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I've tacked up a small picture on my kitchen wall. In the blue sky, branches made of fresh young wire with four delicate wire birds in them making a machine, onto which a big lever has been attached by Mr. Paul Klee. As if, as soon as it's turned, wagging these long tongues of wire his bird machine would break into excited chatter. He's given it a name: Kakaliyantra, The Twittering Machine! Whenever I see the picture I think of you. Four young wire birds sitting inside you, and the lever imprisoned in your ten fingers. As soon as words were half-bloomed in your mouth they burst out of you like popcorn. The twittering machine we've made, you-- spanning the blue sky. January 1965 Berkeley, California
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Title Annotation:Three Bengali Women Poets; poem
Author:Dev Sen, Nabaneeta; Ray, Sunil B.; Dev Sen, Nandana; Wright, Carolyne
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Date:Jul 1, 1993
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