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Anti-personnel loads from buffalo bore.


Full-wadcutter bullets loaded to standard and high velocities, once available only to handloaders, are now available from Buffalo Bore in a comprehensive line of Anti-personnel rounds. Beginning with a .38 Special load tailored for snub revolvers and then .45 Colt, the company has recently added .41 Magnum, .45 Auto Rim in standard and high velocity variations, and .44 Special and .44 Magnum.

The well-demonstrated benefits of the full-diameter bullets include deep, straight-line penetration and a full-diameter wound channel in animate targets. They utilize low-flash powder to preserve night vision and, in most cases, present less recoil and faster recovery time than is the case with standard loads in a given caliber. My experiences with several of the loads reveal very low extreme velocity spreads and average velocities within a few feet per second of advertised velocities from similar revolvers.

The .44 Special uses a 200-grain WC deemed safe in the very compact Charter Arms .44 Bulldog. Advertised velocities in the 3-inch barrel Charter were in the 900-fps range from CEO Tim Sundles' revolver and 971 fps from his 4-inch S&W .44 Magnum Mountain Gun and 1,216 with the .44 Magnum load. My own 4-inch Mountain gun delivered 999 fps with the Special load and 1,200 with the Magnum.

I used an 8-3/8-inch barrel, Smith 29-2 for my 25-yard bench shooting getting a 5-round group of 1.7 inches with the Special load and 2.2 inches with the Magnum. Chronograph readings from the longer barrel were 1,060 fps and 1,318 fps respectively. Both my revolvers are zeroed for 250-grain lead SWCs at around 1,050 fps, and point of impact with the Anti-personnel loads were usefully close. I fired 6 rounds, 2-handed from the Mountain Gun unsupported from 25 yards putting five of the Magnum loads in a nice cluster in the head of a USPSA/IPSC practice target. The one that went wide was due to shooter error rather than the ammo.

<ADD> Buffalo Bore Ammunition P.0. Box 1480, St. Ignatius, MT 59865 (406)745-2666 </ADD>

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Author:Cumpston, Mike
Publication:Guns Magazine
Date:Sep 25, 2014
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