported anxiolytic and sedative activities in Nigeria: A systematic review. Abubakar, Abdullahi Rabiu; Haque, Mainul Aug 1, 2019 10168
Medicinal plants with reported anxiolytic and sedative activities in Nigeria: A systematic review. Abubakar, Abdullahi Rabiu; Haque, Mainul Aug 1, 2019 8884
Serious Falls Pose Risk to People Living With HIV; Benzodiazepines, muscle relaxants related to serious falls in people living with HIV. Jul 29, 2019 216
Man steals 800-year-old crusader's head from crypt while 'out of his head on Xanax'; Brian Bridgeman, 36, left the skulls in a bag in a hedgerow on the church in Dublin with a note stating "sorry RIP" a few weeks later. Jul 25, 2019 677
Benzodiazepines nearly double the odds of spontaneous abortion. Palmer, Christopher Jul 1, 2019 376
Karl's Xanax death is a warning to all; Dad's anguish over tragic son, 27. Jun 15, 2019 364
Anxiolytic-Like and Antidepressant-Like Effects of Resveratrol in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats. Sahin, Tugce Demirtas; Gocmez, Semil Selcen; Eraldemir, Fatma Ceyla; Utkan, Tijen Jun 1, 2019 4288
Benzodiazepines nearly double odds of spontaneous abortion. Palmer, Christopher Jun 1, 2019 377
What to Know About Anti-Anxiety Meds: SSRIs and benzodiazepines are the most commonly prescribed drugs for anxiety, but both have some risks and limitations. Jun 1, 2019 559
DEXMEDETOMIDINE AS A SOLE ANAESTHETIC AGENT IN NEUROSURGICAL PROCEDURES. LakshmiSuneetha, Kolati Vara; Gowd, Pabba Upender; Latha, Kakarla Swarna Apr 22, 2019 2113
'Celebrity drug' puts nine teens in hospital. Apr 11, 2019 314
Are Your Medications Making You Forgetful? Causing Fuzzy Thinking? Memory lapses and fuzzy thinking may be brought on by drugs that treat conditions ranging from incontinence to allergies. Apr 1, 2019 904
To treat anxiety effectively, try different approaches: Consider prescribing benzodiazepines for excessive anxiety, antidepressants for anxiety disorders. Brunk, Doug Apr 1, 2019 663
ANF recovers 320 Xanax tablets from passenger. Mar 30, 2019 103
ANF recovers 320 Xanax tablets from passenger. Mar 30, 2019 103
ANF recovers 320 Xanax tablets from passenger. Mar 30, 2019 105
We're turning into a XANNIE STATE; PROBE REVEALS DEADLY DRUG CRAZE THAT'S RUINING LIVES; 200% rise in treatment for addicts as 204 die in UK; Cops call for social media giants to ban evil dealers; Chill out pill glamorised by rappers sells for 70p; EXCLUSIVE. Mar 24, 2019 1119
Online danger of teens' chill pill Xanax. Mar 24, 2019 190
Deadly Xanax craze sweeps the nation after stars glamorise anti-anxiety drug; EXCLUSIVE: Highly-addictive tablets have caused 204 deaths in the UK since 2015. Mar 23, 2019 1346
My poor son's unfortunate experience with Xanax? It killed him; FURY OVER DRUG COMPANY'S SURVEY. Mar 10, 2019 566
My poor son's unfortunate experience with Xanax? It killed him; FURY OVER DRUG COMPANY'S SURVEYMum's outrage after firm sends her letter asking for information on overdose. Mar 10, 2019 1655
Helping patients through a benzodiazepine taper. Payne, Rebecca A.; Joshi, Kaustubh G. Mar 1, 2019 629
Prevalence of the ansiolitic and antidepressive use, physical activity and diseases associated in patients with excess weight in an ambulatory of nutritional care in the city of Caxias do Sul/PREVALENCIA DO USO DE ANSIOLITICOS E ANTIDEPRESSIVOS, ATIVIDADE FISICA E DOENCAS ASSOCIADAS EM PACIENTES COM EXCESSO DE PESO EM UM AMBULATORIO DE ATENDIMENTO NUTRICIONAL NA CIDADE DE CAXIAS DO SUL. Albini, Franciele Lora; Paim, Roberta Soldatelli Pagno; Alves, Marcia Keller Mar 1, 2019 2410
Cocaine, Xanax, crack pipes found. Feb 27, 2019 729
Cocaine, Xanax, crack pipes found Drugs: Driver was shown video of crash in court. Feb 27, 2019 729
'Valium was a bit like heroin, it gives you confidence...' Growing numbers are dying as a result of taking Valium. Estel Farell-Roig spoke to users and those trying to help them... Feb 26, 2019 1919
STREET VALIUM - THE HIDDEN KILLER OF WALES' DRUG USERS; Growing numbers are dying as a result of taking the drug. ESTEL FARELL-ROIG talks to users and those trying to help them. Feb 24, 2019 1892
A retrospective review on benzodiazepine use: A case study from a chronic dispensary unit. Singh, I.; Oosthuizen, F. Report Feb 1, 2019 5403
Abuse of psychiatric medications: Not just stimulants and benzodiazepines: Anticholinergics, antidepressants, antipsychotics, and gabapentinoids may also be subject to misuse or abuse. Pierre, Joseph M. Cover story Jan 1, 2019 7811
Men are more likely to abuse benzodiazepines. Dec 17, 2018 330
Health Department raids medical stores, seizes 93,000 anti anxiety tablets. Nov 27, 2018 451
Misuse of opioid prescription may lead to suicidal thoughts. Oct 17, 2018 262
Long-Term Benzodiazepines Do Not Up Mortality in COPD, PTSD; No difference in mortality, but risk for suicide elevated with long-term benzodiazepine use. Oct 17, 2018 268
Nuts and Bolts of Anxiety Meds: Medicine can help bad behavior and anxiety, but be sure the treatment doesn't cause more headaches. Oct 1, 2018 1199
Beware of This Deadly Combination: Benzodiazepines and opioids are often prescribed together and can lead to unintentional overdose. Aug 1, 2018 645
Benzodiazepines for anxious depression: These agents should be more frequently considered as monotherapy for this indication. Balon, Richard Aug 1, 2018 1895
A Comatose Patient with a Bluish Tongue. van Hulst, Annelienke M.; Lammers, Hendrick J.W.; Koekkoek, W.A.C. "Kristine"; Smulders, Charlotte A Aug 1, 2018 2008
The Epidemiology of Fatal Accidental Overdoses in East Baton Rouge Parish from 2013-2016: A Four Year Study. Stover, Jacob; Grace, Joseph Report Jul 1, 2018 2171
Abortion Not Tied to Significantly Higher Antidepressant Use; Risk factors associated with antidepressant use include previous antianxiety, antipsychotic meds. Jun 1, 2018 286
ANF SEIZED 1.027 TONS DRUGS, 4100 LITS ACETONE and 3100x XANAX TABS WORTH RS 1.270 BILLION. May 4, 2018 867
ANF SEIZED 1.027 TONS DRUGS, 4100 LITS ACETONE and 3100x XANAX TABS WORTH RS 1.270 BILLION. May 4, 2018 867
Adults Using Benzodiazepines More Likely to Receive Opioid Rx; Increase in new opioid prescriptions for U.S. adults using benzodiazepines stopped in 2010. Apr 19, 2018 255
Schoolgirl is second teen to die from mental health drug after death is linked to stress pills; The teens died after taking the anti-anxiety beta blocker, propranolol, and campaigners are now asking for urgent action. Apr 10, 2018 1003
Mood Disorders Up for Children of Consanguineous Parents; Increased odds of mental health issues and needing antidepressant, anxiolytic, antipsychotic medications. Apr 5, 2018 199
Centuries-Old Supplement Improves Memory and Has Anti-Anxiety and Antidepressant Effects. Apr 1, 2018 595
2.2MILLION PILLS SEIZED BY POLICE; EXPLOSION IN ILLEGAL DIAZEPAM Gangs cashing in with street sales as tablets trend grows. Mar 28, 2018 273
Toff their heads; Top public school warns parents after pupils searched for drugs; EXCLUSIVE. Mar 25, 2018 646
Head of Britain's top public school tells parents their kids are at risk from 'rising tide' of dangerous drugs; Pupils were threatened with regular drug tests after a group of sixth formers from King's College School were found by the police at a Fatboy Slim gig. Mar 24, 2018 650
A fresh start now and leave all this behind me. No matter how much it hurts, it's time; XANAX-CLAIM MUM'S HEARTBREAKING FIND; Drug addict son's poignant final diary entry just one month before his death. Mar 18, 2018 596
Amelioration of Pentylenetetrazole-Induced Seizures by Modulators of Sigma, N-Methyl-D-Aspartate, and Ryanodine Receptors in Mice. Keshavarz, Mojtaba; Yekzaman, Behdad Report Mar 1, 2018 4509
Concern over teens' 'zombie' drug Xanax. Feb 16, 2018 422
Concern over teens' 'zombie' drug Xanax. Feb 16, 2018 419
This drug killed my boy but it looks like four other people could have died after taking it. I just don't want another family to go through this nightmare; VICTIM'S MUM ON HER HEARTBREAK AS SHE BLAMES STRING OF DEATHS ON MEDICATION USED FOR ANXIETY; Cops issue warning over danger of tranquillisers bought in bulk online. Feb 4, 2018 1545
Patient, Physician, and Health-System Factors Influencing the Quality of Antidepressant and Sedative Prescribing for Older, Community-Dwelling Adults. Extavour, Rian Marie; Perri, Matthew Feb 1, 2018 8756
BENZODIAZEPINES: Sensible prescribing in light of the risks: Understand the risks and consider alternative treatments, especially in high-risk patients. Weber, Samuel R.; Duchemin, Anne-Marie Editorial Feb 1, 2018 2999
Benzodiazepines Raise Mortality in Alzheimer's. Jan 27, 2018 128
'Death's door' cancer sufferer Brit locked in hellhole Dubai prison says kindness of inmates is reason he survived; Father-of-three Perry Coppins said he was denied anti-anxiety medication he's had for 21 years, "went blind" and "knew he was going to die". Jan 13, 2018 646
Benzodiazepines and antidepressants do not impair cognition in midlife schizophrenia. Jancin, Bruce Jan 1, 2018 786
Do ED Patients Seeking Detox For Opioid Addiction Get Treatment? Tadros, Allison; Tillotson, Roger; Hoffman, Shelley M.; Sharon, Melinda J.; Burrell, Carmen Report Jan 1, 2018 4198
Clinical Pharmacology of Citrus aurantium and Citrus sinensis for the Treatment of Anxiety. Mannucci, Carmen; Calapai, Fabrizio; Cardia, Luigi; Inferrera, Giuseppina; D'Arena, Giovanni; Pietro Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 10565
Aqueous Extract of Semen Ziziphi Spinosae Exerts Anxiolytic Effects during Nicotine Withdrawal via Improvement of Amygdaloid CRF/CRF1R Signaling. Gu, Changhong; Zhao, ZhengLin; Zhu, Xiaodong; Wu, Tong; Lee, Bong Hyo; Jiao, Yu; Lee, Chul Won; Jung Jan 1, 2018 7648
Pharmacological Evaluation of Mentha spicata L. and Plantago major L., Medicinal Plants Used to Treat Anxiety and Insomnia in Colombian Caribbean Coast. Caro, Daneiva C.; Rivera, David E.; Ocampo, Yanet; Franco, Luis A.; Salas, Ruben D. Jan 1, 2018 4739
Modulation of Neuronal Activity on Intercalated Neurons of Amygdala Might Underlie Anxiolytic Activity of a Standardized Extract of Centella asiatica ECa233. Wanasuntronwong, Aree; Wanakhachornkrai, Oraphan; Phongphanphanee, Penphimon; Isa, Tadashi; Tantisir Jan 1, 2018 4775
Long-term effects of ayahuasca in patients with recurrent depression: a 5-year qualitative follow-up. Santos, Rafael G. dos; Sanches, Rafael Faria; Osorio, Flavia de Lima; Hallak, Jaime F.C. Jan 1, 2018 2602
Fennel Oil Treatment Mimics the Anti-Depressive and Anxiolytic Effects of Fluoxetine without Altering the Serum Cholesterol Levels in Rats. Report Dec 31, 2017 4920
Misuse of pharmaceuticals by regular psychostimulant users is linked to mental health problems. Salom, Caroline L.; Burns, Lucinda A.; Alati, Rosa Nov 1, 2017 4245
Bat'ha Customs Foils Two Attempts to Smuggle 370,000 Tablets of Banned Xanax. Oct 27, 2017 115
FDA: Don't deny opioid addiction meds to patients on benzodiazepines. Watson, Dan Oct 15, 2017 261
SCOURGE OF BLUE PLAGUE SENDS DRUG DEATH TOLL SOARING 23%; FIGURES SHOW SCOTLAND THE WORST-HIT COUNTRY IN EUROPE Number killed reaches record level as gangsters' DIY pills sweep nation. Aug 16, 2017 1002
Evaluation of antianxiety activity of ethanolic extract of leaves of Ocimum sanctum (tulsi) in albino mice. Manu, Gangadhar; Padmanabha, Shivaraju Thiruganahalli; Chandrakantha, Thippeswamy; Ravishankar, Manc Report Aug 1, 2017 2767
Tiger Woods Told Police He Took Xanax Before Arrest. Jun 10, 2017 504
Finding the best anti-anxiety medication: a look at the best antidepressants for anxiety, over-the-counter anxiety medications, and more. Jun 1, 2017 813
Treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder with Gabapentin. Markota, Matej; Morgan, Robert J. Disease/Disorder overview Jan 1, 2017 3014
Antiaging and Anxiolytic Effects of Combinatory Formulas Based on Four Medicinal Herbs. Li, Rui; Chan, Wingman; Mat, Waikin; Ho, Yiucheong; Yeung, Rigil K.; Tsang, Shuiying; Xue, Hong Report Jan 1, 2017 8978
Anxiolytic Effect of Citrus aurantium L. in Crack Users. Neto, Gabriel Chaves; Braga, Joao Euclides Fernandes; Alves, Mateus Feitosa; Pordeus, Liana Clebia d Jan 1, 2017 6327
Anxiolytics, Sedatives, and Hypnotics Prescribed by Dentists in Brazil in 2010. Lino, Patricia Azevedo; Martins, Maria Auxiliadora Parreiras; de Souza e Silva, Maria Elisa; de Abre Report Jan 1, 2017 2651
The Use of Antidepressants, Anxiolytics, and Hypnotics in People with Type 2 Diabetes and Patterns Associated with Use: The Hoorn Diabetes Care System Cohort. Mast, R.; Rauh, S.P.; Groeneveld, L.; Koopman, A.D.; Beulens, J.W.J.; Jansen, A.P.D.; Bremmer, M.; v Report Jan 1, 2017 5579
The Phytoestrogen Genistein Produces Similar Effects as 17[beta]-Estradiol on Anxiety-Like Behavior in Rats at 12 Weeks after Ovariectomy. Rodriguez-Landa, Juan Francisco; Cueto-Escobedo, Jonathan; Puga-Olguin, Abraham; Rivadeneyra-Domingu Report Jan 1, 2017 7646
Is exercising relevant for some therapeutical approaches in anxiety and depression? Ciobica, Andrei; Honceriu, Cezar; Ciobica, Alin; Dobrin, Romeo; Trofin, Florin; Timofte, Daniel Report Dec 1, 2016 4221
Impulsivity in men with prescription of benzodiazepines and methadone in prison. Moreno-Ramos, Luis; Fernandez-Serrano, Maria Jose; Perez-Garcia, Miguel; Verdejo-Garcia, Antonio Dec 1, 2016 7026
BRITNEY'S LAW; Mum demands rule change after daughter, 16, overdoses on pills from 'secret' visits to doctor; MUM'S AGONY AS TEENAGER OVERDOSES ON ANTI-ANXIETY DRUG; I really believe that if I knew Britney had these tablets, she'd still be here today; Tormented girl kept visits to doctor secret from mother. Nov 11, 2016 807
FDA: new labeling warns against combining opioids, benzodiazepines. Worcester, Sharon Oct 1, 2016 588
FDA warns against combining opioids, benzodiazepines. Worcester, Sharon Oct 1, 2016 579
New boxed warning says limit use of opioids with benzodiazepines. Worcester, Sharon Oct 1, 2016 644
FDA orders label changes. Sep 26, 2016 757
FDA: Label warns of combining opioids, benzodiazepines. Worcester, Sharon Sep 15, 2016 636
FARMER FLIPS! Over-limit driver - angry at new homes blocking his route - launched baseball bat attack. Aug 12, 2016 631
THE BLUE PLAGUE. Jul 25, 2016 1448
Interaction of cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript and neuropeptide y on behavior in the central nervous system. Kirmizibekmez, Aynur Muduroglu; Mengi, Murat; Yurdakos, Ertan Report Jun 1, 2016 6248
Activation of locus coeruleus heme oxygenase-carbon monoxide pathway promoted an anxiolytic-like effect in rats. Carvalho-Costa, P.G.; Branco, L.G.S.; Leite-Panissi, C.R.A. Report May 1, 2016 5698
Review shows safety issues, small benefit with flibanserin. Moon, Mary Ann Apr 1, 2016 533
FDA made the right call. Larkin, Lisa Apr 1, 2016 449
FDA made the right call on flibanserin. Larkin, Lisa Apr 1, 2016 735
Anxiolytic and sedative-like effects of flavonoids from Tilia americana var. mexicana: GABAergic and serotonergic participation. Aguirre-Hernandez, Eva; Gonzalez-Trujano, Ma. Eva; Terrazas, Teresa; Santoyo, Josefina Herrera; Guev Jan 1, 2016 4489
GABA-A Receptor Modulation and Anticonvulsant, Anxiolytic, and Antidepressant Activities of Constituents from Artemisia indica Linn. Khan, Imran; Karim, Nasiara; Ahmad, Waqar; Abdelhalim, Abeer; Chebib, Mary Jan 1, 2016 7675
Involvement of 5-[HT.sub.1A] Receptors in the Anxiolytic-Like Effects of Quercitrin and Evidence of the Involvement of the Monoaminergic System. Li, Jian; Liu, Qian-tong; Chen, Yi; Liu, Jie; Shi, Jin-li; Liu, Yong; Guo, Jian-you Jan 1, 2016 7123
Sedative and Anxiolytic-Like Actions of Ethanol Extract of Leaves of Glinus oppositifolius (Linn.) Aug. DC. Moniruzzaman; Bhattacharjee, Partha Sharoti; Pretty, Moushumi Rahman; Hossain, Sarwar Jan 1, 2016 4312
Flibanserin debuts with some strings attached. Oakes, Kari Dec 1, 2015 817
What you need to know (and do) to prescribe the new drug flibanserin: 11 questions and answers highlight indications, risks, adverse reactions, and requirements for prescribers. Yates, Janelle Nov 1, 2015 1896
Flibanserin: the FDA's approval is bad science and bad precedent. Cherel, Christina Nov 1, 2015 1022
Could herbal medicine alternatives reduce overuse of benzodiazepines in older adults? Thoughts on the EMPOWER trial. Evangelidis, Nicole Viewpoint essay Sep 1, 2015 2973
FDA approves flibanserin for low sexual desire. Oakes, Kari Sep 1, 2015 1309
Flibanserin approved for low female sexual desire. Oakes, Kari Sep 1, 2015 1255
Flibanserin approved for low female sexual desire. Oakes, Kari Sep 1, 2015 1159
CA survivors use more antidepressants, anxiolytics. Osterweil, Neil Sep 1, 2015 569
Flibanserin is poised for FDA approval. But why this drug? And why now? Simon, James A. Jul 1, 2015 3706
FDA advisers urge physician certification for flibanserin: the panel supports approval 'only if' risk management options are implemented. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Jul 1, 2015 1398
Physician certification recommended for flibanserin: drug would be first approval for hyposexual desire disorder in premenopausal women. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Jul 1, 2015 740
FDA decision on flibanserin expected by August. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Jul 1, 2015 702
FDA panel backs flibanserin for sexual disorder. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Jul 1, 2015 837
Palatin Technologies gets the US FDA's recommendation for approval of flibanserin for hypoactive sexual desire disorder in women. Jun 5, 2015 248
Palatin Technologies gets the US FDA's recommendation for approval of flibanserin for hypoactive sexual desire disorder in women. Jun 5, 2015 244
Attenuation of morphine physical dependence and blood levels of cortisol by central and systemic administration of ramelteon in rat. Motaghinejad, Majid; Motaghinejad, Ozra; Hosseini, Pantea Report May 1, 2015 4449
Medic talk on anti-anxiety drug misuse. Feb 25, 2015 104
Increased AD risk found with long-term use of benzos. Jancin, Bruce Dec 1, 2014 557
Long-term use of benzodiazepines raise risk of AD. Smith, Jennie Nov 1, 2014 574
Anti-anxiety meds and Alzheimer's. Oct 29, 2014 687
Alcohol involvement in opioid pain reliever and benzodiazepine drug abuse- related emergency department visits and drug-related deaths--United States, 2010. Jones, Christopher M.; Paulozzi, Leonard J.; Mack, Karin A. Oct 10, 2014 3247
Antidepressant- and anxiolytic-like activities of an oil extract of propolis in rats. Reis, Julia S.S.; Oliveira, Gedeao B.; Monteiro, Marta C.; Machado, Christiane S.; Torres, Yohandra Report Sep 25, 2014 6284
Do benzodiazepines raise the risk of Alzheimer's disease? Sep 22, 2014 182
Vital signs: variation among states in prescribing of opioid pain relievers and benzodiazepines--United States, 2012. Paulozzi, Leonard J.; Mack, Karin A.; Hockenberry, Jason M. Jul 4, 2014 3329
Kavinace Chewable tablets. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 101
Apigenin 7-glucoside from Stachys tibetica Vatke and its anxiolytic effect in rats. Kumar, Dinesh; Bhat, Zulfiqar Ali Report Jun 15, 2014 2853
What matters: anxiolytics, hypnotics, and eternal sleep. Ebbert, Jon 0. Jun 1, 2014 496
Sleeping pills and anti-anxiety drugs up risk of death. Apr 1, 2014 253
Overcoming gender disparity in adolescent mental health: utilizing safe and natural therapies to treat teenage girls. Raydon, Kellie Report Feb 1, 2014 4120
Justin Bieber Tested Positive for Marijuana and Xanax, Toxicology Report Shows. Jan 31, 2014 287
No End To Justin Bieber's Legal Troubles: Singer's Toxicology Report Tests Positive for Marijuana and Xanax. Jan 31, 2014 412
Fake Xanax pills seized by authorities still missing. Jan 27, 2014 522
The anxiolytic effects of valtrate in rats involves changes of corticosterone levels. Shi, Shu-Ning; Shi, Jin-Li; Liu, Yong; Wang, Yan-Li; Wang, Chun-Guo; Hou, Wen-Hui; Guo, Jian-You Report Jan 1, 2014 5084
Signal transduction in Astrocytes during chronic or acute treatment with drugs (SSRIs, antibipolar drugs, GABA-ergic drugs, and benzodiazepines) ameliorating mood disorders. Hertz, Leif; Song, Dan; Li, Baoman; Du, Ting; Xu, Junnan; Gu, Li; Chen, Ye; Peng, Liang Jan 1, 2014 13630
Enhancing spatial memory: anxiolytic and antidepressant effects of Tapinanthus dodoneifolius (DC) Danser in mice. Simplice, Foyet Harquin; Emery, Tsala David; Herve, Ngatanko Abaissou Herve Report Jan 1, 2014 6246
Behavioral Properties of Essential Oils of Zanthoxylum armatum DC Leaves: Augmented by Chemical Profile using GC/GC-MS. Dec 31, 2013 4490
U.S. Drugmaker Complains of Deadlock With FDA Over Flibanserin, Female Sex Desire Booster. Dec 15, 2013 247
Hypnotic, anticonvulsant and anxiolytic effects of 1-nitro-2-phenylethane isolated from the essential oil of Dennettia tripetala in mice. Oyemitan, Idris Ajayi; Elusiyan, Christianah Abimbola; Akanmu, Moses Atanda; Olugbade, Tiwalade Adew Report Nov 15, 2013 6426
Vital signs: overdoses of prescription opioid pain relievers and other drugs among women--United States, 1999-2010. Mack, Karin A.; Jones, Christopher M.; Paulozzi, Leonard J. Jul 5, 2013 3990
Effects of the active constituents of Crocus sativus L., crocins, in an animal model of anxiety. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 130
Anxiolytic and hypnotic effect of Crocus sativus aqueous extract and its constituents, crocin and safranal, in mice. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 213
Benzodiazepines discouraged for alcohol withdrawal. Otto, M. Alexander Apr 1, 2013 450
Antianxiety drugs affect fish: perch eat faster and swim more with low-level exposure. Wayman, Erin Mar 23, 2013 427
Xanax 'Better Mom': Hope Chanda Says Anxiety Meds Improve Her Parenting, Sparks Concern. Feb 19, 2013 411
TEACHER'S HORROR AS BOY BRINGS XANAX TO SCHOOL; Parents shocked as child hands out potentially-fatal pills. Feb 15, 2013 293
Diversion of benzodiazepines through healthcare sources. Ibanez, Gladys E.; Levi-Minzi, Maria A.; Rigg, Khary K.; Mooss, Angela D. Report Jan 1, 2013 6476
Valerian extract characterized by high valerenic acid and low acetoxy valerenic acid contents demonstrates anxiolytic activity. Felgentreff, F.; Becker, A.; Meier, B.; Brattstrom, A. Report Oct 15, 2012 4780
Benzodiazepine use doubles dementia risk in over 65s. Oct 6, 2012 712
AnxioFit-1 demonstrates anti-anxiety effects. Clinical report Sep 1, 2012 172
Anxiolytic and hypnotic effect of Crocus sativus aqueous extract and its constituents, crocin and safranal, in mice. Brief article Aug 1, 2012 213
Is lavender an anxiolytic drug? A systematic review of randomised clinical trials. Perry, R.; Terry, R.; Watson, L.K.; Ernst, E. Report Jun 15, 2012 8486
Cali Estes, the Addictions Coach, Exposes Xanax Prescription Drug Abuse on NBC Nightly News. May 25, 2012 907
Pharmacotherapy for posttraumatic stress disorder: review with clinical applications. Jeffreys, Matthew; Capehart, Bruce; Friedman, Matthew J. Report May 1, 2012 8871
Treatment of sleep disturbances in posttraumatic stress disorder: a review. Schoenfeld, Frank B.; DeViva, Jason C.; Manber, Rachel Report May 1, 2012 17152
Effects of lavender oil inhalation on improving scopolamine-induced spatial memory impairment in laboratory rats. Hritcu, Lucian; Cioanca, Oana; Hancianu, Monica Report Apr 15, 2012 5673
Alternative can help in resistant dysthymia. Brunk, Doug Mar 15, 2012 225
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