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Anti-aging lotion from national starch.

Here are product formulas supplied by producers of raw materials.

* Included in some instances are sources of supply for the raw materials and instructions for preparation and use of the finished product.

No guarantee of performance or safety is implied by Happi.

* For more complete details, readers should contact the suppliers directly using the telephone number or website provided with each formula.

If your company has a formula that you think would be of interest to readers of Happi, marketers of soaps & detergents; cosmetics & toiletries; waxes & polishes; disinfectants & sanitizers and other chemical specialties, we will be pleased to consider it for publication. Address all material to:

Formulary Editor

Happi 70 Hilltop Rd. Ramsey, NJ 07446 USA
Anti-Aging Multifruit Lotion

INGREDIENTS:                                    % WT.

Phase A
Deionized water                                  q.s.
Veegum Ultra (Vanderbilt)                        0.80
 (Magnesium aluminum silicate)

Phase B
Structure Solanace (National Starch)             1.75
 (Potato starch modified)
Keltrol T (Kelco)                                0.05
 (Xanthan gum)
Natrusol 250 HR CS (Aqualon)                     0.15
Methylparaben                                    0.20

Phase C
Myritol 318 (Coonis)                            10.00
 (Caprylic/capric triglyceride)
Crodacol S-95 NF(Creda)                          0.50
 (Stearyl alcohol)
Glyceryl stearate (Stepan)                       3.25
Tween 20 (Uniqema)                               1.50
 (Polysorbate 20)
Emerest 2380. Cognis)                            1.50
 (Propylene glycol stearate)
Crodamol SS (Crude)                              0.75
 (Cetyl eaters)
DC 200 Fluid (100 cst) (Dow Corning)             1.00
Glycerin                                         0.50
Prepylparaben                                    0.10

Phase D
Deionized water                                  5.00
Germal II (ISP)                                  0.20
 (Diazolidinyl urea)

Phase E
Multifruit BSC (Arch)                            3.00
 (Water, bilberry (vaccinium myrtiltus)
 extract, sugar cane (saccharum officia
 narum) extract, sugar maple (acer
 saccharinum) extract, orange (citrus aurantium dulcis)
 extract, lemon (citrus medica limonium)

PROCEDURE: Slowly add Veegum Ultra to the
water and mix for 15 minutes using homogenizer
at 5500 rpm. Blend ingredients of phase B
and sift to phase A while mixing. Heat phase
A/B up to 80[degrees]C and mix for 25-30 minutes. Add
methylparaben. Combine phase C together and
heat to 80[degrees]C. Add phase C to A/B. Premix phase
D and add at 40 C into batch, then add phase E.

pH: 3.8-4.0

Viscosity: 18,400- 27, 600 cps
(Brookfield, E-spindle, 10 rpm)

National Starch Personal Care, Bridgewater, NJ
Tel: (888) 331-6212, Fax: (908) 707-3664,

Wet Wipe Emulsion-Wood, Leather, Plastic

INGREDIENTS:                                    % WT.

TEGO Polish Additiv WE 50                        10.0
Deionized water                                  90.0
Preservative, fragrance                          q.s.

Add TEGO Polish Addivit WE 50 into the mixing
vessel. Blend in all ingredients in the given
order with continuos stirring.

Evonik Goldschmidt Personal Care (formerly Degussa) 710 S. 6th Ave.
Hopewell, VA 23860 Tel:(804) 541-8658, Fax: (804) 541-8689

Water-in-Oil Self-Tanning Gel

INGREDIENTS:                                    % WT.

Phase A
Jeesilc CPS-312 (Jeen Int'l)                     21.0
Abil EM-97 (Degussa)                              3.0
 (Bis, PEG/PPG-14/14 dimethicone)
Jeesilc PS.CM (Jeen Int'l)                        5.0
 (Cyclomethicone & bis-vinyl dimethicone/
 dimethicone copolymer)
Fragrance LFG-3330                                0.2

Phase B
Deionized water                                  36.8
Jeesilc DS,8 (Jeen Int'l)                         2.0
 (PEG-8 dimethicone)
Glycerin 99 (Jeen Int'l)                          5.0
DHA (Dihydroxyacetone)                            5.0
Propylene Glycol (Jeen Int'l)                    20.0
Sodium chloride                                   1.0
Jeecide CAP-5                                     1.0
 (Phenoxyethanol & caprylyl glycol &
 potassium sorbate & water & hexylene
Citric acid Adjust pH to                      3.5-4.5

Combine phase A cyclomethicone and Jeesilc
PS-CM. Homogenize at a slow speed until uni,
form. Add in the Abil ENd97 and fragrance and
mix well. Combine the water and DHA of phase
B and mix well until dissovled. Warm if necessay
to dissolve all the DHA. Add inall other
ingredients and mix until uniform Adjust pH
with citric acid. When phases are at room temperature,
begin medium speed homogenizing
agitation in phase A and very slowly add phase
B. Viscosity will increase and sweep mixing
necessary. Once uniform, cool batch to RT.


Jeen International Corporation, 24 Madison Rd., Fairfield, NJ 07004
Tel: (800) 771-5336, Fax: (973) 439-1402 E-mail:

Delicious 24 hour Soft Touch

INGREDIENTS:                                    % WT.

Phase A
Eumulgin SG                                      0.20
 (Sodium stearoyl glutamate)
Emulgade Sucro                                   2.00
 (Sucrose polystearate (and) hydrogenated
Cutina PES                                       1.00
 (Pentaerythrityl distearate)
Cutina MD                                        1.00
(Glyceryl stearate)
Lanette O                                        1.00
 (Cetearyl alcohol)
Cosmedia SP                                      0.70
 (Sodium polyacrylate)
Cetiol CC                                        2.50
 (Dicaprylyl carbonate)
Cetiol 868                                       5.00
 (Ethylhexyl stearate)
Cetiol SN                                        2.00
 (Cetearyl isononanoate)
Cegesoft PFO                                     0.50
 (Passiflora incarnata (ELI) passiflora incar
 nata seed oil (non EU)
Copherol F 1300 C                                0.50

Phase B
Glycerine                                        5.00
Water, demin.                                    77.2

Phase C
Keltrol Y (Kelco)                                0.20
 (Xanthan gum)

Phase D
Aloveria                                         0.20
 (Aloe barbadensis (EU) aloe barbadensis
 leaf extract (US)
Indinyl CA LS 8998                               1.00
Perfum, preservative                             q.s.

Heat phase A to 80[degrees]C and stir until uniform.
Heat phase B to 80[degrees]C and add to phase A while
stirring. Add phase C just after emulsification.
Allow the emulsion to cool while stirring in
such a way that it remains in continual motion.
Avoid incorporation of air.

Cognis Corp. Care Chemicals Division, 300 Brookside Ave, Ambler, PA
19002 Tel: (800) 531-0815, Fax: (215) 628-1450,

24 Hour Moisturizing Body Wash

INGREDIENTS:                                    % WT.

Phase A
Water                                     q.s. to 100
Versene 100 (DOW Chemicals)                      0.25
 (Tetrasodium EDTA)
Jaguar C-17 (Rhodia)                             0.40
 (Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride)
Miracare SLB-365/MP (Rhodia)                    40.00
 (Water, Sodium trideceth sulfate, sodium
 lauroumphoacetate, cocamide MEA,

Phase B
Rapeseed Oil (Alnoroil)                         15.00
Ionol cP (Degussa)                               0.05
Additional ingredients:
Sodium chloride                             2.00-3.20
Citric acid (50%)                     q:s. pH 5.0-5.5
Fragrance                                        q.s.

PROCEDURE: Charge water into main vessel to
prepare phase A. Add Versene 100E slowly sift in
Jaguar C17 and mix until uniform Charge
Miracare SLB-365/MP and mix until uniform. To
prepare phase e blend the rapeseed oil and tonal
CP until uniform. Add phase B to phase Aand stir
until uniform. Charge sodium ChlOride (solid or
solution) to A+B into main vessel and mix until
uniform. Adjust pH of the system to 5.0-5.5 with
citric acid solution (50% aq.), add the fragrance
and mix for one hour. Exfoliating beads; mica,
etc. can be added as desire. The use of paddle
stirrers; impellers or anchors is recommended.
Preparation can be done at room temperature.

Rhodia, 8 Cedar Brook Drive, Cranbury, NJ 08512 Tel: (609) 860-4000,
Fax: (609) 409-8652 E-mail:

White Clay Hydrating Facial Mask

INGREDIENTS:                                    % WT.

Phase A
Schercemol NGDO Ester (Noveon)                   6.00
 (Neopentyl glycol diethylbexannate)
Promulgen D Emusifler (Noveon)                   4.00
 (Cetearyl alcohol (and) ceteareth-20)
Schercemol DISD Ester (Noveon)                   2.00
 (Diisostearyl dimer dilinoleate)
Lanette O (Cognis)                               1.00
 (Cetearyl alcohol)
Vitamin E Acetate (BASF)                         0.20
 (Tocopheryl acetate)

Phase B
Deionized water                                 42.50
Stepan-Mild LSB (Stepan)                         0.50
 (Sodium lauryl sulfoacatate (and) disodium
laureth sulfosuccinate)
Blue 1 (0.1% solution)                           5.00
Glycerin (Protameen)                             4.00
Glucam E-20 Humectant (Noveon)                   1.00
 (Methyl gluceth-20)

Phase C
Kaolin USP                                      20.00
 (Whittaker, Clark & Daniels or Maprecos)
Eusolex T-S(EMD Chemicals)                       0.50
 (Trlanium dioxide (and) alumina (and)
 stearic acid)

Phase D
Carbopol Aqua CC Polymer 20% (Noveon)            6.00
 (Polyacrylate-1 crosspolymer)
Deionized water                                  5.00

Phase E
Glycolic Acid (Acres)                            0.30

Phase F
Phenonip (Clariant)                              0.50
 (Phenoxyethaonl, methyl-, ethyl-, butyl-,
 propyl-, (and) isobutylparaben)
Vegetol Seaweed CB 4136 Hydro                    1.00
 (Fucus vesicolosus (hladderwrack) extract,
 propylena glycol)
Cucumber aloe #E05443                            0.50
 (Intercontinental Fragrances)

PROCEDURE: Combine all ingredients in phase
A and heat to 70[degrees]C. Mix until uniform. Combine
all ingredients in phase B in a separate vessel
and heat to 70[degrees]C. Mix until uniform. Slowly add
phase B to phase A using moderate agitation.
Mix until uniform, in a dry vessel, mix Kaolin and
titanium dioxide together. Slowly sieve phase C
into the batch. Mix batch thoroughly until homogeneous.
Allow batch to cool. Pre-mix phase D
ingredients in a separate vessel. When batch has
cooled to at least 55[degrees]C, add phase D to batch,
mix until uniform. Adjust pH to 4.5-5.5 with glycolic
acid. Mix until uniform. Continue cooling
batch. When batch has cooled to 45[degrees]C, slowly
add phase F ingredients to batch one at a time
with mixing. Mix until uniform. Continue slow
mixing until batch has cooled to 4O[degrees]c.

Noveon 9911 Brecksville Rd., Cleveland, OH 44141-3247
Tel: (800)379-5389; Fax: (216) 447-5250
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