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Truvada (emtricitabine/tenofovir) pre-exposure prophylaxis roll-out among South African university students: Lots of positives, but let us keep an eye on possible surprises. Montjane, K.; Dlamini, S.; Dandara, C. Report Feb 1, 2018 2451
Once-a-week AIDs drug in development. Jan 10, 2018 205
Once-a-week AIDs drug in development. Jan 10, 2018 209
Tired of anti HIV drugs. Dec 16, 2017 124
Aids Drug Assistance Program Coordination And Ryan White Part B Program Assistance. Dec 10, 2017 126
Australia : More Queenslanders set to benefit from HIV drug trial. Oct 21, 2017 451
HIV drug would save NHS GBP1bn over 80 years if made routinely available. Oct 18, 2017 259
HIV drug would save NHS GBP1bn over 80 years if made routinely available. Oct 18, 2017 255
Applied BioMath, LLC to Present Case Studies on Model-Aided Drug Invention (MADI) Applied to Immuno-Oncology, Osteoarthritis, and Antibody-Drug Conjugates at the American Conference of Pharmacometrics (ACoP). Conference news Oct 10, 2017 500
Applied BioMath, LLC presents Model-Aided Drug Invention Case Studies for Immuno-Oncology and Osteoarthritis at World Bispecific Summit Conference. Conference news Sep 14, 2017 463
Charity calls for HIV drug in Northern Ireland. Aug 8, 2017 157
NHS England initiates HIV PrEP study. Aug 7, 2017 243
NHS England initiates HIV PrEP study. Aug 7, 2017 239
Supply Of Ritonavir 100 Mg And Supply Of Stavudine 30 Mg. + Lamivudine 150 Mg. Jul 14, 2017 137
Elton: Access to HIV drug's a no-brainer. May 14, 2017 140
Modern Aids drugs add extra 10 years of life expectancy. May 11, 2017 424
Zidovudina/Lamivudina vs Abacavir/Lamivudina vs Tenofovir/Emtricitabina en combinaciones de dosis fija como tratamiento inicial en pacientes con VIH: revision sistematica y metanalisis en red. Alzate Angel, Juan Carlos; Duque Molina, Marcela Maria; Garcia Garcia, Hector Ivan Ensayo Apr 1, 2017 9591
Delayed government funding leads Cipla to halt production of HIV drug. Mar 6, 2017 272
Delayed government funding leads Cipla to halt production of HIV drug. Mar 6, 2017 268
NHS to consider funding HIV drug after court ruling. Nov 11, 2016 270
bioLytical Participates in Glasgow HIV Drug Therapy Congress. Oct 27, 2016 483
bioLytical Participates in Glasgow HIV Drug Therapy Congress. Oct 27, 2016 490
Ryan White Hiv/aids Program Part B Aids Drug Assistance Program Training And Technical Assistance. Oct 20, 2016 180
Influx of TAF-Containing Fixed-Dose Combinations From Gilead and Janssen Will Address Patient Needs for Long-Term Safety and Replace Established Treatment Options in the HIV Market. Sep 29, 2016 718
Hiv Care Grant Program - Part Bstates/territories Formula And Aids Drug Assistance Program Formula And Adap Supplemental Awards. Sep 25, 2016 103
Aids Drug Assistance Program (adap) Emergency Relief Funds (erf). Sep 19, 2016 355
NHS to appeal against court's HIV drug ruling. Aug 3, 2016 177
NHS appeals over court HIV drug ruling; BRIEFLY. Aug 3, 2016 107
UK court says state health system can fund preventative HIV drug. Aug 2, 2016 177
HIV drug shortage hits S. Sudan's Boma state. Jun 22, 2016 332
United States : Team Drives Adherence to HIV Drug Using Noninvasive New Test. May 12, 2016 172
Framework agreement for the supply HIV-AIDS drugs. May 11, 2016 515
Gilead Sciences receives European recommendation of marketing authorisation for Odefsey HIV drug. May 3, 2016 176
Gilead Sciences receives European recommendation of marketing authorisation for Odefsey HIV drug. May 3, 2016 172
Supply of 51.Tab. Lopinavir 200mg + Ritonavir 50mg 52.Tab. ZLN Baby (Zidovu 60mg+Lamivu 30mg+Nevira 50mg 53.Tab. ZL Baby (Zidovudine 60mg + Lamivudine 30mg) 54.Tab. Efavirenz 200mg. Apr 8, 2016 122
United States : US FDA affirms HIV drug Descovy. Apr 8, 2016 110
Clinician compliance with laboratory monitoring and prescribing guidelines in HIV 1-infected patients receiving tenofovir. de Waal, R.; Cohen, K.; Fox, M.P; Stinson, K.; Maartens, G.; Boulle, A.; Davies, M-A Apr 1, 2016 2338
Giving healthy gay men HIV drugs could 'help reverse epidemic' HEALTH NEWS. Feb 8, 2016 153
Taking antiviral drug 'on demand' can guard against HIV. Rosen, Meghan Brief article Jan 9, 2016 146
Industrial drug testing. Brief article Jan 1, 2016 272
PharmaPoint: Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) - Global Drug Forecast and Market Analysis to 2023. Dec 16, 2015 473
Gilead Sciences receives approval for Genvoya HIV drug from US FDA. Nov 9, 2015 178
Gilead Sciences receives approval for Genvoya HIV drug from US FDA. Nov 9, 2015 174
Global HIV Drugs Market 2015-2019 - New Study Released. Nov 8, 2015 495
Global HIV Drugs Market 2015-2019 - Inflow of Funds / Patent Expiries / Increasing Public Awareness. Oct 29, 2015 476
Global HIV Drugs Market 2015-2019 - Inflow of Funds / Patent Expiries / Increasing Public Awareness. Oct 29, 2015 516
Arizona 340B AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). Oct 24, 2015 162
Global HIV Drugs Market 2015-2019. Oct 22, 2015 698
Hiv Aids Drugs 2. Oct 8, 2015 406
Ac - Hiv Drugs. Oct 6, 2015 449
Medicines for Human Use and Hiv Drugs Program. Sep 14, 2015 451
Framework Agreement to Supply Various Hiv Aids Medicines Hospital + + Pn Infusion. Aug 5, 2015 501
Framework Agreement for the Supply Hiv-Aids Drugs. Jun 19, 2015 417
Janssen enhances access to HIV drug. Jun 1, 2015 401
Open Tender On Line Hiv Aids Drugs - Framework Agreement. May 15, 2015 430
DOH to buy P180M worth of HIV drugs. Apr 20, 2015 270
Mechanism of Action of ABIVAX's First-in-class Anti-HIV Drug Published Today in Peer-reviewed Journal Retrovirology. Apr 13, 2015 1197
Mechanism of Action of ABIVAX's First-in-class Anti-HIV Drug Published Today in Peer-reviewed Journal Retrovirology. Apr 13, 2015 1201
United States : HIV Drug Resistance Testing Technology has Critical Global Implications. Feb 26, 2015 288
Powerful Anti-HIV Agent Could Work in Vaccine. Feb 20, 2015 528
Scientists Announce Anti-HIV Agent So Powerful It Can Work in Vaccine. Feb 19, 2015 530
Report: Swiss bank's secrecy aided drug dealers, tax-dodgers. Kirka, Danica Feb 10, 2015 544
Supply of HIV Drug - Aids. Feb 7, 2015 406
Acquisition of Hiv Drugs Aids. Feb 5, 2015 106
Alter milk protein to deliver aids drug to infants. Feb 1, 2015 373
Supply Pn-Hiv Drugs. Jan 23, 2015 178
Luxembourg,United States : UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL signs an agreement a new HIV drug resistance test. Jan 15, 2015 305
National Program Providing Hiv-Aids Drugs and Oncology. Jan 10, 2015 481
United States : New Approach on Buying HIV Drugs Will Save $100 Million. Dec 13, 2014 404
HIV drugs show AMD promise. Brief article Dec 12, 2014 160
Anti-HIV drugs can affect unborn babies' hearts. Nov 24, 2014 192
Acquisition of Hiv Aids Drugs. Oct 26, 2014 147
HRC Endorses PrEP, Calls for Bold Action to Expand Access to Anti-HIV Drug. Oct 18, 2014 910
Cats Lend a Helping Paw in Search for Anti-HIV Drugs. Sep 16, 2014 684
HIV Breakthrough: Tampon With An Anti-HIV Drug For Women. Aug 19, 2014 336
Acquisition of Hiv Aids Drugs. Aug 6, 2014 266
Hopes HIV drugs could help MS fight. Aug 5, 2014 125
Hopes HIV drugs could help MS fight. Aug 5, 2014 128
Supply of Hiv Drugs - Aids. Jun 6, 2014 139
Antiretroviral therapy-induced Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy. Moodley, A.; Bhola, S.; Omar, F.; Mogambery, J. Case study Jun 1, 2014 1928
DOH: No shortage of HIV meds. May 18, 2014 291
Supply the National Hiv Aids Drugs Needed. Apr 18, 2014 431
2014 drug list no.759-133 product code didanosine prolonged release capsule 250mg. Apr 15, 2014 102
Aids Hiv Drug. Apr 12, 2014 295
New HIV Medication Licensing Agreement Improves Access to Lifesaving HIV Drugs for Children. Apr 1, 2014 697
Nevirapine and the Quest to End Pediatric AIDS. Brief article Apr 1, 2014 174
PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy selected as exclusive South Carolina AIDS Drug Assistance Program Provider. Mar 27, 2014 480
For the supply of drugs efavirenz (doe), ipilimumab (doe), fluorouracil (doe), and carboplatin (doe). Mar 25, 2014 123
List no.650-2014 133 drug product code didanosine prolonged release capsule 250mg. Mar 22, 2014 102
Consultancy on Statistics to support of the Global HIV Drug Resistance (HIVDR) Surveillance. Feb 4, 2014 254
HIV/AIDS. Brief article Feb 1, 2014 237
Event 309/2014, lopinavir / ritonavir 80/20mg/ml oral solution bottle 160 ml. Feb 1, 2014 103
Multicentric Castleman's disease and HIV. Krause, John R.; Robinson, Sara D.; Vance, Estil A. Clinical report Jan 1, 2014 1660
Simultaneous spectrophotometric method for determination of emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate in three-component tablet formulation containing rilpivirine hydrochloride. Venkatesan, S.; Kannappan, N. Report Jan 1, 2014 4781
HIV riddle solution brings AIDS drug closer to reality. Dec 20, 2013 362
Eu-wide tender to finished products containing the substance efavirenz and pramipexole (ret.). Dec 13, 2013 149
Completion of a non-exclusive discount agreement according to A* 130a sgb v, section 8 to finished medicinal products called efavirenz and pramipexole (ret.). Dec 13, 2013 203
Once-daily protease inhibitor approved for hepatitis C. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Dec 1, 2013 535
AIDS drugs for all social movements and market transformations. Book review Dec 1, 2013 247
Event 3176/2013 efavirenz coated tablet 600 mg. Brand: amparo as efcure 23-2013. Nov 18, 2013 103
Provision of zoledronic acid, efavirenz and nevirapine, and related services, for the ageps service - supply and distribution. Nov 5, 2013 103
Gilead Sciences Inc to offer HIV patients relying on protease inhibitors in Europe with once-daily Tybost upon approval. Sep 26, 2013 211
Gilead Sciences Inc to offer HIV patients relying on protease inhibitors in Europe with once-daily Tybost upon approval. Sep 26, 2013 207
Prison officer has jail term cut for aiding drug lord lover. Sep 16, 2013 373
Monitor carefully for side effects. Sep 1, 2013 306
3 YEARS WITH KILLERS, HIV DRUG DEALERS & TERRORISTS; PERU GIRLS' FIRST NIGHT IN HELL Michaella and co-accused sent to squalid prison. Aug 23, 2013 869
India : BECKMAN Coulter takes over HIV Cocktail enterprise. Aug 12, 2013 258
Now, millions more could get HIV treatment. Jul 4, 2013 247
India : AUROBINDO Pharma inks a contract to bring out key HIV drugs. Jul 1, 2013 168
Ten million more people advised to take HIV drugs-UN. Jun 30, 2013 754
Plea over HIV drugs system. Jun 13, 2013 110
Completion of a non-exclusive discount agreement pursuant to A* 130a sgb v, section 8 of nevirapine as a transitional arrangement. Jun 4, 2013 181
Eu-wide tender to finished products containing the active ingredient nevirapine. Jun 4, 2013 171
Mathematical models can help combat HIV in early phase. Jun 1, 2013 654
AZT associated with poorer immunological recovery in people taking first-line HIV treatment in southern Africa. Carter, Michael Jun 1, 2013 920
Strategic consulting, design and implementation of an information and awareness campaign for the recruitment of participants in anti-HIV vaccine trials conducted by the Vaccine Research Institute. May 15, 2013 101
Bristol-Myers Squibb gets FDA approval of sNDA for SUSTIVA in HIV-1 infected pediatric patients. May 6, 2013 232
Bristol-Myers Squibb gets FDA approval of sNDA for SUSTIVA in HIV-1 infected pediatric patients. May 6, 2013 228
Risk of nevirapine-associated Stevens-Johnson syndrome among HIV-infected pregnant women: the Medunsa National Pharmacovigilance Centre, 2007-2012. Dube, N.; Adewusi, E.; Summers, R. Report May 1, 2013 3089
Anti-HIV therapy appears to protect children's hearts, NIH network study shows. Apr 22, 2013 107
Frost & Sullivan: New Drug Candidates Hold Tremendous Promise for European HIV Drugs Market. Apr 17, 2013 721
Frost & Sullivan: New Drug Candidates Hold Tremendous Promise for European HIV Drugs Market. Apr 17, 2013 726
Critical AIDS medications: to Africa for the US Government. Larson, Chris Apr 1, 2013 1704
Funding For AIDS Drugs Not Included In Senate Spending Bill. Mar 19, 2013 555
GSK HIV drug gains priority designation. Mar 18, 2013 208
Doctors in the US cure baby of HIV. Mar 7, 2013 420
Doctors in the US cure baby of HIV. Mar 5, 2013 420
AHF Demands FDA Reversal on Use of Gilead's HIV Prevention Pill for Women. Mar 5, 2013 604
Doctors in the US cure baby of HIV. Mar 4, 2013 420
Research and Markets: Nevirapine - Comprehensive 2013 Patent Search. Feb 18, 2013 441
AHF Challenges Gilead over AIDS Drug Price Gouging of U.S. Gov't Programs on 'Stribild'. Jan 30, 2013 600
Gilead Sciences commences first Phase 3 trial of tenofovir alafenamide. Jan 28, 2013 171
Gilead Sciences commences first Phase 3 trial of tenofovir alafenamide. Jan 28, 2013 167
Study on Generic HIV Meds Prompts AHF to Demand Gilead Cut ARV Prices. Jan 16, 2013 685
AHF Blasts Gilead Price Hike on Four Key AIDS Drugs. Jan 10, 2013 838
Event 300mg tablet tenofovir 38-2012. In response to amparo 01020-2010-00042. Jan 10, 2013 108
AIDS drugs cut SA's maternal death rate. Bateman, Chris Jan 1, 2013 376
HIV drug 'may help defuse deadly staph infections'. Dec 15, 2012 633
Nigeria : MSD offers a new treatment for HIV in NIGERIA. Dec 6, 2012 237
AHF: Corporate Welfare Spurs Gilead's Record Profits on AIDS Drugs. Dec 4, 2012 643
Nevirapine for PMTCT in immuno-competent pregnant women--a warning. Seggie, Janet Brief article Nov 1, 2012 103
Safety of nevirapine in HIV-infected pregnant women initiating antiretroviral therapy at higher CD4 counts: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Bera, Ebrahim; Mia, Rafiq Report Nov 1, 2012 4701
AHF: Gilead Scores Record Profits on AIDS Drug Price Gouging. Financial report Oct 25, 2012 677
Cruel Joke: AIDS-Plagued Tanzania Must Also Cope With Fake HIV Drugs. Oct 12, 2012 614
Neutron Crystallography Aids Drug Design. Oct 9, 2012 599
AHF: Texas and Louisiana Medicaid Not Yet Covering Gilead's Pricey AIDS Drug, Stribild. Oct 8, 2012 1136
HIV Drug Efavirenz May Cause Memory Decline. Sep 29, 2012 347
Common HIV drug may damage brain and lead to memory decline. Sep 28, 2012 613
AHF: Gilead's Stribild Not Covered by NY Medicaid; State Also Explores 'Prior Auth' Status for AIDS Drug. Sep 24, 2012 756
Research and Markets: Global HIV Drug Pipeline Capsule - 2012 Update. Sep 19, 2012 293
AHF: Gilead Must Offer ADAP AIDS Drug Price Cut to Medicaid, Medicare. Sep 18, 2012 1123
HIV treatment-naive option okayed. Sep 15, 2012 116
United States : New Common Application for HIV/AIDS Medicines Available Through Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation, Inc. Sep 13, 2012 383
New Common Application for HIV/AIDS Medicines Available Through Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation, Inc. Sep 12, 2012 548
Anti-HIV vaginal ring can prevent virus transmission. Sep 6, 2012 472
AHF Supports Price Cut on New AIDS Drug, Prods Gilead to Expand Cut to Other Programs. Sep 6, 2012 994
New computer model offers 'realistic' tool to predict HIV drug resistance. Sep 3, 2012 415
Protease inhibitors and stomach acid drugs linked to fractures in HIV+ veterans. Sep 1, 2012 1443
Research and Markets: Lopinavir - Comprehensive Patent Search. Aug 31, 2012 446
United States : FDA approves new combination pill for HIV treatment for some patients. Aug 28, 2012 414
AHF: As Gilead Prepares to Price the 'Quad,' 20 California Legislators Say Aids Drug Pricing "Unsustainable". Aug 18, 2012 996
AHF Lauds Rep. Alcee Hastings (D, FL) for Congressional Letter Cautioning Gilead on Pricing of New AIDS Drug. Aug 14, 2012 1483
Ranbaxy, Gilead Sciences ink in-licensing pact to promote access to less costly HIV drugs. Aug 3, 2012 315
SA patent law blocking vital second-line HIV drugs. Bateman, Chris Aug 1, 2012 354
Truvada approved for HIV prevention. Aug 1, 2012 333
United States : MERCK inks two licensing agreements for HIV drug candidates. Jul 27, 2012 155
Merck announces two agreements for novel HIV drug candidates; initiates Phase II trial of MK-1439 for HIV. Jul 25, 2012 261
Gilead's Boosting Agent Cobicistat for HIV Therapy as Effective as Ritonavir in Pivotal Phase 3 Study. Clinical report Jul 24, 2012 1639
Anti-HIV drugs 'may pass to baby in womb and during breast-feeding'. Jul 22, 2012 682
HarborPath Creates a Single Portal for Uninsured Individuals to Access HIV/AIDS Medications. Jul 19, 2012 1207
Obama Administration Touts Delayed Release of AIDS Drug Funds, Says AHF. Jul 19, 2012 452
Research and Markets: Generics in the Antivirals Market to 2018 - Launch of Generic Combivir and Patent Expiry of Sustiva, Kaletra and Epivir-HBV will Drive Volume Growth. Jul 12, 2012 366
AHF: Gilead's "Me Too" Quad AIDS Drug Offers Little Improvement, More Kidney Damage. Jul 6, 2012 1276
Toxicities due to highly active anti-retroviral therapy (HAART) in HIV-positive children: need for further medical research. Bhaumik, Soumyadeep Jul 1, 2012 859
AHF: CA State Treasurer Lockyer Urges Gilead to Show Restraint Pricing New AIDS Drug the 'Quad'. Jun 27, 2012 930
Adding nevirapine to HIV regimen halves newborn transmission rate. Brief article Jun 21, 2012 105
Ohio: AIDS Patients Win Another Round against State's Illegal Restrictions on AIDS Drug Access, Says AHF. Jun 12, 2012 1163
AIDS Advocates to Gilead: Save More Lives, Price the "Quad" Reasonably. Jun 11, 2012 1199
Enamine, MRC LMB and IOCB Announce Collaboration to Identify Novel Rhomboid Protease Inhibitors for Treatment of Various Diseases. Jun 6, 2012 506
One Year Post-Launch, The Protease Inhibitors, Incivek and Victrelis have Collectively Penetrated Over Three-Quarters of the US Genotype 1 HCV Market. Jun 6, 2012 786
Approaches to tenofovir and abacavir drug shortages in South Africa: a guide for clinicians. Schowalter, Laurie; Conradie, Francesca Jun 1, 2012 816
Mylan Launches Generic Version of Viramune Tablets. May 23, 2012 468
Since Gaining European Authority Approval for Victrelis in July and Incivo in September, Protease Inhibitor Share Has Penetrated Nearly One-Third of the Genotype 1 Market and is Anticipated to Significantly Increase Over the Next Six Months. May 21, 2012 690
Anti-HIV drug tenofovir 'safe to take during pregnancy'. Medical condition overview May 16, 2012 428
Research and Markets: Hepatitis C Virus - Protease Inhibitors Bring Change in the Treatment Paradigm for Hepatitis C Virus Infection - What Next? May 3, 2012 375
Anti-HIV drug use during pregnancy does not affect infant size, birth weight. May 1, 2012 124
AHF: AIDS Patients Protest, Testify Against Ohio Plan to Ration AIDS Drugs. Apr 5, 2012 1112
Why it's time to say goodbye to stavudine ... everywhere. Andrieux-Meyer, Isabelle; Clayden, Polly; Collins, Simon; Geffen, Nathan; Goemaere, Eric; Harrington Report Mar 1, 2012 2876
Low-dose stavudine trials: a public health priority for developing countries. Venter, W.D. Francois; Innes, Steve; Cotton, Mark Report Mar 1, 2012 2153
Safety, strength and simplicity of efavirenz in pregnancy. Pillay, Prinitha; Black, Vivian Report Mar 1, 2012 6047
Mylan Inc awarded tentative FDA approval for Abacavir Sulfate and Lamivudine Tablets for pediatric HIV/AIDS. Feb 24, 2012 167
AHF Challenges FDA Move to Fast Track Gilead's 'HIV Prevention' Drug Linked to Kidney Disease. Feb 16, 2012 680
Research and Markets: Global HIV Drugs Market 2010-2014 Report - The Global HIV Drugs Market to Reach US$15.5 Billion By 2014. Feb 14, 2012 404
Nevirapine and co-trimoxazole prophylaxis safe in HIV-exposed, uninfected infants. Feb 1, 2012 1017
Gilead starts Phase II study with low-dose tenofovir prodrug GS-7340 for HIV treatment. Jan 25, 2012 239
AIDS drugs. Jan 16, 2012 106
Vitamin D may improve bone health in those taking anti-HIV drug. Brief article Jan 10, 2012 104
Research and Markets: Global HIV Drug Pipeline Capsule 2012: highlighting key research and development activities across the globe. Jan 10, 2012 390
Achillion's protease inhibitor gets FDA Fast Track designation for chronic hepatitis C. Jan 4, 2012 148
SQU team to study genetic factors in AIDS treatment. Jan 2, 2012 873
Raltegravir-based HIV therapy bests efavirenz. Mahoney, Diana Jan 1, 2012 599
Merck and the ADAP Crisis Task Force Announce New Agreement to Improve Access and Care for People with HIV. Dec 21, 2011 2131
FDA Expands Use of HIV Drug Isentress to Children and Adolescents. Dec 21, 2011 717
AHF Salutes Merck for AIDS Drug Price Cuts for Hard-Hit Programs. Dec 21, 2011 983
AHF Slams Gilead "HIV Prevention Pill" FDA Application. Dec 16, 2011 1097
USP releases initial quality standards for MC. Dec 12, 2011 688
AHF Targets Merck Over AIDS Drug Pricing. Dec 8, 2011 670
AHF Praises J&J for AIDS Drug Price Cut, Asks Merck to Follow Suit. Dec 8, 2011 672
AHF Salutes Gilead on Price Cuts for US AIDS Drug Program. Dec 5, 2011 1077
Why should we still care about the stavudine dose? Innes, Steve; Cotton, Mark; Venter, Francois Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2011 1519
Progreso en la aplicacion de la estrategia de la Organizacion Mundial de la Salud para el control de la farmacorresistencia del VIH en America Latina y el Caribe. Ravasi, Giovanni; Jack, Noreen; Alonso Gonzalez, Monica; Sued, Omar; Perez-Rosales, Maria Dolores; G Report Dec 1, 2011 4199
Evolving approaches and resources for clinical practice in the management of HIV infection in the HAART era. Guaraldi, Giovanni Report Dec 1, 2011 1343
AHF to Stage "Occupy Gilead" Protest Over Gilead's AIDS Drug Prices. Nov 30, 2011 1286
First Ten Quality Standards in New Medicines Compendium Finalized. Nov 29, 2011 740
Janssen International secures European approval for HIV drug EDURANT. Nov 29, 2011 174
Vioxx: Merck Continues Bad Behavior With AIDS Drug Pricing, Says AHF. Nov 23, 2011 546
Research and Markets: The HIV Drugs Market in India to Reach US$54 Million by 2014 According To Recent Report. Nov 21, 2011 385
UN Reports Death and Infections Down Due to AIDS Drugs - Funding Must Go Up, Says AHF. Nov 21, 2011 595
Bristol-Myers Squibb, Brazilian govt ink technology transfer agreement for HIV drug. Nov 14, 2011 167
AHF to Stage "Day of the Dead" Funeral Procession to Protest Gilead's AIDS Drug Prices. Nov 2, 2011 1544
HIV testing update. Cohen, Jenny K.; Klausner, Jeffrey D. Report Nov 1, 2011 5418
Over the Next Decade, the Dominance of Bristol-Myers Squibb/Gilead's Atripla in the HIV Drug Market Will Be Challenged by Gilead's Quad and Gilead/Janssen's Complera. Oct 27, 2011 629
CHMP adopts positive opinion on generic version of Sustiva. Oct 25, 2011 146
NIH researchers show how anti-HIV drug acts to block herpes virus. Brief article Oct 20, 2011 105
Merck's ISENTRESS[R] (raltegravir) in Combination Therapy Demonstrated Virological and Immunological Efficacy Versus the Efavirenz Regimen at 192 Weeks of Treatment in Previously Untreated Adults with HIV-1. Oct 13, 2011 5798
AHF: Global Fund Rejects Request To End U.S. AIDS Drug Crisis. Oct 13, 2011 509
ViiV Healthcare begins Phase III HIV study of Celsentri/Selzentry versus Truvada, in combination with protease inhibitor. Oct 12, 2011 192
Hepatitis C Landscape is Changing as the New Protease Inhibitors are Adopted into Clinical Practice. Oct 6, 2011 736
Over 380,000 Malawians on free HIV drugs: officials. Oct 5, 2011 183
AHF Hosts NJ Protest & 'Die-In' over J&J's AIDS Drug Prices--September 30th. Sep 30, 2011 1242
AHF Sues FDA over Information on Gilead's HIV Prevention Pill. Sep 23, 2011 972
AHF Requests $50M Help from Global Fund, Warren Buffett to End AIDS Drug Crisis in US. Sep 15, 2011 1682
Open Letter From HIV-Positive Prevention Advocates Rejects Misinformation About Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). Sep 15, 2011 948
AHF Hosts Third "Die-in" Protest Over Gilead's AIDS Drug Prices. Sep 13, 2011 1457
AIDS Advocates to J & J: 'AIDS Drug Prices to Die For!'; Sept. 9th Protest, New Brunswick, NJ--12:30pm. Sep 9, 2011 1163
AHF Spearheads 'Pill Bottle Protest' Over Gilead's AIDS Drug Prices. Aug 31, 2011 1040
Gilead PrEP Campaign Leads to Truvada Black Market in Florida, AHF Says. Aug 19, 2011 935
AHF Stages Second "Die-in" & Protest Over Gilead's AIDS Drug Prices. Aug 18, 2011 818
AHF Hosts NJ Protest & 'Die-In' Over J&J's AIDS Drug Prices--August 17th Noon. Aug 16, 2011 1328
SOUTH AFRICA : South Africa to offer better provision of anti-AIDS drugs. Aug 16, 2011 230
NanoViricides Reports HIVCide Exhibited Long Term Sustained Anti-HIV Effects Even After Drug Discontinuation. Aug 15, 2011 1308
Why some HIV cocktails pack a bigger punch: steep dose-response curves explain drugs' characteristics. Ehrenberg, Rachel Aug 13, 2011 765
AHF: Gilead's Pricing of Complera May Break Hard-Hit AIDS Drug Programs. Aug 11, 2011 860
AHF: Sen. Rubio (R, FL) Offers Obama Administration Proposal to End Growing AIDS Drug Crisis. Aug 8, 2011 858
AHF Hosts Protest & "Die-in" Over Gilead's AIDS Drug Prices. Aug 3, 2011 1523
AHF: Victory! Boehringer Ingelheim to Increase AIDS Drug Program Rebates. Aug 3, 2011 670
AHF: AIDS Protesters to Merck: 'Do the Right Thing!' on Drug Prices -- NJ Protest, July 28th. Jul 27, 2011 1763
AHF: AIDS Protesters to J & J: 'No More Tears!' on AIDS Drug Pricing--July 27th NJ Protest. Jul 26, 2011 1564
NanoViricides Reports Anti-HIV Efficacy Equivalent to HAART Drug Cocktail Treatment in Animal Study, Successfully Advancing its HIVCide Lead Optimization Program. Report Jul 25, 2011 1477
Obama Administration Decision May Force Florida to Pull AIDS Medications from Existing Patients. Jul 25, 2011 536
In the Real Life Setting, Boosted REYATAZ (atazanavir/ritonavir) Proves as Effective in Women Living with HIV as Men. Clinical report Jul 20, 2011 1172
VICTRELIS[TM] (boceprevir), First-in-Class Oral Hepatitis C Virus Protease Inhibitor, Approved in the European Union for Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C. Jul 18, 2011 2148
Ranbaxy,Gilead Sciences to manufacture and market three anti-HIV drugs in India, developing nations. Jul 14, 2011 339
AHF to Protest Bay Area's Gilead Sciences over AIDS Drug Pricing at SF's Fed Building. Jul 13, 2011 1363
HIV Drugs Reduce Transmission Risk for Heterosexual Couples. Jul 13, 2011 520
Anti-HIV Drugs Prevent Infection in Healthy Heterosexuals, An End to the HIV Epidemic? Jul 13, 2011 317
AHF Lauds Gilead as First to Share AIDS Drug Patents with New Global Patent Pool. Jul 12, 2011 507
Doctors to FDA: "HIV Prevention Pill" Not Ready for Approval. Jun 29, 2011 1155
AHF Challenges Gilead over AIDS Drug Pricing During Protest at Foster City HQ. Jun 29, 2011 880
Atlanta TONIGHT: Rep. John Lewis to Appear at AIDS Drug Crisis Town Hall. Jun 28, 2011 1130
HIV drugs linked to premature aging. Jun 27, 2011 118
AIDS Advocates to Rally at Ohio Statehouse Over AIDS Drug Crisis. Jun 13, 2011 869
Massive Opportunity Exists in Hepatitis C Market for Recently Approved Protease Inhibitors Victrelis and Incivek According to a New Report by BioTrends Research Group. Jun 13, 2011 555
AHF Slams Feds for Pressing Florida to Cut Eligibility for Lifesaving AIDS Drug Program. Jun 10, 2011 986
FDA approves Johnson & Johnson medication for HIV. Jun 6, 2011 382
Underutilization of the AIDS drug assistance program: associated factors and policy implications. Godwin, Noah C.; Willig, James H.; Nevin, Christa R.; Lin, Hui-Yi; Allison, Jeroan; Gaddis, Kathy; P Clinical report Jun 1, 2011 4867
Research and Markets: HIV - Better Differential Pricing Strategies are Needed to Ensure Access to HIV Drugs. Jun 1, 2011 376
Longer anti-HIV therapy is worth the cost. Rosenberg, Jared Jun 1, 2011 408
Research and Markets: Telaprevir and Boceprevir: The First Generation Protease Inhibitors Boosts Response Rates to Standard Chronic Hepatitis C Treatment. May 31, 2011 328
FDA gives green light to Edurant for HIV treatment. May 23, 2011 221
MSD announces positive opinion by CHMP for VICTRELIS as oral Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) protease inhibitor. May 23, 2011 314
FDA Approves New HIV Treatment. May 20, 2011 727
FDA greenlights Tibotec's HIV medicine Edurant. May 20, 2011 339
Protease inhibitors poised to improve HCV outcomes. Mechcatie, Elizabeth May 15, 2011 554
FDA Approves Merck's VICTRELIS(TM) (boceprevir), First-in-Class Oral Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Protease Inhibitor. May 14, 2011 4124
FDA Approves Merck's VICTRELIS[TM] (boceprevir), First-in-Class Oral Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Protease Inhibitor. May 13, 2011 4039
Traces of Fungicide Found in HIV Drug. May 12, 2011 365
HIV drugs can also kill malaria parasites: Study. May 3, 2011 166
AHF's Board Opposes FDA-approval of Gilead's AIDS Drug Truvada as HIV Prevention. May 3, 2011 855
Prevalence of drug-resistant mutations in newly diagnosed drug-naive HIV-1-infected individuals in a treatment site in the Waterberg district, Limpopo province. Nwobegahay, Julius; Bessong, Pascal; Masebe, Tracy; Mavhandu, Lufuno; Manhaeve, Cecile; Ndjeka, Norb Report May 1, 2011 2070
Post-natal ARV prophylaxis for infants: efficacy of extended nevirapine. Brief article May 1, 2011 272
Prevalence and factors associated with darunavir resistance mutations in multi-experienced HIV-1-infected patients failing other protease inhibitors in a referral teaching center in Brazil. Vidal, Jose E.; Freitas, Angela C.; Song, Alice T.W.; Campos, Silvia V.; Dalben, Mirian; Hernandez, May 1, 2011 2258
AHF to Question Abbott on AIDS Drug Pricing During April 29 AGM in Abbott Park. Apr 29, 2011 787
AHF: Gilead Must Halt FDA Approval of Truvada as HIV Prevention After PrEP Study in Women Fails. Apr 18, 2011 875
CA Treasurer Seeks AIDS Drug Price Cuts from Gilead, Others. Apr 11, 2011 1038
FDA Approves One-Pill, Once-Daily Viramune XR(TM) (nevirapine) Extended-Release Tablets for Use in Combination With Other Antiretroviral Agents for Treatment of HIV-1 Infection in Adults. Apr 4, 2011 2070
The risks of concurrent treatment with tenofovir and aminoglycosides in patients with HIV-associated tuberculosis. Kenyon, Chris; Wearne, Nicci; Burton, Rosie; Meintjes, Graeme Case study Apr 1, 2011 2385
PHPT-3 trial. Report Apr 1, 2011 520
AHF: CA Controller Chiang Urges AIDS Drug Price Cut from Merck, Tibotec & ViiV. Mar 31, 2011 1009
AHF: CA Controller Chiang Urges AIDS Drug Price Cut from Abbott, BI, BMS & Genentech. Mar 30, 2011 1032
ActiveSite Pharmaceuticals' Small Molecule Protease Inhibitor Blocks Retinal Blood Vessel Damage in Rodent Model of Diabetes. Mar 28, 2011 505
AHF: CA Controller Chiang Urges Gilead to Cut AIDS Drug Prices. Mar 25, 2011 991
Testing, linking, retaining: an HIV clinician's perspective: an interview with Michael J. Mugavero, MD. Mascolini Interview Mar 22, 2011 4001
Twenty years' working in HIV nursing: a personal journey. Bellingham, Catriona Essay Mar 22, 2011 2766
AHF to Gilead: "No Magic Pill" Ads Warn against AIDS Drug as HIV Prevention. Mar 9, 2011 1910
New HIV/AIDS study could turn treatment 'on its head'. Mar 5, 2011 502
New drug regimens cut HIV spread from mother to infant. Mar 2, 2011 135
AHF: Representative Hastings (D, FL) Ups AIDS Drug Budget by $42M. Feb 19, 2011 1322

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