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Anti Bullying Basics: 6-Voume Set.

Anti Bullying Basics: 6-Voume Set. World Book, 2014. 288p. PLB $218.90. 978-0-7166-2070-9. Glossary. Index. Photos. Charts. Biblio. Additional Resources.

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Bullied by Boys.

Bullied by Friends.

Bullied by Girls.

Bullied by Groups.

Bullied in Cyberspace.

Bullied to Belong.

This series provides specific, relevant information about different types of bullying adolescents may experience. In Bullied by Girls specifics such as "mean girls" and other psychological bullying are discussed. Also analyzed are being excluded from groups, cyberbullying and bullying by sisters. Bullied by Boys addresses types of bullying often associated with male bullying such as hazing and physical attacks. Helpful as well is the section discussing why some boys bully and how to avoid or stop being a target. Negative peer pressure--whether spoken or unspoken--is covered in Bullied by Friends. This volume explores what happens as people grow up with friends and begin exploring new freedoms. Gender pressure, cliques, illegal activities, and the pressure to have sex are important decisions that are often influenced by friends.

Each book begins by defining bullying and what it is not, and explains why bullying is a serious issue. Included are questions for readers to evaluate themselves to see if they are part of the problem and examples about how to be a good friend. Specific examples of bullying, ways to avoid being bullied, and multiple ways to try to end a bullying situation are covered in each. The issue of bullying bystanders and how to stop bullying if you are the bully are also addressed. Modern images, authentic examples of bullying situations, and brief Q & A sections create easy-to-read formats. This series is a useful purchase for school and public libraries that serve adolescent patrons. They may also be useful resources to have in a counseling office.--Dianna Geers.

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Author:Geers, Diana
Publication:Voice of Youth Advocates
Article Type:Book review
Date:Apr 1, 2014
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