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Anti-federalists on target. (Letters to the Editor).

In the article on James Madison ("Father of the Constitution," July 1st issue), Thomas Eddlem mentions the anti-federalists, Patrick Henry, Richard Henry Lee, George Mason, and George Clinton. I would think it beneficial to do an article on these men since I count them as much, if not more, founders of the principles of this country. These men were very prophetic in analyzing what would eventually happen if the Constitution of 1789 was ratified, especially with Article I, Sec. 8. If you analyze their differences today, you will see the anti-federalists were right on target. States' rights were subjugated with the passage of this Constitution. The existing constitution, the Articles of Confederation, required unanimous consent from the states for any changes to be made. That was clearly violated. Further, my research has shown that of all the original writings that Madison carefully saved and protected, one important set was not found, namely the Federalist writings. It is suspected that in his later life he q uestioned the soundness of the political (compromising) arguments that were presented that resulted in the consolidation of more power and authority at the national level.

Some conjecture that Madison destroyed the originals and that only copies can be found. I would think it is possible that Madison could begin to see the potential damage from the Constitution of 1789 while working in the Jefferson administration. Jefferson was not very supportive of a number of the changes that the Constitution of 1789 brought to the Articles of Confederation.


Rural, Ohio
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Publication:The New American
Date:Aug 12, 2002
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