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Anthems are very much of their time.

IN answer to D White of Whitley Bay, the difference between our national anthem and the French national anthem is related to when they were written.

Our national anthem was written in 1619 and officially adopted in 1744 by the printing of the first official version.

This was not a period of merry music and reflects the sombre lives of the people and the music of the time. The French National Anthem was written in 1792 during the French revolutionary wars and adopted in 1795, and reflects the fighting spirit of the people at the time after gaining their freedom from a worthless upper class.

So to compare these two anthems you must first gauge their worth by looking at the period in which they were written and make a proper judgment.

In its period, the English anthem was probably top of the music world and when you look at the French anthem, it was inspired by people who had fought for and won their freedom, and is of a different style.

Wouldn't you write a stirring melody if you had just won your freedom from virtual slavery? RICHARD, Newcastle

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jan 22, 2015
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