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Anti-static abrasives help lower wood dust at the source.

While government, industry and union lawyers wrestle with the fallout from a federal court ruling that threw out an existing regulation covering wood dust exposure limits, woodworking companies must continue to control the amount of dust employees are exposed to under OSHA's general duty clause.

"...The OSHA general duty clause still will require employers to control worker exposure. As a matter of prudence, employers may want to follow the vacated standards (of 5mg/[m.sub.3]) voluntarily," said Katherine L. Rhyne, counsel for the Inter-Industry Wood Dust Coordinating committee, a coalition of industry associations.

One way woodworking companies can cut down on wood dust and work toward meeting this ambiguous clause is to remove more of the wood dust at the source, using an anti-static abrasive product.

"Static charges and flying dust cannot be eliminated entirely, but these new dust control abrasives can control them effectively when used with an efficient collection system," said Frank Obermeier of 3M's Industrial Abrasive Division.

Anti-static abrasives differ from standard abrasives in that a chemical has been added to the coating surface which neutralizes the wood dust produced in the sanding operation and helps prevent dust buildup. During a normal sanding operation, friction produces a negative charge on the workpiece, machine and operator and a positive charge on the wood dust, which results in an instant attraction. Antistatic abrasives neutralize the charges and allow the dust to remain suspended in the air for easier collection.

The following are some of the anti-static abrasives and other products available in the marketplace. For additional information see Chapter 7 of the 1992 Red Book.

Anti-static abrasives

Norton Co. has added finer grits -- P240, P280, P320 and P400 -- to its line of DL Adalox H248 anti-static coated abrasives. The company says that the new finger-grit belts provide 20% to 200% longer life. The DL Adalox abrasive line features aluminum oxide abrasive on Closekote paper and an all resin bond. The new abrasive belts are offered on F-weight paper in wide belts, narrow belts and rolls with channel joints. Circle #222

Hermes Abrasives offers abrasive products for the woodworking industry Including anti-static belts, sheets and discs suited to standard needs. Circle #223

New, improved Ekamant anti-static coated abrasives in paper and cloth are available from Uneeda Enterprizes Inc. on all types of backing, including high flexible cloth materials. Circle #224

Premier MD Resin Paper A-W603M from Carborundum Abrasives Inc. is an antistatic abrasive product specifically designed for sanding hard and soft woods, using belt, stroke and drum sanders. Its anti-static properties significantly reduce electrostatic activity, which improves dust control and minimizes worker exposure, resulting in a cleaner and safer workplace, the company says. Premier MD Resin Paper reportedly provides superior performance. A premium P-graded aluminum oxide abrasive is used to provide cool, aggressive cutting action. The special resin bond system and antistatic agent help resist loading and increase belt life. Grades P80 through P220 are available. Circle #225

Industrial Abrasives Co. offers a variety of sanding belts, sheet, no-load paper stick disks, oxide paper rolls, widebelts as well as anti-static papers. The company offers anti-static E weight paper in nine sizes ranging from 19-in. by 48-in. to 52-in. by 75-in. Circle #230

The 362RZ abrasive belt from 3M features the company's XODUST brand dust control system which, when used in conjunction with an efficient dust collection system, helps clear the air of wood dust, the company says. The belt uses a sharp, durable P-graded aluminum oxide mineral that provides better abrasive performance, the company says. Circle #231

SIASTAT coated abrasives from Sancap Abrasives Inc. are designed to reduce the amount of dust generated in a typical wood sanding operation. The belts work to inhibit dust particles from becoming electrically charged and clinging to the inside of the machine and belt, thus removable through an exhaust system. Circle #232

VSM Abrasives announces a new antistatic paper belt for woodworkers. The new KP52OF features an integral anti-static treatment over resin bonded aluminum oxide and coated on a "F" weight backing. It is available in grits P120, P150 and P180. Circle #233

Slip Naxo Inc. offers a variety of cloth and paper abrasive products including the NaxoStat A and NaxoState S anti-static abrasives. The NaxoStat A is an F-weight paper with aluminum oxide coating. The NaxoStat S is also an F-weight paper with a silicon carbide coating. Circle #234

The WSW-1542 dust ejecting sandpaper from G & M Inc. is manufactured with channels that cross the abrasive surface to dispel the work debris from around the perimeter and away from the operator. The paper is available in two bond systems: glue bond and resin over glue. Circle #235

Other abrasives

Delle Vedove USA Inc. offers more than 50 types of abrasive wheels for sanding, buffing or polishing wood. The wheels range in grits from 40 to 320 and differ in compositions, structure and thickness, the company says. The wheels can be shaped to conform to flat and complex profiles in a variety of materials. Circle #226

Included in Klingspor Abrasives' catalog are: cloths and paper belts, sheets and rolls, abrasive flapwheels, pressure sensitive adhesive discs, bonded abrasives and sandflex blocks. Circle #227

Sand-rite Manufacturing Co. offers its new, self-feeding brush head that has the abrasive stored in the head. As the abrasive wears, fresh abrasive is released by turning the hub. The brush reportedly replaces hand sanding on all types of shaped surfaces including mouldings, furniture and intricate carvings. The brush head consists of 15 brushes, 4 in. wide mounted in a machined aluminum casting. Circle #236

Sungold Abrasives USA offers 13 different stick-on materials with a pressure sensitive stick-on backing. All 13 types of discs are available with no holes or with holes for use with equipment utilizing built-in dust evacuation systems. Product range includes 5 different weights of paper, 3 weights of cloth, various flexes, aluminum oxide and silicon carbide grains, stearated and non-stearated and open and closed coat. Circle #237

Econ-Abrasives custom makes abrasive belts up to 52" wide in any size and grit. The company also offers a free 1992 catalog, which contains hundreds of abrasives and woodworking accessories including: safety equipment, velcro- backed discs, wood clamps, wood glue, drawer slides, hinges and much more. Circle #238

CAPCO Abrasives offers belts of all sizes, up to 52 in. wide in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours. The company supplies all grains and backings, including blue Zirconia and can custom fabricate belts to specifications. Circle #239

Jet Equipment & Tools offers a wide variety of abrasives including grinding wheels, mounted points, abrasive belts, PSA discs, cabinet paper, shop rolls, abrasive belt cleaners, sanding blocks, sharpening stones and files. Circle #228

Red Hill Corp. says it stocks Supergrit abrasives and refinishing products for the woodworking industry. Belts, disks, sheets, shop rolls and flap wheels are available with free UPS delivery to most areas, the company says. Circle #240

M.T. Abrasive wheels by Car Val/Derda Inc. combine abrasive grains and foamed urethane resins to produce a

A wide range of abrasive discs made of reddish brown garnet are available from Even Cut Abrasive Co. The hardness and toughness of the garnet is controlled by heat treating to a precise, high temperature. As the sharp edge of the garnet grain is worn away by friction and pressure build-up, the grains refracture and expose new cutting edges, prolonging disc life, the company says. An E-weight backing Is used on the disc. Circle #229 wheel for the woodworking industry. The wheels give a uniform sanding finish from the beginning to the end of the sanded product. The wheel solves contour sanding problems on intricate profiles and mouldings, the company says. Circle #241

Related products

Abrasive Service Co. offers Nu-Life abrasive belt cleaner which removes abraded material that has been lodged between the abrasive grains and dulled the cut. It makes the belt look and perform like new, the company says, and increases the cutting life of abrasive belts by up to 400%. Circle #242

REUZIT water base industrial concentrated cleaning formula from Abrasive Belt Master is designed to quickly dissolve and emulsify pitch resin, oil and grease film, gum and varnish from wide-belts and other abrasives. REUZIT is nonflammable, non-fuming, leaves no residue and is biodegradable, the company says. Circle #243

Blue Ridge Products says that sanding belts can be recycled in-house at a fraction of the cost by replacing them with ABC Abrasive Belt Cleaner. ABC is nonflammable and biodegradable. Spray on ABC with an ordinary garden sprayer and rinse off wood and resin build-up with water. ABC is available in 55-gal drums and 1-gal containers. Circle #244
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