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Surrey Green Party councillor listed as BNP contact on WikiLeaks strongly denies any association; The list claims to be of party contacts from 2007-08 but WikiLeaks said that some of the names included may be journalists or "anti-fascists". By, David Bradshaw Aug 12, 2022 424
KomA!iA: We can be proud of our two anti-fascist movements, the NOP and the Army of BiH. May 9, 2022 353
Far-right exploiting bomb attack, anti-fascists warn; activists using bomber's hospital strike to gather support. JOE THOMAS ECHO Reporter @joe_thomas18 Mar 9, 2022 317
Anti-fascists mark the 77th anniversary of the liberation of Mostar from fascism. Feb 14, 2022 183
The Real Terrorists. Mathiak, Marvin Letter to the editor Oct 18, 2021 191
BLM's Marxists on the March. Jul 1, 2021 1286
TAKING IT TO THE STREETS. Shideler, Kyle Jun 22, 2021 1734
North Korean propaganda website calls 1980 pro-democracy movement 'historic event' in anti-fascism movement. May 18, 2021 369
White Evangelicals Cling To Conspiracy Theory About Capitol Attack. Apr 1, 2021 391
Who Were the Vandals? Shaw, C. Mitchell Feb 15, 2021 836
Biden COVID-19 Battle Plan. Jan 23, 2021 178
Antifa 'Congratulates' Biden on Inauguration by Smashing Windows of Dems Headquarters in Portland. Jan 21, 2021 266
Trump privately blamed 'Antifa people' for storming U.S. Capitol. Reuters News Service Jan 12, 2021 237
No evidence rioters were just posing as Trump supporters. Jan 10, 2021 849
Rep. Matt Gaetz Claims Antifa Mob 'Masquerading as Trump Supporters' Were Among Capitol Rioters. Jan 7, 2021 293
Former Special Forces sought by business group to guard polling sites in Minnesota, company says. Oct 10, 2020 1213
ANTIFA WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW: Antifa members are generally young, white militants who have bought into the promises of socialistic utopia, and are willing to use violence to achieve it. Jasper, William F. Reprint Oct 5, 2020 2472
'Trump told the Proud Boys to stand by.. well, sir, we're ready' US ELECTION: ROW ERUPTS OVER RACE HATE >>>>President's words seen as rallying call by far-right >>>>He slams anti-fascists not white supremacists. CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN Oct 1, 2020 1120
'Trump told the Proud Boys to stand by.. well, sir, we're ready' US ELECTION: ROW ERUPTS OVER RACE HATE; President's words seen as rallying call by far-right; He slams anti-fascists not white supremacists. CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN US Editor Oct 1, 2020 1143
FBI director: Antifa is an ideology, not organization. Associated Press Sep 18, 2020 848
National History Museum re-opens in Baku. Sep 15, 2020 286
Official: Suspect in Portland slaying was killed when authorities moved to arrest him. Matt Zapotosky The Washington Post Sep 4, 2020 1775
Attorney General Barr accuses Antifa for U.S. violence. Reuters News Service Sep 3, 2020 420
Trump slams Biden's response to 'anarchists'. Aug 31, 2020 337
DISBANDING THE POLICE: Riding a new wave of anti-police sentiment and activity are the dual errors of defunding and outright disbanding police departments--look for crime to skyrocket. Shaw, C. Mitchell Jul 6, 2020 2087
Facebook, Twitter 'censor' Trump's election campaign. Reuters News Service Jun 19, 2020 771
Facebook removes Trump campaign ads with Nazi symbol. Jun 18, 2020 186
Trump: Buffalo protestor could be 'ANTIFA provocateur'. Jun 9, 2020 325
Trump Pushes Theory That Injured Buffalo Protester Was A "Set Up". Jun 9, 2020 272
Antifa: 'Terror' group or Trump's straw man? Jun 5, 2020 638
What is antifa, the movement Trump wants to declare a terror group? Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs and Sandra E. Garcia, NYT Jun 1, 2020 935
Donald Trump: Antifa to be designated a 'terrorist organisation'; President Trump announced the decision on Twitter on Sunday. Rachel Mackie Jun 1, 2020 476
Donald Trump threatens to make anti-fascism the same as being a terrorist; The US president encouraged the public not to 'lay blame on others' over the violent riots sparked by the death of George Floyd claiming they are led by Antifa -which is not an organisation but an anti-fascist movement. By, Lila Randall May 31, 2020 261
KomA!iA: Anti-fascist Europe epitomizes the idea of a free state of BiH. May 10, 2020 296
Antifascist movements mark the Liberation Day event in Mostar. Feb 16, 2020 422
'Un bruttissimo affare': Francesco Guccini and Loriano Macchiavelli's Literary Inquiry into the Biennio 1943-1945. Ricco, Giulia Nov 1, 2019 9093
Here are Five Viral Videos of Antifa Extremism in Portland. Aug 18, 2019 282
The resistance to Trump takes a threatening turn. Jul 4, 2019 832
Locals buy up all town's beer so neo-Nazis can't drink at music festival; When the neo-Nazis found out what the residents of Ostritz had done they began shouting insults calling them 'anti-fascists' and 'sons of b******'. Jun 26, 2019 426
The 75th anniversary of Ustasha regime public hanging of citizens of Sarajevo. Mar 28, 2019 260
From Twitter to Charlottesville: Analyzing the Fighting Words Between the Alt-Right and Antifa. Klein, Adam Jan 1, 2019 8980
Far right, anti-fascists hold rival protests in restive German city. Sep 2, 2018 629
Far right, anti-fascists hold rival protests in restive German city. Sep 1, 2018 634
This isn't just a culture war -- we need a radical anti-fascist movement right now. Aug 23, 2018 1315
NOT REAL NEWS A look at what didn't happen this week. Aug 17, 2018 485
After tweeting -- then deleting -- fake Churchill quote, Abbott rails against antifa. Aug 7, 2018 511
As far-right marchers and antifa prepare to face off again, Portland braces for violence. Aug 4, 2018 673
Anti-fascists protest third far-right rally. Jun 27, 2018 119
Anti-fascist organizations mark the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Sutjeska. Jun 17, 2018 255
PORTLAND, Ore. -- Viral videos of bloody skirmishes between right-wing activists. Jun 10, 2018 835
PORTLAND, Ore. -- Viral videos of bloody skirmishes between right-wing activists. Jun 10, 2018 588
STOP Funding the Revolution! Jasper, William F. Apr 23, 2018 753
Are the Antifa the Brown Shirts of Our Time ? Weld, Madeline Mar 22, 2018 1832
Antifa and Erinnerungen. Bacque, James Mar 22, 2018 389
The Antifa Movement in Germany. de Zayas, Alfred Mar 22, 2018 1350
Alt-right & agents provocateurs: since government and media cannot credibly call conservatives racists without some evidence of wrongdoing, left-wingers are gathering real racists to commit vile acts. Jasper, William F. Nov 20, 2017 4208
Antifa Planning Communist Revolution for America on November 4. Oct 23, 2017 331
PROMOTING ANTIFA MAYHEM: Though Democrat officials deny aiding Antifa violence and making police stand down while Antifa commits violence and property damage, the pattern is obvious. Jasper, William F. Cover story Oct 9, 2017 2168
ALL ABOUT ANTIFA: Democrat leadership not only refuse to condemn Antifa though it is a violent group that supports outright communism, thev have excused its behavior. Jasper, William F. Cover story Oct 9, 2017 3459
IDENTIFYING THE REAL FASCISTS: Supposedly Antifa is left-wing, anti-fascist, and opposed to right-wing neo-Nazis; however, it is fascist to the core, supporting totalitarianism and violence--just like neo-Nazis. Jasper, William F. Cover story Oct 9, 2017 1839
About this issue's cover. Antliff, Allan Sep 22, 2017 920
'A Good Deal of Disorder' or The Anarchists & Anti-Fascism In The UK. Testa, M. Essay Sep 22, 2017 6400
WATCH: Nazi Gets Knocked Out After Reportedly Harassing Black Man. Sep 18, 2017 283
Confederate defenders and Nazis are not the same. Shaw, C. Mitchell Sep 18, 2017 1358
Racists, Nazis, & communists: though media have dubbed neo-Nazis and the white power element of the alt-Right as "right-wing," the groups have the same goals as Antifa--with different people in charge. Shaw, C. Mitchell Sep 18, 2017 1365
Letters in the editor's mailbag. Letter to the editor Sep 3, 2017 526
Fake Antifa Make Their Way Around Right-Wing Circles. Aug 17, 2017 406
1st Amendment Protester Shoots Himself In The Leg Protesting Fake Antifa Rally. Jul 4, 2017 492
Antifa's Rise In The News. Jun 13, 2017 576
Antifa Protesters Behind Berkeley Violence. Feb 2, 2017 465
Allies in war, partners in peace: Wang Lutong notes China's commemoration of the end of the Second World War and proclaims the principles that underlay the global effort against fascism. Lutong, Wang Nov 1, 2015 858
Newcastle Unites: Thousands turn out for counter-march against Pegida protest; Newgate Street was standing room only as anti-fascists, trade unionists, religious and community groups demonstrated against Pegida. Feb 28, 2015 439
Pegida Newcastle: EDL tell anti-fascists their women 'should be sterilised'; It is claimed the far right group made the comment at a meeting against 'racist' German group Pegida marching in Newcastle. Feb 18, 2015 360
Black internationalism, international communism and anti-fascist political trajectories: African American volunteers in the Spanish Civil War. Featherstone, David Essay Jul 1, 2014 11155
German communists in West Europe during the Second World War: actors and networks against Nazism. Heiniger, Alix Essay Jul 1, 2014 7297
Italian communism and violence, 1921-48. Albeltaro, Marco Jan 1, 2010 7284
Eve Rosenhaft's Beating the Fascists? an appreciation. Weitz, Eric D. Jan 1, 2010 3677
The Giubbe Rosse Cafe in Florence a literary and political alcove from futurism to anti-fascist resistance. Livorni, Ernesto Report Dec 22, 2009 10013
Anti-fascists run EDL out of town. Oct 14, 2009 415
"El libro negro" ~ Mexico City at the front of antifascism. Merfish, Beth Essay Mar 22, 2009 1635
The forgotten heroes of a greater generation. Brasket, Denis Cover Story Jul 1, 2005 1525
The myth of "premature antifascism". Haynes, John Earl; Klehr, Harvey Sep 1, 2002 4825
Fa & antifa in the fatherland. Zeskind, Leonard Oct 5, 1998 3444
Hemingway, the American left, and the Soviet Union: some forgotten episodes. Nelson, Cary Sep 22, 1994 3975

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