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Anti-Aging Researcher Dr. Steve Lamm: Positive Results Using Elastatropin in Face Cream, Initial Phase Study.

NEW YORK -- DermaPlus, Inc. announces the results of a six-week study of 25 women and 3 men twice a day applying DermaLastyl-B, an Elastatropin-based face cream. Conducted by anti-aging researcher Dr. Steven Lamm, the subjects reported very positive results as they self-assessed the texture, elasticity, hydrating, moisturizing, and glow of the anti-aging skin cream.

Dr. Lamm notes, "I started this as an initial phase Skin Tolerance Study of DermaLastyl-B face cream, and was encouraged to find that 96% of my study subjects had such positive results after six weeks. They experienced a more youthful appearance which indicated to me that the Elastatropin ingredient in DermaLastyl-B may be already starting to replenish elastin and over time could slow the onset of wrinkles and facial sagging as DermaPlus claims. Already popular in some markets, I recommend a more extensive scientific evaluation so as to observe the effects over an extended period. Let's find out how well it actually reduces wrinkles, as some long term users claim."

The Skin Tolerance Study reports:

--96% experienced a more youthful appearance

--24% of the women received unsolicited comments from others: "What are you doing differently for your skin?"

--96% of subjects described a hydrating/moisturizing effect that lasted throughout the day

--93% of the women confirmed that DermaLastyl-B was non-greasy - they could put on makeup directly over it

--96% stated it gives a glow as soon as it is applied

--83% of redheads claimed it lightened their skin

The Skin Tolerance Study is available at (In the News)

Dr. Steve Lamm, renowned anti-aging researcher, is the author of several books on health and aging, and serves as the 'house doctor' on ABC TV's "The View". An internist, he is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at New York University School of Medicine and maintains a private practice in New York City.

About Elastatropin

Elastatropin is created by genetically engineering laboratory organisms to synthesize human elastin. Placed into the unique skin care product DermaLastyl-B, this synthesized human elastin holds the skin cells together into tissues providing support and flexibility.

About DermaLastyl-B

A product of DermaPlus, Inc., DermaLastyl-B, is based on patents and technology originally developed by Dr. Burt Ensley to synthesize components of human skin. This research on tissue regeneration and wound healing was developed into DermaLastyl-B with Elastatropin, which is now being applied as a topical skin care. It is the first skin care product on the market to use bio-technology to address the issue of declining quantities of skin matrix proteins. Used properly, DermaLastyl-B may reduce the need for toxic injections or cosmetic surgery by tightening and firming the skin and extending the life of previous surgery.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 4, 2006
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