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Anthony Rapp on coming out to Dad.

When Anthony Rapp first appeared on the cover of The Advocate eight years ago, it wasn't to talk about his success as a star in the acclaimed Broadway musical Rent, now a feature film in which he also stars. It was to talk about coming out to his parents.

"What's ironic to me about being on the cover is that I have never actually come out as a gay man," Rapp wrote for the magazine. "I've been publicly out only by virtue of the fact that I've thanked my various boyfriends in my bios for plays I've been in."

Rapp came out to his mother at 18 by telling her he loved a man named Keith. "I wanted her to be happy for me being in love," he said. Instead, "she was confused and hurt and saddened, as was I by her reaction. I spent the next seven years trying different ways to get her to understand and accept and love me as I am."
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Date:Nov 8, 2005
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