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Anti-Chemoresistance Study on DolCas BCM-95 Shows Promising Results.

M2 PHARMA-September 20, 2017-Anti-Chemoresistance Study on DolCas BCM-95 Shows Promising Results


- A new clinical study investigated the mechanism of BCM-95, a high-potency turmeric extract in treating pancreatic cancer, according to researchers at the Baylor UniversityMedical Center at Dallas.

The study revealed evidence that indicates BCM-95 could help overcome some cases of chemotherapy resistance.

The study, using a mouse model, was conducted by researchers Kazuhiro Yoshida, M.D., et alia at the Baylor UniversityMedical Center at Dallas, and published in the July, 2017, issue of Carcinogenesis.

In both normal and chemo-resistant pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cell cultures, the curcumin essential oil complex was tested for its ability to inhibit self-renewal and differentiation, also known as "stemness."

It had been proposed that a curcumin-induced reduction in stemness could resensitize PDAC cell cultures to the commonly prescribed-but often resisted-Gemcitabine chemotherapy regimen.

The study demonstrated that BCM-95 turmeric extract was able to re-sensitize pancreatic cancer cells to the effects of Gemcitabine. This was further confirmed by a reduction in tumor size.

BCM-95 also prevented hallmark signs of chemotherapy-induced stemness and downregulated several of the genes that drive this process.

BCM-95 is a 100% turmeric-derived, curcuminoid ingredient supported by its extensive research portfolio and commitment to safety and quality. It recently received 'No Questions' response from the FDA in regard to these assertions.

The unique composition of BCM-95, as 86% curcuminoids complexed with essential oils of turmeric, standardised to 45% Ar-turmerones, is backed by 13 granted and 13 ongoing patents world-wide. Manufactured by Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd., India, a registered trademark of DolCas Biotech USA, BCM-95 is a trusted, clean curcumin ingredient.

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Publication:M2 Pharma
Date:Sep 20, 2017
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