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Anti-CMV IgM titer predicts CMV disease after liver transplantation.

High levels of IgM antibody to cytomegalovirus (CMV) are an independent risk factor for the development of CMV infection after liver transplantation, according to researchers at the Royal Free and University College Medical School in London, UK.

Among 19 liver transplant recipients who developed CMV disease, 18 had high CMV-specific IgM antibody levels as measured by automated AxSYM assay. IgM was detected before CMV DNA (by PCR) in 2 patients, with both tests concurrently positive in 7 patients. DNA was detected before IgM in 8 patients. In addition, AxSYM results were positive in 11 of 21 patients without evidence of CMV disease, with all of these patients also positive for CMV DNA. Maximum IgM titer was a predictor of CMV disease independent of methylprednisolone use and donor and recipient serostatus, though viral load remained a significant independent risk factor for disease.

The researchers concluded that analyzing liver transplant recipients by both PCR and AxSYM assay may produce complimentary results. (Journal of Infectious Disease 2000;182:1610-1615.)
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Title Annotation:Royal Free and University College Medical School study cytomegalovirus
Comment:Anti-CMV IgM titer predicts CMV disease after liver transplantation.(Royal Free and University College Medical School study cytomegalovirus)
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Date:Dec 15, 2000
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