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Emmerdale's Lisa Riley supported by fans after after online scam; The Mandy Dingle star apologised after people were. By, Kate Lally Aug 15, 2022 318
Can Supplements Block Fats? Are they worth the hype, or just a waste of money? Dennett, Carrie Jul 19, 2022 852
'I used to eat my bodyweight in food every night and hated myself for it -here's how I managed to stop'; Laura resorted to buying weight loss pills online when trying to find a quick-fix. By, Lucy Williamson Jul 14, 2022 927
Person-centered choice of anti-obesity pharmacotherapy. Kalra, Sanjay; Arora, Saurabh; Kapoor, Ntiin Report Jun 28, 2022 956
Woman sheds 7st as being overweight made her unhappy with a 'horrible' personality; Ãnagh Martin, from Omagh in County Tyrone, tried various slimming groups, diet pills, shakes, but said nothing worked. By, Sheena McStravick Jun 2, 2022 1215
Assessment of Commercially Safflower Oils (Carthami Oleum Raffinatum) in Terms of European Pharmacopoeia Criteria and Their Weight Control Potentials. Orhan, Didem Deliorman; Pekacar, Sultan; Ulutas, Onur Kenan; Ozupek, Burcin; Summeoglu, Demet; Berkk Report Jun 1, 2022 4823
Emmerdale fans fear grim Amelia twist with dodgy pills after spotting her online troll; Emmerdale's Amelia Spencer sparked further concern among her nearest and dearest over her behaviour online this week on the ITV soap. By, Rebecca Cook May 25, 2022 511
Inside Rebel Wilson's 5.5 stone weight loss and why she delayed ditching the pounds; Rebel has been showing off her weight loss on social media. By, Kieran Isgin May 15, 2022 562
New wonder drug helps obese people lose 24 kilos. May 5, 2022 552
Antiobesity and Hepatoprotective Effects of Protein Hydrolysates Derived from Protaetia brevitarsis in an Obese Mouse Model. Lee, Eun Hye; Chun, So Young; Yoon, BoHyun; Han, Man-Hoon; Chung, Jae-Wook; Ha, Yun-Sok; Lee, Jun Ny Report Mar 27, 2022 5463
Weight-loss jab to be prescribed by NHS in England amid obesity crisis; Weekly injection of semaglutide has been shown to suppress the appetite and led to weight loss. By, Jane Kirby (PA) & Erin Santillo Feb 8, 2022 446
NHS set to approve new weight loss drug that 'supresses appetite' to tackle obesity; Researchers have called the treatment a 'game-changer'. By, Anna Highfield Feb 8, 2022 652
Weight-loss jab to be prescribed by NHS in England amid obesity crisis; Weekly injection of semaglutide has been shown to suppress the appetite and led to weight loss. By, Jane Kirby (PA) & Erin Santillo Feb 8, 2022 446
Weight-loss jab to be prescribed by NHS in England amid obesity crisis; Weekly injection of semaglutide has been shown to suppress the appetite and led to weight loss. By, Jane Kirby (PA) & Erin Santillo Feb 8, 2022 446
Weight-loss jab to be prescribed by NHS in England amid obesity crisis; Clinical trials saw people lose 12% of their body weight on average after 68 weeks. By, Jane Kirby (PA) & Erin Santillo Feb 8, 2022 483
Weight-loss jab to be prescribed by NHS in England amid obesity crisis; Weekly injection of semaglutide has been shown to suppress the appetite and led to weight loss. By, Jane Kirby (PA) & Erin Santillo Feb 8, 2022 446
In Vitro Antilipidic and Antithrombotic Activities of Plectranthus glandulosus (Lamiaceae) Leaves Extracts and Fractions. Zouheira, Djamila; Ngnokam, Sylvie Lea Wansi; Kamani, Sylviane Laure Poualeu; Tchegnitegni, Billy To Report Feb 7, 2022 8744
Woman dead after taking illegal diet pills UPDATE. Jan 22, 2022 776
Man jailed for two years for selling toxic 'diet pills' on the dark web. Dec 30, 2021 465
Pusher of toxic 'diet pills' jailed; Industrial chemical has killed 33 people in separate cases across the UK. JAMES HOLT & MILO CLAY @MENNEWSDESK Dec 26, 2021 419
Dark web dealer who flogged super toxic chemical as diet pill that killed 33 jailed; Jack Finney, from Cheshire, illegally sold 2,4-dinitrophenol (DNP) between June 2017 and July 2020 on the dark web -a drug often falsely marketed as a slimming or weight loss aid and has sadly resulted in 33 deaths across the UK to date. By, Milo Clay Dec 22, 2021 554
AMPK, Aging, and Belly Fat. McCulloch, Marsha Dec 22, 2021 2074
Oscar Valdez sends defiant message after testing positive for banned substances; Valdez tested positive for the banned substance phentermine ahead of his next fight, but has revealed he remains on course to defend his WBC super-featherweight title and look to unify the division. By, Ben Davies Sep 8, 2021 512
Oscar Valdez denies cheating and offers theory for "humiliating" positive drugs test; Valdez tested positive for the banned substance phentermine in August, but despite the positive test, his fight against Robson Conceicao is still set to go ahead this weekend. By, Donagh Corby Sep 7, 2021 504
diet pills danger; Banned drugs contained in supplements for sale online. RUKI SAYID Consumer Editor Aug 25, 2021 249
A Case Report - Nagalase Inhibitors and Lymphoma. Royal, Daniel Aug 1, 2021 1011
EastEnders BBC One. Jul 31, 2021 236
Caffeine Nation: Why too many energy drinks and other super-caffeinated products can be a health buzz-kill. Kadey, Matthew Jul 25, 2021 922
Cycle, Run, Walk, Dance, Repeat. Jul 1, 2021 175
tiff's hard pill to swallow; Bernie's plea for stronger diet tablets is big health risk. Jun 27, 2021 443
Enhanced Pharmacological Efficacy of Berberine Hydrochloride Loaded Lipid Based Pellets for the Treatment of Metabolic Diseases. Mishra, Rakesh V.; Dhole, Shashikant N. Report Jun 1, 2021 5047
Obesity: New drug turns 'energy-storing' fat into 'energy-burning' fat. May 17, 2021 338
Public Health official dies after being vaccinated. May 13, 2021 201
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Mar 30, 2021 25137
Diet pills dealer loses challenge over manslaughter conviction. SIAN HARRISON Press Association reporter Mar 9, 2021 624
Diet pills dealer loses appeal over student's death. SIAN HARRISON Mar 9, 2021 501
Heavy charges for diet pills prompts online shopper to urge vigilance when buying on websites to avoid nasty surprises; Little-known bank scheme helps buyer claim refund. Feb 28, 2021 672
New drug that controls your appetite shows promising results in the fight against obesity; Semaglutide has been dubbed a 'game changer'. By, Daniel Smith Feb 19, 2021 989
Semaglutide May Be the Most Powerful Weight-Loss Drug Yet. Feb 1, 2021 179
Pharmacological Properties of a Traditional Korean Formula Bojungchiseup-tang on 3T3-L1 Preadipocytes and High-Fat Diet-Induced Obesity Mouse Model. Park, Yea-Jin; Seo, Dong-Wook; Gil, Tae-Young; Cominguez, Divina C.; Lee, Hwan; Lee, Dong-Sung; Han, Report Nov 29, 2020 6300
NHS FAT-BUST JAB; 3,000 get injections in new obesity blitz. NICOLA SMALL Nov 15, 2020 190
The NHS will offer 3,000 Brits [pounds sterling]200-a-month fat-busting jab in new obesity blitz; The daily "skinny jabs", which have been plugged by celebrities such as TOWIE's Gemma Collins, will be offered to 3,000 British adults with a body mass index over 35. By, Nicola Small Nov 14, 2020 206
Builder killed by toxic DNP diet pills told his dad 'I'll be dead in an hour'; Vaidotas Gerbutavicius, from Leytonstone, London, felt a "burning sensation" and died in agony after taking several illegal toxic tablets containing dinitrophenol, which is also used in explosives. By, Laura Parnaby & Chris Kitching Sep 23, 2020 713
I suffered heart attack after taking diet pills. VIVIENNE AITKEN Sep 3, 2020 414
DANGER DIET PILLS; Mum's shock as tablets found to have laxatives & antidepressants. EXCLUSIVE BY AMANDA KILLELEA Aug 6, 2020 191
Mary & James warn fans over fake diet pills scam; Images were used without consent. KATIE GALLAGHER Showbiz Reporter Jul 15, 2020 361
Weight loss pill on cards. MARK WAGHORN Jun 11, 2020 248
Weight-loss pill 'possible' as scientists develop drug that stops mice piling on pounds; In experiments mice given the drug didn't put on weight -even after gorging on foods high in fat and sugar. Scientists believe the same will happen in humans -and clinical trials are already being planned. By, Mark Waghorn & Shivali Best Jun 10, 2020 625
Novo Nordisk Reports Promising Results From Weight Loss Drug Trial. Jun 5, 2020 175
Effect of Garcinia Cambogia Containing Commercially Available Weight Reducing Agents on Morphology of Hepatocytes - An Experimental Study. Ponum Mirani, Gulafshan, Agha Nadeem Ahmad, Jazib Andleeb, Faiza Mehboob and Naveed Akhter Mar 31, 2020 2234
'Reckless' man jailed over toxic diet pills death of woman, 21. MIKE BEDIGAN Mar 12, 2020 712
'Reckless' man jailed over diet pills death of Eloise; SEVEN YEARS FOR MAN CONVICTED TWICE OF MANSLAUGHTER. MIKE BEDIGAN Mar 12, 2020 610
Miracle pills no substitute for good diet. sundaypost judymurray Jan 26, 2020 173
Keto Diet's Popularity and Weight Goals to Show Strong Growth in 2020 / Leading Player PureLife Keto. Dec 31, 2019 442
These are the dangerous diets to avoid in the New Year according to the NHS. Dec 31, 2019 484
Concerns about iNova weight loss pharmaceuticals deal. Dec 19, 2019 516
Diet Pill, Laxative Use in Women Tied to Later Eating Disorder Dx; Odds of incident eating disorder diagnosis up with use of diet pill, laxative for weight control. Nov 27, 2019 210
Diet pills linked with eating disorder diagnosis in young women: Study. ANI Nov 22, 2019 488
Diet Pill, Laxative Use Often Precedes an Eating Disorder. Nov 21, 2019 378
Instagram clamps down on diet and cosmetic surgery posts. Sep 29, 2019 101
French Drugmaker, Watchdog On Trial Over Weight Loss Pill Deaths. AFP News Sep 23, 2019 632
French weight-loss pill scandal set for landmark trial. Sep 20, 2019 491
Is Gene Editing The Answer To Obesity? Sep 2, 2019 682
Effect of Duloxetine Pretreatment on 5-HTP and Dexfenfluramine Induced Behaviours in Albino Rats. Thorat, Vandana M.; Khanwelkar, Chitra C.; Matule, Somnath M.; Salve, Pratibha S.; Surale-Patil, Smi Sep 1, 2019 2794
Meg is used in fake promo for diet pills. Aug 11, 2019 542
Meghan Markle's war on scammers who claim she used diet pills after pregnancy; EXCLUSIVE: Buckingham Palace has vowed to fight back against online ads using the Duchess of Cambridge's image to sell dangerous diet pills. Aug 10, 2019 1159
Amanda Holden 'furious' after being falsely linked to Keto Diet pill scam; The 48-year-old took to Twitter last night to confirm she was not affiliated with the adverts and warned her fans to careful. Aug 2, 2019 366
Phedra weight-loss pills are a fat load of good; Watchdog rules against fat burning claims. Aug 1, 2019 329
ITV GMB Susanna Reid slams adverts using her picture to sell diet pills and explains how she really lost weight; The GMB host asked Martin Lewis for advice. Jul 4, 2019 261
Effect of Over the Counter Untested Weight Reducing Agents on the Histology of Liver of Albino Mice. Mirani P., Kuraishi R.T., Gulafshan, Ameer K., Mahboob F. and Rehman R. Jun 30, 2019 3134
Clampdown launched on illegal bodybuilding drugs. Jun 22, 2019 105
Lauren Goodger's weight loss journey - from yo-yo dieter to fitness influencer; Lauren Goodger has been known to promote many supplements and diet pills on social media -- but how has she really toned up? Jun 8, 2019 855
Effect of Myristica Fragrans Extract on Lipid Profile, Glucose, Body Weight, Food Intake, Liver and Renal Functions in Experimental Obese Rats. Vangoori, Yakaiah; Dakshinamoorthi, Anusha; Kavimani, S. Report Jun 1, 2019 3631
People using dating apps likely to control weight in unhealthy ways. May 31, 2019 558
Plant-Based Weight Loss Pill Calocurb Rapidly Expands Globally. May 31, 2019 610
Caution: Abu Dhabi warns against harmful coloured henna. May 14, 2019 408
Beware of harmful coloured henna in UAE. May 14, 2019 408
Expanding pill takes a load off. Apr 29, 2019 143
Expanding pill takes weight off. Apr 29, 2019 145
Expanding pill takes weight off. Apr 29, 2019 145
Pregnant Marnie Simpson viciously trolled for plugging diet pills; Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson has been branded 'fake' for posting ads online while expecting her first child. Apr 29, 2019 469
Q&A; Dean Dunham The People's consumer Champion. Apr 21, 2019 335
&A Q; Dean Dunham The People's consumer Champion. Apr 21, 2019 335
Q&A. Apr 21, 2019 344
Weight-loss pills 'possible' as scientists identify genes that prevent overeating; Research from the University of Cambridge revealed that four million Brits carry genes that protect them against obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Apr 19, 2019 723
FDA Approves New Weight Loss Drug. Apr 18, 2019 337
Businessman faces retrial over student diet pill death; MANSLAUGHTER CONVICTION IS OVERTURNED BY COURT OF APPEAL. Apr 12, 2019 371
Weight-loss pills believed to be behind teacher's death. Apr 10, 2019 202
'Useless slimming pills face fake Amazon reviews' fine. Mar 10, 2019 106
What the NHS says about the celeb slimming tablets and detox teas; There has been a rise in paid-for promotion of products including diet pills, detox teas and appetite-suppressant sweets on social media sites. Mar 9, 2019 722
STAY AWAY FROM KILLER DIET PILLS; Warning over lethal chemical in capsules. Feb 25, 2019 299
I stopped breathing after taking Jodie Marsh diet pills; I NEARLY DIED, CLAIMS SINGLE MUM; EXCLUSIVE. Feb 3, 2019 590
Top UK Doctor Recommends Ban On Celebrity-Endorsed Weight Loss Product Ads. Feb 2, 2019 439
Mum stopped breathing and almost died after taking model Jodie Marsh diet pills; EXCLUSIVE: Melissa Calladine, 31, went into deadly anaphylactic shock after taking just one tablet promoted by the star's online health programme. Feb 2, 2019 704
From Diet Pills to Truth Serum: How the FTC Could Be a Real Solution to Fake News. Roberts, John Jan 1, 2019 9003
How the right food can make you lose weight fast. Nov 12, 2018 1133
diet pills scam sisters told to stump up PS800k; PAIR'S FAKES RAKED IN CASH Proceeds of crime probe claws back money. Nov 8, 2018 406
FDA Finds Undeclared Sibutramine in Zero Xtreme. Oct 22, 2018 101
Weight loss drug may prevent and treat diabetes. Oct 10, 2018 334
Weight-loss drug cuts the risk of becoming diabetic; HeatlhExtra. Oct 5, 2018 117
Brum pays out PS157,000 for weight-loss medicine. Sep 18, 2018 355
Lorcaserin shows CV safety in CAMELLIA-TIMI 61. Hackett, Catherine Sep 15, 2018 315
Super-obesity associated factors in women: binge eating and food intake/FATORES ASSOCIADOS A SUPEROBESIDADE EM MULHERES: COMPULSAO ALIMENTAR PERIODICA E CONSUMO ALIMENTAR. Rodrigues, Ana Paula dos Santos; Silveira, Erika Aparecida Sep 1, 2018 7113
Teacher, 51, claims she groomed 15-year-old schoolboy after weight-loss pill increased her sex drive; Jackie Mary Hays, from Sydney, Australia, had been taking Duromine for four months before targeting the student - and claims it affected her mental health. Aug 30, 2018 495
Weight-loss drug could be 'holy grail'. Aug 28, 2018 305
Weight-loss drug could be 'Holy Grail' in obesity fight. Aug 28, 2018 633
THE WEIGHT IS OVER FOR A SAFE DIET PILL; Drug 'helps fight obesity and won't harm heart'. Aug 28, 2018 220
Slimming pill PROVEN to beat obesity by making weight-loss three times more successful; Researchers say lorcaserin is the first weight-loss drug to be deemed safe for heart health with long-term use, which could see regulators approve it for prescription on the NHS. Aug 27, 2018 683
Hasbani halts circulation of AB Slim weight loss pill. Aug 9, 2018 295
Single mum on trial over diet pills. Aug 5, 2018 1270
WATCHDOGS SEIZE TOXIC DIET CHEMS; Pesticide is being sold as weight loss pill - and may be deadly. Aug 2, 2018 252
Obesity: When to consider medication: These 4 cases illustrate how weight loss drugs--including the 4 newest--can be integrated into a treatment plan that includes diet, exercise, and behavior modification. Saunders, Katherine H.; Shukla, Alpana P.; Igel, Leon I.; Aronne, Louis J. Aug 1, 2018 5202
Drug obtained from chilli peppers could help lose weight. Jul 17, 2018 379
FRIDAY JULY 13; TV GUIDE. Jul 8, 2018 135
Dealer killed student with toxic diet pills. Jun 28, 2018 504
'Diet pills had bomb chemical'. Jun 16, 2018 148
Diet pills had bomb chemical'. Jun 16, 2018 148
Killer diet pill dealer told student not to take them; Court hears trader was using tablets. Jun 15, 2018 394
Man accused of killing student by selling dangerous fat-burning diet pills claims he was just 'satisfying demand'; Bernard Rebelo, 31, denies manslaughter and placing unfit food on the market after Eloise Aimee Parry, 21, consumed the pills made of products originally used in First World War bombs. Jun 15, 2018 537
Struggles of diet pill death student laid bare in court. Jun 5, 2018 508
Health ministry issues warning against weight-loss pill in UAE. May 28, 2018 191
Why is it bad to lose weight too fast. May 22, 2018 570
Student suffered the 'most distressing' death after taking toxic slimming aid she bought online; The trio who allegedly sold the poisonous diet pills online from a Harrow flat are being prosecuted for manslaughter. May 16, 2018 814
'Russian roulette' slimming pill death; Student, 21, died from taking toxic diet pills, court told. May 16, 2018 779
Businessman and pals 'killed bulimic student by selling her fat-burning diet pills made with WW1 bomb chemicals'; Eloise Aimee Parry, 21, from Shropshire, suffered from an eating disorder and died after taking eight capsules containing the toxic chemical dinitrophenol, a court heard. May 15, 2018 687
Bulimic woman suffered 'distressing' death after taking toxic slimming aid bought online, court told; A trial has heard how Eloise Parry, 21, took eight diet pills before she did in hospital in 2015. May 15, 2018 527
Legal bid to overturn suicide ruling over diet pills tragedy; parents to challenge inquest finding that bethany, 21, took her own life. May 12, 2018 445
Warning: 9 diet pills banned in UAE. May 2, 2018 162
UAE issues health warning against weight-loss pills. May 1, 2018 209
EFFECTIVENESS OF NON-SURGICAL WEIGHT LOSS TREATMENT FOR SEVERELY OBESE PATIENTS/Eficacia do tratamento de perda de peso nao-cirurgico para pacientes obesos graves. Rodrigues, Ana Paula dos Santos; Silveira, Erika Aparecida May 1, 2018 5342
Ministry recalls weight loss pill due to psychological side-effects. Apr 6, 2018 759
The Dangers of Dietary Supplements: Do some detective work before purchasing supplements to minimize possible health risks. Feb 28, 2018 754
'Government is complicit in our daughter's death' Parents anger at treatment of Bethany, 21, who died on trolley in overcrowded A&E. Feb 22, 2018 681
Another big fat lie; Miracle diet pills supposedly used by stars are really just. Feb 22, 2018 636
N'eBws 'Bethany literally went in on a trolley that night and she died on a trolley; family's anger that their daughter was treated 'without respect or dignity' as she died in hospital after taking an overdose. Feb 15, 2018 864
THE FATAL A&E FLAWS; Diet pill OD patient 'failed' by struggling NHS hospital. Feb 15, 2018 187
How to control your appetite naturally. Jan 18, 2018 1090
I'm petrified of telling anyone because it's my 15th overdose; tragic woman's message to friend. Jan 9, 2018 650
Be aware of the dangers of online slimming tablets; LISA SALMON finds out why you should be wary of unregulated weight loss aids TAKING THESE PILLS COULD BE FATAL. Jan 9, 2018 1020
Overdose rape victim dies in crowded A&E; Not rated as risk, inquest told. Jan 9, 2018 277
The Truth About Juice Cleanses: Hunger, Happiness, And Weight Loss. Dec 30, 2017 686
My online diet pill hell; Side effects made me fear for my life. Dec 12, 2017 801
My online diet pill hell; Side effects made me fear for my life. Dec 12, 2017 763
Sexual stimulants, skin whitening creams and weight loss pills banned. Dec 3, 2017 450
WEIGHT CONTROL. Statistical table Oct 30, 2017 283
New Diet Drug: Dramatic Weight Loss in Obese. Oct 24, 2017 694
Three to stand trial after student's 'diet pills' death. Oct 18, 2017 203
Three face trial over death of student; MANSLAUGHTER CHARGES AFTER 21-YEAR-OLD TOOK DIET PILLS. Oct 18, 2017 337
Holly fury at diet pill ad scam; EXCLUSIVE. Oct 1, 2017 331
Holly Fury over diet pills bikini promo pic. Oct 1, 2017 116
Obesity: When to consider medication: These 4 cases illustrate how weight loss drugs--including the 4 newest--can be integrated into a treatment plan that includes diet, exercise, and behavior modification. Saunders, Katherine H.; Shukla, P.; Igel, Leon I.; Aronne, Louis J. Case study Oct 1, 2017 5158
Parents' plea for action on killer diet pill. Jul 30, 2017 119
Body-Tanning and Its Relationships to Weight Management and Plastic Surgery. Yoo, Jeong-Ju; Kim, Hye-Young Report Jun 22, 2017 4011
False claims of miracle weight-loss plans: many rely on insufficient calories to lose weight. There's a better way. Jun 1, 2017 449
M Pharmaceutical reports successful US FDA Pre-IND Meeting results for obesity management drug, C-103. May 31, 2017 183
M Pharmaceutical reports successful US FDA Pre-IND Meeting results for obesity management drug, C-103. May 31, 2017 179
Mum told cops about dealer son's pill stash. May 13, 2017 484
Sometimes I worry I am not going to wake up. May 2, 2017 654
Online medication reviews may be biased. May 1, 2017 161
Weight control candy/tablets. Statistical table Apr 17, 2017 242
Heroin Use Up 500% In Decade, Dependence Tripled. Mar 30, 2017 534
Weight Loss Drug Effective In Curbing Oxycodone Cravings. Mar 27, 2017 372
Researchers find weight loss drug can cut risk of diabetes. Clinical report Mar 13, 2017 389
New research shows weight loss drug cuts diabetes risk by 80%. Feb 27, 2017 271
New research shows weight loss drug cuts diabetes risk by 80%. Feb 27, 2017 267
Ferulic acid lowers body weight and visceral fat accumulation via modulation of enzymatic, hormonal and inflammatory changes in a mouse model of high-fat diet-induced obesity. de Melo, T.S.; Lima, P.R.; Carvalho, K.M.M.B.; Fontenele, T.M.; Solon, F.R.N.; Tome, A.R.; de Lemos, Report Jan 1, 2017 5565
Cyclocarya paliurus (Batal.) Ijinskaja Aqueous Extract (CPAE) Ameliorates Obesity by Improving Insulin Signaling in the Hypothalamus of a Metabolic Syndrome Rat Model. Xu, Guangyuan; Yoshitomi, Hisae; Sun, Wen; Guo, Xuan; Wu, Lili; Guo, Xiangyu; Qin, Lingling; Fan, Yi Report Jan 1, 2017 5209
Coffee boosting sexual performance banned in UAE. Nov 12, 2016 186
Posthumous award for student, 21, killed by diet pills overdose. Oct 28, 2016 338
Bitter pill for Sarah; Mum is horrified to discover Bethany is taking diet tablets and Gary knew all along. Oct 8, 2016 284
No weigh! We loveSOAPS INTERVIEW. Oct 8, 2016 225
Nexus BioPharma names new director of Regulatory Affairs. Sep 23, 2016 259
Nexus BioPharma names new director of Regulatory Affairs. Sep 23, 2016 255
EFICIENCIA DE LEVADURAS PARA LA CRIA MASIVA DE ANASTREPHA LUDENS, A. OBLIQUA Y CERATITIS CAPITATA (DIPTERA: TEPHRITIDAE). Hernandez, Emilio; Rivera, Pedro; Aceituno-Medina, Marysol; Aguilar-Laparra, Reynaldo; Quintero-Fong Sep 1, 2016 9415
TV Laura fury over diet pill cowboys. Aug 28, 2016 238
Weight control/nutritional liq./pwd. Brief article Aug 8, 2016 367
Orexigen buys all US rights to anti-obesity drug Contrave and introduces US sales organisation. Aug 2, 2016 258
Orexigen buys all US rights to anti-obesity drug Contrave and introduces US sales organisation. Aug 2, 2016 254
Coroner to probe 'treatment delay' in diet pills overdose. Jul 12, 2016 439
Pharmacologic management. Fujioka, Ken; Braverman-Panza, Jill Jul 1, 2016 5637
Market track analysis: diet aids. Brief article Jun 20, 2016 239
Acutonix Health Solutions Presents: "A Day in the Life of a Healthy Person 24/7". Jun 3, 2016 323
Diet Doc Warns Consumers of the Dangers of Online hCG and Diet Pills. May 20, 2016 846
Diet Doc Warns Consumers of Dangerous Ingredients Discovered in Online and Over the Counter Diet Pills. May 5, 2016 608
Diet Doc Focuses on Potential Perils to Those Who Buy Online Diet Pills. Apr 29, 2016 802
Weight control/nutritionals liq./pwdr. Brief article Apr 11, 2016 227
Weight control candy/tablets. Brief article Apr 11, 2016 204
Ministry warns against buying dangerous pills online. Mar 21, 2016 337
Call to tackle deadly diet pill dealers. Mar 5, 2016 102
Diet Doc Announces Advanced Formula, Prescription Diet Pills and Fat Burners That Help Their Patients Lose More Weight in Less Time. Feb 29, 2016 719
Love in the time of instant noodles. Jan 27, 2016 905
Fat busting drugs prescribed to beat obesity in North East hot spot; More than 2,200 prescriptions for anti-obesity drugs handed out in South Tyneside as efforts are made to trim the area's bulging weight problem. Jan 23, 2016 521
Shift to 'naturally nutritious'. Johnson, Dana Statistical data Jan 4, 2016 1029
TRIM SECRETS. Jan 4, 2016 119
Diet pills dad: My body was being cooked. Jan 2, 2016 149
Think before you pop. Brief article Jan 1, 2016 150
'Rat poison' diet pill killed woman, 25. Dec 16, 2015 134
Mum of student in diet pills death calls for tougher penalties. Dec 15, 2015 219
Weight management tops list of conditions of concern. Brief article Dec 1, 2015 271
FDA orders recall of tainted anti-obesity, TB, arthritis meds. Nov 19, 2015 391
Anti-obesity drugs: present and future. Mujeeb, Momin M.A.; Divhare, Sujit A. Report Sep 24, 2015 6335
2 held in Sharjah for promoting fake diet pills online. Sep 2, 2015 128
Weight control/nutritional liq./pwd. Statistical table Aug 24, 2015 402
Don't swallow his diet pills twaddle; BANNED DIRECTOR MOVES ON FROM CARBON CREDITS. Aug 20, 2015 565
New warning over diet drug that killed 21-yr-old student; DEADLY PILLS STILL BEING IMPORTED TO UK. Aug 17, 2015 680
Mum's plea after diet pills death; BRIEFLY. Jul 24, 2015 116
Mum's anguish at toxic 'diet pills' which killed. Jul 24, 2015 447
Eloise died taking an overdose of diet pills; Glyndwr student obsessed with losing weight took substance used in explosives. Jul 24, 2015 445
I screwed up big time... I think I am going to die. Thank you for all you've done for me; Accidental diet pill overdose kills student. Jul 24, 2015 685
Why are killer diet pills still on sale? Websites target vulnerable girls. Jul 5, 2015 427
DIET PILLS CRISIS; Warning of 'thousands of deaths'. Jun 27, 2015 254
MAN KILLED BY DIET PILLS; 24-yr-old is Ireland's first victim after taking deadly online drugs; DIET PILLS DEATH. Jun 26, 2015 338
Weight control candy/tablets. Brief article Jun 15, 2015 227
My fiance took diet pills thinking that he was fat ... hours later he died in my arms; Chris Wilcock's bid to lose weight by taking slimming supplements ended in his sudden death. Here his fiancee Heather recalls that fateful day in April and how she hopes to get the pills banned. Jun 11, 2015 1733
THE DIET Christine Mitchell[...]. Jun 7, 2015 113
Diet pills kill 12st man who was branded fat; Poisoned by the caffeine equivalent of 300 coffees. Jun 5, 2015 383
The last chance saloon? Looking at the pharmaceutical 'diet' of anti-obesity drugs. Graham-King, Adele Jun 1, 2015 1209
9 weight loss medicines, sex pills under scanner. May 30, 2015 493
Exploding the myth of an unsafe diet pill. May 26, 2015 412
Interpol warning over killer diet pills; 190 COUNTRIES PUT ON ALERT AFTER DEATH OF STUDENT, 21. May 6, 2015 418
Diet pills alert as student dies after buying online. May 6, 2015 297
Interpol global alert over killer 'diet pills'. May 6, 2015 493
Interpol issues global warning on dangers of 2,4-dinitrophenol weight loss drug. May 5, 2015 232
More effective diet pill developed. May 1, 2015 126
Student texted to say she was 'alone and scared' hours before she died; Friend says she hadn't meant diet pills to kill. May 1, 2015 400
Deadly diet pills have terrible military past; SCIENTIST REVEALS HISTORY AFTER WOMAN'S DEATH. May 1, 2015 443
'Diet pills' share deadly past with wartime shells; Double danger of chemicals that killed young Midland woman has been known for a century. Apr 30, 2015 619
'Diet pills' woman dies in hospital; UK BULLETINS. Apr 21, 2015 107
Student dies after taking 'diet pills' Eloise Parry, 21/. Apr 21, 2015 548
Mum's plea after diet pill daughter's death. Apr 21, 2015 462
Mum's plea after diet pill daughter's death. Apr 21, 2015 439
Magic pill. Apr 1, 2015 205
don't fall for diet pills con; 'Free' slim trials cost PS1m a year. Jan 25, 2015 275
Simple Ways To Lose Weight Quick. Jan 2, 2015 453
Weight-loss pills, potions, and drugs: what works. Jan 1, 2015 486
Dad: Outlaw slim pills that killed my girl. Dec 10, 2014 149
Obesity Pills Could Be A Substitute For Treadmills. Dec 10, 2014 435
What matters: license to slip up? Ebbert, Jon O. Oct 15, 2014 393
Fighting obesity. Oct 4, 2014 225
Weight loss pills pose serious health risks. Oct 3, 2014 374
6% OF TEENAGE GIRLS HAVE TAKEN DIET PILLS; Study reveals eating habits & struggles. Oct 2, 2014 367
FDA approves a new drug for weight loss. Pollack, Andrew Sep 11, 2014 502
Counterfeit cosmetics, weight-loss drugs seized in Dubai. Sep 7, 2014 368
The great & powerful Oz effect. Moloughney, Sean Editorial Sep 1, 2014 354
The liar who wheedled his way into Number10; SLIPPERY AUSSIE'S DIET PILL SCAM. Aug 3, 2014 840
Diet pill ads anger Lorraine. Jul 23, 2014 117
Diet pill ads anger Lorraine [...]. Jul 23, 2014 122
Public warned on weight loss drug product. Jul 4, 2014 370
Evolving directions in obesity management. Aronne, Louis J. Report Jul 1, 2014 5225
Teens who tan follow unhealthy behaviors. Currie, Donya Jul 1, 2014 216
Quick fix weight loss solutions could be fatal: warn doctors. May 29, 2014 397
Twitter hit by wave of malicious messages. Apr 24, 2014 122
Indoor tanning ups risk of eating disorders among teens. Apr 6, 2014 496
HELP! THERE'S A BABY COMING OUT OF ME... What shocked new mum - unaware she was pregnant - tells NHS operator. Mar 23, 2014 504
Recognize it. Report it. Stop it. Report Mar 6, 2014 833
Recognize it. Report it. Stop it. Report Mar 6, 2014 833
Recognize it. Report it. Stop it. Report Mar 6, 2014 833
FDA warns against unregistered slimming product. Feb 19, 2014 274
Soon, wonder pill to keep you slim, avoid diabetes and ward off old age. Feb 18, 2014 129
Jury still out on efficacy of weight-loss drugs. Feb 12, 2014 248
THE DOCTOR; Neil is here to answer all your health queries. Write to him at Dr Neil, Sunday Mail, One Central Quay, Glasgow G3 8DA. Feb 9, 2014 296
Expert claims diet pills 'will help to solve UAE obesity crisis' -- nutritionists disagree. Jan 29, 2014 243
LORRAINE FURIOUS OVER DIET PILL SCAM; Firm used her picture in advert. Jan 22, 2014 232
BB celebs' brains must be in trousers. Jan 16, 2014 122
Effects of fermented rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) on adipocyte differentiation. Sanderson, Micheline; Mazibuko, Sithandiwe E.; Joubert, Elizabeth; Beer, Dalene de; Johnson, Rabia; Report Jan 15, 2014 4324
Soon, pill that could boost women's sexual desire and also help lose weight. Jan 14, 2014 334
FDA: Unregistered slimming products dangerous. Jan 10, 2014 387
Public warned against buying slimming pills. Jan 10, 2014 345
"Should you start prescribing lorcaserin or orlistat to your overweight or obese patients?". Modugno, Robert Dec 1, 2013 178
Potential target for treating obesity and diabetes with single drug identified. Nov 22, 2013 231
Obesity Therapeutics to 2019 - New Market Report. Oct 4, 2013 558
Should you start prescribing lorcaserin or orlistat to your overweight or obese patients? Barbieri, Robert L. Oct 1, 2013 1747
Illegal drugs haul sparks health alert; MEDICINES. Sep 17, 2013 113
No sugaring the diet pill. Sep 17, 2013 468
Weight control/nutritional liq./pwd. Statistical table Aug 19, 2013 375
Weight control candy/tablets. Statistical table Aug 19, 2013 356
Weight loss drug could help curb cocaine addictions. Jul 19, 2013 337
'FAKE DIET PILLS' ALERT; Illness claims after taking bogus brand. Jul 7, 2013 524
First FDA Approved Weight Loss Drugs In 13 Years Now Available, Qsymia And Belviq Might Face Poor Sales. Jun 18, 2013 449
1st FDA-approved weight-loss drug 'not a miracle cure for obesity, ' says expert. Jun 10, 2013 183
160,000 ILLEGAL DIET PILLS SEIZED IN YEAR; Mail order tablets can cause stroke. Jun 8, 2013 320
The NWHN in action. May 1, 2013 551
We hope her death will save others; Parents warn on weight loss drug. Apr 24, 2013 303
Weight loss drug killed student, 23; INQUEST. Apr 23, 2013 155
BULIMIC STUDENT DIES AFTER TAKING BANNED WEIGHT LOSS PILLS; Inquest warning on the danger of internet drug. Apr 23, 2013 780
Potential forerunner to anti-obesity drug created. Apr 18, 2013 433
Elite Pharmaceuticals Inc announces first shipment of generic phentermine capsules, triggering milestone payment. Apr 12, 2013 154
Elite Pharmaceuticals Inc announces first shipment of generic phentermine capsules, triggering milestone payment. Apr 12, 2013 150
Diet pill to prevent obesity comes closer to reality. Apr 7, 2013 203
Weight Loss Pills Canada launches new diet supplement site. Apr 4, 2013 106
Weight Loss Pills Canada launches new diet supplement site. Apr 4, 2013 102
Drug for erectile disorder could treat obesity. Apr 2, 2013 276
New weight loss drugs. Chambers, Christina Mar 15, 2013 917

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