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Anti-spam web-filtering. (IT News).

NetIQ's two products, NetIQ MailMarshal version 5.0 for Exchange and NetIQWebMarshal version 3.0 are specifically designed for use in the administration and enforcement of corporate e-mail and Internet usage policy through the elimination of spam and other objectionable content that infiltrates company networks.

Acting as a plug-in to Microsoft Exchange 2000, NetIQ MailMarshal for Exchange allows only approved content while objectionable or dangerous content--such as viruses, malicious files and spare--is managed according to company policy. This server-based tool permits organisations to transparently enforce acceptable use policies with little or no disruption to users. The new enhancements in this version include scheduled activation and deactivation of policies, and the ability to find and change text in any e-mail header field and direct incoming e-mail to a specific server based on rule criteria. In addition, NetIQ MailMarshal has received Windows DataCenter Server certification from Microsoft.

NetIQ WebMarshal eliminates unproductive browsing by allowing users to view approved Web sites, while blocking access to offensive and unproductive sites. New enhancements to this product include simplified administration and intuitive help access through extensive deployment of Task Pad technology. NetIQ WebMarshal also provides administrators with a built-in proxy server, allows policy management by workstation or user and also fully integrates with the Microsoft ISA Server architecture.
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Publication:Database and Network Journal
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Date:Apr 1, 2003
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