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Anti-car mafia has us on road to ruin; VIEWPOINT.

THE last time that the people of Birmingham had a Labour council, the anti-car mafia gave us the ridiculous bus lanes on which, in my experience, you never saw a bus.

Now that they are once again in the ascendant they have come up with the equally stupid 20mph speed limit. One of the benefits that they claim is a reduction in pollution.

What planet do these fools live on? If vehicles drive along in a low gear, which they have to do at 20mph, they use more fuel, thus increasing, not decreasing, the amount of noxious fumes that they put into the atmosphere.

What is the point of putting such a speed limit on high streets? If you drive along any such street anywhere, the amount of obstructions that block your way, such as buses at bus stops and pedestrian lights, mean that you never move at anything approaching 20mph anyway.

Within the area of Birmingham bounded by the outer circle bus route there is no shortage of dual carriageways. What is the point of expecting cars to drive along them at a funereal 20mph? Another alleged benefit is improved pedestrian safety. How many pedestrians have been killed or injured on these dual carriageways in the last five years? Very few, if any, I venture to suggest.

I seem to remember that, when this dopy idea was first reported in the Mail some time ago, it was claimed that the number of lives saved would be hardly worth counting.

Birmingham City Council, in common with every other local authority, spends most of its time moaning about being short of money but that is not stopping them proposing to spend PS7 millon on this nonsense, which would be far better spent filling in the thousands of potholes you have to try to avoid as you drive through the city.

I wonder if the fools responsible have calculated how many people will, in future, avoid the city centre and take their shopping to the outer suburbs or even places such as West Bromwich, Lichfield or Tamworth, all of which have excellent shopping centres and do not treat the motorist as though he is public enemy number one.

You can bet your life that they have not even thought about it. Fanatics never think straight.

AJ HUBBLE, Burntwood
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Mar 30, 2014
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