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ANTI-CAPITALISM by Ezequiel Adamovsky Seven Stories Press, 2011

Argentine historian Ezequiel Adamovsky first published Anticapitalismo para Principiantes--Anti-Capitalism for Beginners--in 2003. This English translation, now simply Anti-Capitalism and bearing a decidedly forward-looking subtitle ("The new generation of emancipatory movements"), comes on the heels of German, Japanese, and Korean translations published in the intervening years.

The book reads like a series of concise encyclopedia entries, and space is devoted in equal measure to historical survey, philosophical background, and practical policy considerations. Adamovsky maintains a crisp demarcation between "the traditiona left" on the one hand, and what he terms "the new anti-capitalism" on the other. Though (broadly socialist) "traditionalists" receive mostly sympathetic treatment at the hands of the author, the book's intellectual focus rests firmly on the latter terrain--and this separation is bound to feel a little cutting for anyone possessing more than a passing Marxian conviction.

But some context is warranted here: the book emerged in the foment of Argentina's currency crisis, a period of tremendous grassroots organizing where principles of horizontalism were closely observed. Accordingly, the author leans heavily on thinkers like Hardt and Negri; for better or worse, this is theory forged in the crucibles of Buenos Aires and Seattle, not the public libraries of 186os London.


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Author:Roberts, Dylan
Publication:Canadian Dimension
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Date:Jul 1, 2013
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